Merry Christmas from That’s Not My Age

— by Alyson Walsh

Photos: Claire Pepper

The Pampas Grass and leopard print make it seem like I’m somewhere exotic. But, no. This Christmas we’re staying in London and looking forward to doing not very much, at all. Having time to read, to walk, to see friends and to watch The Irishman in multiple episodes. My wish-list is filled with simple pleasures…

Double leopard

A versatile velvet shirt

Christmas is currently ticking along nicely. Tree decorated, gifts with benefits sorted, quality snacks stockpiled, books and entertainment lined up. We’re enjoying the latest BBC version of A Christmas Carol, which is a bit grim and dark and feels right for just now. My hairdresser tipped me off about The Two Popes with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce  – and not just because he gave Pryce a trim at a London press junket. Both actors are brilliant and, of course, have been nominated for Golden Globes. This film ‘inspired by true events’ covers the replacement of Pope Benedict by his idealogical opposite, Pope Francis – and is much more enjoyable than it sounds. Honest. Initially the men have nothing in common but it turns into a charming bromance, and is a good one to watch over the festive period.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments this year, they are the fuel for That’s Not My Age and very much appreciated. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas.


Back in a bit,


Alyson x


STYLE NOTES: This Christmas I’m wearing… ‘The Beast’ my vintage leopard print coat with second-hand cords, an old Rockins scarf and Adidas skate shoes. The forest green velvet shirt was a Christmas gift from NRBY and is proving to be a just-glamorous-enough, go-everywhere winner.

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The Pampas Grass and leopard print make it seem like I’m somewhere exotic. But, no.