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Wenda Parkinson in a leopard print coat and cloche hat, American Vogue 1949. Keith Richards in a women’s leopard print jacket, striped t-shirt and bow tie, after a gig in 1974. Giovanna Battaglia Englebert in a Diane von Furstenberg leopard print wrap dress, New York Fashion Week 2017. These are my top three leopard-loving moments.

Last year, Jonathan Saunders was hired by Diane von Furstenberg to whoop things up at the 45-year-old label and he’s done a brilliant job. The colours, the prints, everything looks wonderful. (In the This IS My Style feature, boutique owner Kate Evans wore a couple of lovely, eye-catching DVF pieces). ‘I wanted the focus to comeback to the product, while respecting how it had been used to vocalise certain messages for the empowerment of women,’ the Glaswegian designer told the Telegraph’s ST Fashion magazine. Having wound up his own label Saunders wasn’t planning on working in fashion, he wanted to focus on his furniture line and definitely wasn’t looking to move to New York. But then he was approached and wooed by Diane von Furstenberg:

‘She was looking for someone respectful of what had been created but strong enough to do it in a new way,’ Saunders tells out-going fashion features writer Kate Finnigan, ‘Diane is extremely intelligent and eloquent and also – extremely flirtatious. I went in for a 15-minute meeting and by the end of it I was draped over a sofa agreeing to anything. It was all quite fabulous.’

When he’s back in London the Glaswegian heads to the east end for ‘grub and lager.’ I like his style, too.


More delightful DVF:


17 thoughts on “Loving Diane von Furstenberg’s leopard print

  1. Thanks, Alyson, for this post. I love all of this color, pattern, stuff that doesn’t seem it should go together, but then looks perfectly paired.

    Definitely will give DVF another thought. I’m ready to do something different than “the classics.”

  2. Hmm….always liked her clothes, but above my price range. However thrilled that the wrap, or faux wrap is back. Although to be fair have stayed with them….as so many do really good similar designs. However loving this dress, although personally wouldn’t go quite so far on the animal print accessories, with the animal print; if you get my drift!

  3. Ditto, I love what he’s doing too. That dress! It’s gorgeous and Giovanna Bataglia makes everything look smashing. On almost anyone else, all of that leopard and gold would overwhelm. I once did a post on iconic Italian style, then and now, Giovanna is the epitome of Italian style done perfectly. Viva Italia!

  4. I dig that dress. A lot. In making it my own, I would shorten it a bit and get rid of the accessories. DVF is looking mighty fine these days. A wise hire choice indeed!

  5. I love DVF. In theory. I’ve owned a couple wrap dresses over the years and I don’t know if it’s the way I’m built, or if it’s the design, but they always seem to be on the verge of coming undone. I’ve even gone up two sizes and, nope, I find myself continually tugging at the bodice to keep it from gaping, pulling at the skirt to keep from showing off the goods. I even resorted to wearing camisoles underneath, which I don’t like to do. So I sold them at a second hand shop. A faux wrap is where it’s at for me.

  6. I wore that dress in 1977. Oh how I wish I still had it. With respect, the new fabrics aren’t quite as wonderful and forgiving.

  7. I have several leopard prints dresses and other accessories. A particular favourite dress is a silk Gerard Darel with purple turquoise ground with black markings. Another same brand summer silk dress in blue leopard print. Both incredibly wearable and in my wardrobe for five years already. These new DVF outfits are super. I would happily wear these dresses if given one. Not in current downsized budget to buy myself at this point. His clothes for own label I recall seeing in Fenwicks. Always super colour combinations and shapes.

  8. That’s not the DVF wrap dress in the link that Giovanna B. is wearing. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s got a twisted bodice and stitched down pleats. I’m attuned to this detail because, like others have commented, I find the wrap style dificult to manage, as it gaps and comes undone and I’d be constantly fiddling with it.

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