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Talking about where to find clothes on the high street when you’re over-40 at work the other day, one of my FABulously stylish (that’s Fifty And Beyond, if you haven’t read Style Forever) colleagues recommended & Other Stories. H&M’s latest brand currently only has one UK shop, on Regent Street, London, but most of the merchandise is available online. I popped in for a nosy when & Other Stories first opened and really liked the shoes, accessories and beauty products, but thought the clothes were a bit Euro Trash and went straight back to COS. Since then, the Swedish brand has used Iris Apfel and Daphne Selfe in its ad campaigns and I like that they champion style over fashion by ‘offering women shoes, accessories, bags, beauty and ready-to-wear to create their own personal style or story.’ Obviously, I needed to pay another visit.

Daphne Selfe_301101

Second time around, I spotted a fine selection of easy-going dresses, flat sandals, sneakers and sunglasses, and some lovely shirts and blouses (see below). The Wavy Print Midi dress (top) is on my holiday list and available HERE. I also noticed the Vans & Other Stories Dalmation print skate shoe (as seen on Daphne) is now available, HERE. And it was good to see a selection of Birkenstocks in store, I’m still wearing my white Arizonas, available HERE.

My FAB & Other Stories style selection:

What’s your favourite high street shop?

23 thoughts on “My new favourite shop: And Other Stories

  1. One can buy a few good wardrobe basics from H&M, but I only ever shop in person as the quality and workmanship of the merchandise can vary greatly. There have been many times when I’ve walked out without making a purchase. Elizabeth XXX

  2. That’s true, Elizabeth. You do have to be careful. The Wavy Print dress seemed fine and I’ll definitely be going back to try on, when I’m there, I’ll have another look at the silk blouses.

  3. I like Violeta, the plus-size Mango label. Always find something useful, up-to-date and well-fitting there.

  4. I’m not sold on the clothes (still much prefer Cos) but And Other Stories make up and naiol varnish is great – good formulations and wonderful colours.

  5. I discovered & Other Stories in NY and loved it immediately. It’s apparently the only one in North America. I just bought a gorgeous pair of shoes there last weekend. I may be 50 but my taste is still eclectic (and getting more so). For fashion forward, fairly inexpensive clothes, I still love Zara as well.

  6. Why is it so difficult to find smart casual modern clothes for over 65 s on the high street….any suggestions .

  7. I love their flat shoes but don’t understand why they only make up to size 41. Tall people like flat shoes but tall people usually have big feet! I notice lots of styles are sold out in 41 , and I’m sure 42 would sell if it was on offer.

  8. I seem to be missing some images in your post (at the bottom, after “My FAB & Other Stories style selection”). This is the second post this has happened in – I wonder if it’s a glitch with moving to WordPress? Or my browser? Or ….?
    Also, I agree with Fiona: when will manufacturers wise up to the fact that some women’s feet don’t stop growing when they get to size 41? I would appreciate more size 42’s in every style, because I want to be stylish too!

  9. We have & other stories in Munich but I shop online most of the time anyway. They do have a great selection of accessories, especially jewellery and shoes. I also love their dresses and skirts with a nice knee length rather than looking like tunics.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  10. Tara – thanks for letting me know, think it must be a glitch – another reader sent me a message earlier. I’ll look into it & hopefully be able to fix it (don’t really know what I’m doing!)

  11. Great post! I love &other stories too! So many classic styles. Some of the stuff reminds me of Amanda Wakeley. I’ve bought shoes and handbags from there too that are good quality leather at a decent price. There’s enough in store to mix and match so I never get bored.

  12. Appreciate all these comments as I am still STUCK as to where to buy good quality (within financial constraints), well-styled clothes. My darling menopause has morphed me from a size 10 to a size 14 (UK) and everything seems to be either frumpy or mutton. I used to find amazing things in charity shops but now most of those things make me look too kooky./bag lady/nutty as a fruit cake. I KNOW – off to Amazon now to order your book. I answered my own question!!!!!

  13. Irene – I’ll get back to you on that one

    Tara – I’ve asked around about image visibility and been told that my site is OK, but maybe you could look at it through Google Chrome (?) Let me know how you get on.

  14. Dear Alyson,
    I love & Other Stories too and COS, for that matter. I love your Blog, which I have only found recently but it’s at the top of my list. I have a Blog and, I wondered, if you ever had the time and felt like it, would you have a look at it? It would be great to know what you think about it and perhaps you could give me some advise…


  15. I think their styles and cuts are lovely but am put off by all the viscose and polyester! I just can’t bear the feel of it.

  16. Wow! Kindred spirits “across the pond.” So many feelings about H and M and And Other Stories. Mostly, I’m disappointed and even willing to admit to a kind of resentment. Why are women over 50 or so pressed to shop at places that clearly do not give much thought to what we need and want? Is it all just about “fast fashion?” Do we really want to buy into that? Is it that hard to do good design, raw materials, manufacture, and price? Perhaps. Ah, negative New Yorker… Now, someone explain to me this “high street.”


  17. I bought a couple of tops recently in Fat Face’s sale and last year I bought a really nice pair of sandals that were comfortable from day one. They went well with jeans and crops as well as skirts and dresses and I wore them all last summer. They’re still in good condition so I’m planning to wear them again this summer too. Two of my favourite shops are Banana Republic and Uniqlo. Some of their stuff is not appropriate for the over sixties admittedly but I can always find something I like at BR and Uniqlo is good for basics.

  18. I do agree with Gill. Banana Republic and Uniqlo are great for good quality basics in natural fibres. Fat Face/White Stuff/Seasalt are also good for fun patterns and colours. However, it is the full-on ‘grown-up’ stuff that I find hard to find when I need to be more chi-chi. Advice would be greatly appreciated from all corners of your blog.

  19. But aren’t Uniqlo and H&M both “fast fashion”? It seems fashionistas want to have their cake and eat it in terms of taking a stand (“only buy fair trade shade grown high quality clothing not made in China by child labor!”) and wanting to appeal to the reading masses (“yay, run out and buy 3 (or 4! or 5!) cashmere sweaters from Uniqlo – they are so affordable!). Is this not hypocritical? Or am I missing something?

    How can we know what companies are doing business ethically *at every level* vs putting up an appealing (but false) front? Because just looking good on the surface is no longer good enough. I honestly want to buy from companies that are walking the walk *at every step* and I’m willing to buy less and pay more to support that (e.g., I am a 2+ decades-long Eileen Fisher customer). I would turn to your blog, Alyson, for an insider’s advice on such matters, if this were something you chose to delve into a bit deeper for your readers.


  20. I hear you , Cat. And this is something I intend to look into. I realise that this post followed by The True Cost makes me look like a total hypocrite but I always advocate style over fast fashion and recommend spending more on items that are ethical and well made and will last, rather than rushing out and buying loads of stuff. I also realise that not everyone can afford Eileen Fisher, and so try to include a range of price points. This blog is a work-in-progress and I always try to do my best. This is something I will be addressing in the future, so please bear with me.

  21. I buy things from Toast, usually secondhand on ebay. Their designs can be erratic and the fit can be strange, but the fabrics are lovely and the cut is good for my apple shape. Their coats and jackets usually work, and they also have lovely nightclothes and summer linens (shift dresses etc).

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