We had a wonderful time at the Know Your Style launch party at The White Company’s beautiful Fifth Avenue store. In typical New York-style, the city is carrying on. Guests arrived  from across the Five Boroughs, as well as journalists, designers, marathon-runners from around the globe. In keeping with the spirit of Know Your Style, I experimented with clothes I already own, rather than buying new. Due to unseasonably mild weather, the Once in a Lifetime Tuxedo Jacket was left at home and I reverted to my default setting: Casual Glamour. Still practising what I preach, I opted for the reworked, striped shirt and statement skirt scenario. The sequinned maxi is an old M&S sale bargain, it’s the skirt I wore on my 50th birthday, that gets wheeled out every now and then for special occasions – similar HERE (Lauren Ralph Lauren and not a bargain) and HERE, (McQ Alexander McQueen, ditto) Meet Ayumi Takahashi the illustrator who brought Know Your Style to life (centre) and friends:

Interiors stylist and journalist Hilary Robertson and design store owner Michele Varian (who hosted the launch of my first book) popped along. Hilary says The White Company’s bedlinen is the best.

It was lovely to see New York style bloggers Anita Irlen and Cherie James, again. And to meet Jolain Muller (below, middle), a That’s Not My Age fan who lives in New York and used to work for Carolina Herrera; as well as every other super-chic woman who stepped into the Fifth Avenue store for the book launch:

And there now follows a trumpet-blowing broadcast on behalf of Know Your Style book sales. The following picture made The Cut (New York magazine’s fashion channel) and it’s all down to Lyn Slater’s star quality and superior Insta-status. Yep, we partied in New York the same week as Gwyneth Paltrow, Reece Witherspoon, Bette Midler, Naomi Campbell and many more (scroll through to slide 19 to see yours truly and Lyn Slater in The Cut’s Hall of Fame).

A huge thank you to all who attended the Know Your Style launch and to those who made it happen. I feel incredibly privileged to have such wonderful followers, family and friends. And Manhattan Brother who puts me up (and puts up with me). As if this opportunity wasn’t fabulous enough…The White Company now supplies luxury bedding and amenity kits (specially selected to counteract the effects of long-haul travel) on British Airways’ transatlantic flights and so I was invited to try out the new Club World experience. It really was the most comfortable faff-free flight, ever. Amazing. I’ve never flown first class before but could get used to the high life. World Traveller will never be the same again…

Top-notch refreshments at the Know Your Style launch

Photos are by Denton Taylor.

27 thoughts on “Know Your Style: New York Launch Party and making The Cut

  1. So sorry I wasn’t in New York, but so extremely pleased that the launch went well, and that you and Lynn wound up gloriously impeccably stylish in The Cut. Man I love it when the good people win. xoxox.

  2. Alyson, it sounds like a wonderful book launch. Congrats on your wonderful trip over here and on your lovely first-class flying experience.

    Would love to have made an appearance, but I’m about 1,500 miles from NYC right now. My consolation is that I have enjoyed your wonderful and gorgeous book. To all who haven’t bought it yet, Alyson’s book is delicious! Please do yourself a favor and gift it to yourself.

  3. Oh how wonderful – looks like a fabulous night, and so glad you travelled in style as well – very much deserved.

  4. Wow! All those women look wonderful! So stylish. I will claim the lady in the navy pinstriped coat over jeans as my style icon!! Oh, the crisp short hair! The oversized glasses! The khaki tote! WHO IS SHE?

  5. Hi Alyson, Thanks for the shout out! It was a fun night and I am thoroughly loving your book! The Beatrice Ost interview we talked about is up now.
    By the way I’m obsessed with your skirt!

    1. Jolain, I’m so glad Alyson linked to your blog. I’ve just read a few of your pieces there and love what you’re blogging about and your voice.

  6. It looks wowza – I gave friends advance notice but their loss if they didn’t make it! And I love, love, love that you wore a favourite skirt!

    LYN is SO PETITE!One does not get THAT FEELING from her INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!
    That woman in the YELLOW JACKET is BEAUTIFUL!
    CHERIE is MY CHUM only through BLOGS, Phone chats and Instagram!
    WHAT A TRIP…………..SO what is the THIRD BOOK going to be ABOUT?
    How about WOMEN with ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!
    They say WE all LOOK like OUR DOGS………and it’s SO TRUE!There is a quality there that always matches the OWNERS!!!
    Hope you can get to the WEST COAST in the FUTURE!

  8. Congratulations, Alyson, you look fab! What a great launch. Your book is on my Christmas wish list – I’ll be reading it by the 26th December – can’t wait!

  9. Oh if only I had been an important or popular enough blogger, and had been invited, I would have been there with my best pointy-toed stilettos! I LOVE the book so much–and the illustrations make me incredibly happy!
    I’m happy that the NY launch was a tremendous success–you deserve it!!!!

    1. I’m so pleased that you like the book, Catherine – everyone was invited, guess I just need to get around the States a bit more or write another book!

  10. Congrats Alyson! Wish I could have gone to New York to be there. Cannot wait to get a copy. Maybe you’ll get out to the West Coast here sometime to promote it. Sure wouldn’t be too bad if British Airways lets you use them again!

  11. Glad to hear that the Manhattan book launch party was a success. And I enjoyed seeing the photos of guests and what they were wearing. Since I admired the new book illustrations I was also interested to see the young illustrator with her friends. And good for you Alyson to wear favoured garments : the sequinned skirt and Roger Vivier silver buckled shoes. A good example to us all. Hope to meet you at a British book signing if there is another one having missed both Mayfair and Blenheim being far away from either.

    By the way I thought of you when I read about a new Northern art and design exhibition coming to Somerset House soon. Sounds like your type of thing.

  12. Congrats Alyson! Your new book is so inspirational! Wish you would travel through New England more often! These women look amazing!!!

  13. I love this!! You look wonderful (of course!). As I look at your pictures, I realize that we must be about the same height! I’ve met Lynn and I smiled when I saw your pic together. Denton is a gem and I’m so glad he captured the moment so we could all enjoy it vicariously. Once again, congratulations on your wonderful achievement. xoxo

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