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Lurex socks from COS

Happy New Year! Current status: lolling around in a Berlin apartment after a brisk New Year’s Day walk through the city. Marvellous. Having had a few days offline, I am going to try to embrace the Right To Disconnect a bit more this year. As of today, a bill comes into practise ensuring that French companies with over 50 employees are legally obliged to negotiate with workers about out-of-hours email contact. That’s Not My Age is a company of one (though I am honoured to have talented contributors Vicci Bentley and Elaine Kingett, too) and the plan is to continue posting regularly but make an effort to address the online-offline balance. Possibly by introducing a nightly curfew that will allow me to switch off and get a life!

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Anyhow. Let’s talk about socks…last night we had dinner with a small group of friends and family, and as it’s quite cold in Berlin, I wore glittery Lurex socks with my fancy party flats. (Admittedly, I nipped back to change into trainers and thick socks for the fantastic firework display later). The Casual Glamourpuss loves a sparkly sock, for which COS is an absolute go-to; and glittery Lurex styles are also available from ASOS and Topshop (checkout the sparkly sporty hybrid HERE. I’ll have some of those) A pleasing alternative is the fishnet sock and metallic loafer combo. The socks above are from Free People. And for fancy everyday sock styles, go straight to Happy Socks.


The final book edit is still in progress but I’m hoping that I can complete it this week and submit soon. Book Number Two will be published November 2017, now that’s something to look forward to…

23 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sparkly socks – and switching off

  1. Hi Alyson,
    A happy New Year to you.
    I love the lurex socks and the shoes ,any idea where I can get the shoes please.

  2. Love the casual, fun style of sparkly socks and comfortable, flat shoes! I am currently in the process of getting rid of the last of my painful heels, good riddance and happy me 🙂

  3. I like a natty broad stripe myself. No dots, ever. And the brogue. How fine a look that is! And oh, yes. Switching off. That’s me this year as well.

  4. Love that photo up top! Is that you? Sorry, I couldn’t figure it out. Must be New Year’s Day fog:). And, as far as that goes, may you have a happy.

  5. I’ve just bought some lovely black and silver sparkly Supergas. I don’t feel I need sparkly socks with them…..but want something with a bit of zizz. Any ideas ? I’ve never found fishnet tights all that comfortable so suspect I wouldn’t like fishnet socks either. We have a branch of Calzedonia in Corfu Town and I suspect I may find just the thing there….but a push in the right direction wouldn’t go amiss.

    I’m really looking forward to the publication of book number two Alyson…….are you using the same illustrator? His work is delightful.

  6. 100% behind the “right to disconnect” it’s on my New Year’s resolutions. Happy 2017 and here’s to some switching off!

  7. Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas – I wore fishnet socks with 7/8 black trousers on NYE and they created quite a stir! However, I hope that you are NOT reading this and are offline with a glass of wine and sparkly socks. Salud!

  8. I too am ready for sparkly socks in 2017; we’ll need some cheering up in the US. Would you please do an issue on eyeglasses? How to be not too kooky but not boring. And then there is the issue of wearing earrings with glasses which is often a bit too much. Thanks.

  9. Love the sparkly socks – I have a fun new pair of socks with Toulouse-Lautrec designs on them, which are quirky (no sparkles, tho!).
    And (referring to Lynn’s comment) about glasses and earrings, I have been researching the best hats to wear with glasses and have discovered berets work well.

  10. YES to sparkly socks, or any socks with all shoes for Winter! I can’t stand cold feet & my feet are usually cold even when the rest of me is fine so I often wear socks with all kinds of shoes. Otherwise I wouldn’t get so much pleasure out of wearing most of my shoes bar Uggs 😉
    As for switching off – Ugh I tried over Christmas & New Year for the sake of giving my kids 100% of my attention. They hate me being distracted by my phone, even if we’re just watching a movie together. Mind you the kids movies have been much better than the grown up’s this year anyway.
    I confess I caved a few times & posted a pic on Instagram when I felt anxious about losing follower numbers. I’m such a saddo…
    p.s. Jelly you’re in Berlin Alyson, I’ve always wanted to go. Perhaps for my 50th this year I’ll swing it with Hubs.

  11. Happy New Year Alyson! May 2017 be even more of a success for you than ever–even though you really are successful I hope you are more successful! I look forward to another year of loving your blog.
    Now about the socks. I’m one of those people who go bare footed even with shoes. I’ll wear socks only under boots and I usually steal Bonaparte’s socks. However, I do have an affinity for knee socks–especially argyle ones because they remind me of the socks I wore during my teenaged years with those short pleated skirts!!!

  12. Happy New year! So thrilled to see your article about socks! My feet are always cold this time of year so the shoes sans socks look is not for me.
    Can’t wait to check out your links and see what I end up with.
    I am also very much on board with Getting off line more, but I just love your blog so that will always keep me coming back! Will definitely check out your books!

  13. Happy New Year Alyson. I bought my black lurex socks at Cos shop in Mitte Berlin in December when I was there. If you have time I recommend a visit to Martin Gropius Bau museum. Pina Bausch extensive exhibition plus the one of German treasures which had earlier been shown at British Museum which I never got to see. Finally caught up with it in Berlin. Very good art bookshop there too. Good luck with completion of final manuscript.

  14. I continue to look for brogans, but my uber narrow foot (9AAAA) makes it hard to find any. The lurex socks are right up my alley. I just need to get the shoes to go with them! Brenda

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