On seeing this photograph, regular readers are going to think I’ve gone doolally, or started taking drugs. Or both. Truth is, I was asked by luxury brand Wolford to go in-store, try on a few bits and pieces and erm, stir up a social networking frenzy. I wouldn’t ordinarily do this kind of thing, I just don’t feel very comfortable with that whole rent-a-fashion-blogger scenario and like to think of myself as quite discerning – which is probably why I still have a day job. But when I realised that the lovely Wolford PR is someone I know from my former, more glamorous life as a fashion editor, I was happy to go along. One minute I’m figuring out how to persuade her to forget about the cheesy outfit shots and just show me the autumn/winter collection, the next I’m in the shop window draped across the mannequins. I guess that’s the beauty of wearing gorgeous, comfortable, confidence-boosting clothes.

As you can see, Wolford has moved on from being the most luxurious hosiery brand in the world, and added a fabulous ready-to-wear collection and some lovely lingerie too. The quality is superb. These knitted styles are super-stretchy and versatile too. Just my kind of thing. Elegant and timeless and perfect for cycling in. I can quite honestly say that Wolford’s knitted tops and stretch trousers look and feel fantastic. My favourite outfit was this ‘Harris tweed’ dress and snake print top:

Wolford Harris fabric

Wolford are giving away two pairs of tights to That’s Not My Age readers so
please leave a comment below and I’ll do a first out of the
hat-style draw next week. Though on viewing my pasty legs in that last photo, I might have to keep a pair for myself.

This is a sponsored post.

51 thoughts on “My Wolford Experience

  1. I wore tights for the first time this year on Saturday eve, mini tartanish dress and navy Wolford tights from last year allowed me, at 60, to do so. Lovely collection and I will try some pieces on but as a size 14 may be too lumpy to look good in anything. You look fab though.

  2. You look so svelte.I couldn't even contemplate wearing a dress like that,sadly. Wolford always seems so heart-stoppingly expensive but the brilliant thing is the tights last all Winter long and they just never,ever ladder.Well worth the money (and they have a shop at Bicester that sells seconds and they are much cheaper and truly, I've never spotted anything wrong with the ones I've bought there).

  3. I love the term "rent-a-fashion-blogger" 😉
    While I am still with bare legs, soon the temperatures will drop and Wolford certainly is one of the brands with quality you can always rely on.

    That dress fits you like a glove!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Oh! I LOVE Wolford. Discovered them 20 years ago when I wore their Lift pantyhose for a special occasion. Brought my bum back up to where it should be!
    I also love their bodysuits.
    God Bless Wolford!

  5. Oooh TNMA I am a Wolford addict. There is no company to match them for quality or resilience. They were the only brand that made comfortable tights I could wear when I was heavier that did not need "repositioning" every 5 minutes and now that I can fit standard sizes I still love them to bits.

  6. I am always checking out Wolford tights but have never bought any as my frugal nature won't let me pay their prices. I bet they last forever though – perfect for crisp autumn mornings. 🙂

  7. I have never tried Wolford tights, but I have heard they are just fabulous. I think one day soon I will invest in the opaque black for winter since by all accounts they are the best on the market.

    By the way your photo's looked great.


  8. Wolford is a Class Act and you look very A. Hepburn in that first photo. I also love my Wolford tights – they allowed me to wear both moto boots AND Dickers, in San Francisco, in the winter.

  9. I m 6 ft 2" and need tights in the winter to bridge the gap between bottom of the dress and feet. Love the opaque and textured ones to wear with brogues

  10. You look stunning draped across the mannequins. And with the mirror in the background! Count me in. I'm a big fan of Wolford pieces and even found a top at a yard sale that has been part of my summer uniform.

  11. I had no idea Wolford did anything other than hosiery, so I just went to their site! Very Robert Palmer video-esque. I am pretty sure nothing will fit me as a size 16 but I see a few pieces my daughter would look great in and the tights are always the best winter investment!
    BTW you look amazing!

  12. Over a decade ago I bought a "body" from Wolford together with some opaque tights. Good value since both are still going strong. My daughter wanted a pair of their amazing printed tights for her birthday and I duly fetched up at the Wolford Outlet at Cheshire Oaks and spotted just the thing (gulp! 98GBP).
    "Good choice for a young woman" said the lovely assistant and she pointed to a photo of the poppet Cheryl Cole, cavorting on stage at the X Factor in the exact same tights.
    "In that case, do you do gift tokens?" said I, replacing the tights.
    "Good idea", she whispered and winked. Thank you lovely assistant, that could have been an expensive mistake.

    PS Like the way you handle the "sponsored post". Well done.

  13. I would be soooooo happy to win something from Wolford as I cannot order by mail. They don't deliver where I live (Québec) and I cannot find them anywhere also. I discovered the Wolford boutique in the Time Warner Center last May when I was in New York. Such quality ! Wolford makes you have a very elegant silhouette … and I'm talking about YOU ! You're beautiful ! Thank you!

  14. I love Wolford. They may be a bit expensive but the quality is unequalled. I have had a pair of opaque 80 den tights for two years now and they are still impeccable and thats with wearing and machine washing them at least twice a week in winter.

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