Super-chic fashion label Winser London has just celebrated it’s first birthday. I managed to catch up with its super-busy founder Kim Winser for a quick chat on how things are shaping up:

TNMA: What’s been happening at Winser London since we last spoke?

KW: We were only six-months-old when Harvey Nichols approached us to sell the collection – so that was amazing. But for me, one of the best things is the feedback from customers who have discovered Winser London for their wardrobe – we are giving women real confidence in their dressing and that makes me happy.

TNMA: How have you developed the brand’s signature style?

KW: We have developed more dresses to fulfill customer demand and we’ve added more shapes in our house
cashmere and silk shirts to suit different figures and heights. But our signature remains effortless elegance with luxurious
quality at affordable prices.

 TNMA: Have there been any surprises along the way?

KW: The demand from overseas as well as in the UK when we haven’t done any advertising. How clever is word of mouth and social media in spreading the word…

TNMA: And is there anything you’d do differently?

KW: Take a good long holiday before the launch because there doesn’t seem to be time to have one now!

TNMA: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting their own business or changing careers?

KW:Be prepared to graft and be seriously hands on. I have gone from a chairman and CEO with two executive PAs, a major office suite and a driver, to delivering stock and dressing mannequins myself but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Kim Winser


TNMA: I like that you always use a good range of models, women in their forties like Cecilia Chancellor and Yasmin le Bon. Who do you plan to work with next?

KW: It would be difficult to say who’s next as I love lots of different looks. The reality is we are all different women, different shapes, sizes and we have different lifestyles but I want every woman to feel good – feeling confident when dressed makes each day so much more enjoyable, and life’s too short not to enjoy every day.

Hear, hear.


12 thoughts on “Keeping it real simple: Winser London

  1. Well, maybe it's better if they don't ship to the US. ūüėČ

    These are beautiful core wardrobe pieces that I would wear to death. Classic without being dull. The shift dress is perfection.

  2. I don't get around much these days, but coming to your blog is cleansing to the style palate. I indulged in some of your previous posts and the minimalist side of me enjoyed them thoroughly. I've been craving simple white shirts as part of a black/white wardrobe. The problem is that the bohemian side always kicks in, clamoring for bright prints and massive amounts of jewelry, and once again I'm torn. However, I see you like big earrings!!

    I'm inspired to try a simpler approach. Maybe. Nevertheless, I love seeing your wonderfully curated style choices. A gray t-shirt under a sequined jacket works for me. Love your IG feed too. XXOO

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