Yasmina Rossi, grey hairJD Williams
Yamina Rossi styled by Caroline Baker. Photo: Wendy Carrig

‘Seeing older models with modern hair and make–up, looking cool, is amazing,’ Caroline Baker enthused at 50+ Fashion Week. Caroline was fashion editor on the groundbreaking 1960s magazine Nova where she pioneered many looks we take for granted today. This image of model Yasmina Rossi reminds me of her use of army surplus long before seventies hippies and punks made a military manoeuvre. I was lucky enough to work with Caroline briefly at Good Housekeeping magazine; now aged 70 and still busy, she styled the 50+ fashion show and campaign for JD Williams. ‘You have to be up for a change,’ Caroline continued when I asked her advice on remaining agelessly stylish. ‘And finding the right shoes is important. They have to be comfortable and they have to be trending. No one wants frumpy shoes.’

Caroline Baker4c
Caroline Baker photo via 10 magazine

Now that grey hair is trending, too, we can’t grow our dye out quick enough. I’m still gronde (grey-blonde) and counting. This week, I finally got round to listening to Mary Beard’s fantastic programme on grey hair, on BBC Radio 4. Guests including Joan Burstein, Jo Hansford and Kirtsy Wark discussed the pros and cons of going grey and its impact on appearance and ageism. ‘Glad to be Grey’ is online HERE.

jigsaw parka_1
Jigsaw parka

Over at That’s Not My Age Mansions,  I’m still stockpiling the khaki. Latest acquisition is a military jumpsuit (appearing soon). This not-so-new neutral looks fantastic with denim and different shades of blue, works a treat with red, and just think of an officer’s tunic adorned with medals for proof that metallics and military go together. There’s khaki a-plenty at Boden, Jigsaw has some great chinos and this lovely parka (available HERE), while Whistles has suede, leather and sneakers.

No longer a sign that you’re past caring, grey hair, khaki and comfy shoes; now trending.


31 thoughts on “Now trending: grey hair, khaki and comfy shoes

  1. I love the skirt in the first pic and want one now!! Lovely colour and lovely flare to it.

    But this grey hair thing – it should be entirely up to the woman what colour hair they have. I listened to Mary Beard’s prog and frankly it didn’t change my mind that having grey hair should be about your skin tone – and some suit grey/white, some don’t. I feel so strongly about this latest upsurge in the idea that grey hair is the ‘thing’ that I wrote about it on my blog. We have enough to contend with as we age – leave us be, I say, to do what we want!

  2. I agree that going gray should not be about following a trend but about doing what suits each of us and our individuality. It’s great that the fashion world has finally given those of us gray goddesses validation, but don’t turn our independent choices into a flash in the pan trend.

  3. I’ve been lucky with my grey hair, and I’ve never regretted letting it go natural 12 years ago. It’s fun to be ahead of the trend for the first time in my life!

  4. Having recently “hemmed and hawed” about going grey, written two blog posts about my musings, even trying one of those on-line hair styling sites to see what grey or silver looks like on me… I finally decided to lighten some of my colour but NOT to go grey, I’m interested to hear what that BBC 4 program has to say. In contrast to so many women who have had friends and loved ones tell them NOT to go grey, I have a slew of readers who encouraged me. And I still chickened out. Just not ready, I guess.

  5. So glad you mentioned comfy shoes Alyson!! I,ve been storing up a shoe rant!…….apologies.
    My number 1 clothing gripe by miles currently is finding a pair of nice business smart shoes ( by that I mean boardroom ready), with a 2 inch max heel that are all day comfy and will withstand walking miles through airports. That means no pointed toes, no hard patent leather, no kitten heels. It seems impossible to get something that’s not truly hideous and without bows on the toes unless you want to pay £400. Went to a meeting in London yesterday in a great outfit and old lady shoes…..so depressing.
    I love this article though. Bought khaki camo espadrilles the other day!

  6. I love those images of older women looking fabulous. I wonder though if we will ever get to the point where the marketing images aren’t all 15 year olds!
    I too am constantly searching for shoes that are comfortable yet stylish. They are around but not readily available. Maybe we can create a new trend through our demands.

  7. Grey hair and khaki are great if they suit you. They make me look totally washed out. I remember when I was 25 and had really dark hair which didn’t take any hair colours in those days. I decided when I had grey hair I would have some interesting colour done. So I do and it’s great. You just have to do what works for you. Comfy shoes always though!

  8. I let my hair go grey because I was tired of putting chemicals on my hair. For me, I want to be the healthiest I can be and had read some disturbing information about hair dyes. I love the silver! It sparkles!

  9. So great. And I feel like, with my gray hair, trainers, and khakis, I’m only that little bit out there fashion-wise that I like to be:). Thank you!

  10. I say don’t go grey, go light . I used to dye my hair every month, a dark shade. The hair was really white/grey. I got fed up of dyeing it and asked the hairdresser to lighten it gradually so I could grow it out. It was not a painful process and I got to a nice shade of light blonde that I liked. When the white grows back, it does not show too much at all. I love my new hair colour. I think it has changed my life. It is possible to have different toning colours of caramel and honey put through so it looks natural and very wow.
    I look and feel younger. I think grey/white hair looks sensational with a sharp cut.

  11. I let my hairdye grow out two years ago once I hit 50, thinking I couldn’t possibly be grey all over: turns out I am! I now have a short bob – the longest my hair has ever been – and I love it. My late mum said she regretted not realising how good she looked in her mid 40s to mid 60s and told me to make the most of that time. And she was right about most things, I now realise.

  12. Beautiful pairings of military green with color, especially the skirt in the first pic (is it chartreuse? Peridot? Yellow-olive?).

    Yes always to comfy shoes. Why oh why though must you taunt me with that Platonic ideal of a sandal from Paul Smith. $600 no can do.

  13. Khaki is my favourite colour to wear – to the point that my friends call it “Griffiths Green”! I have a long, pleated khaki skirt from M&S which I bought last autumn and want to wear into spring. You’ve given me lots of ideas :£

  14. Gray hair just is not my thing. I would look completely washed out. I really respect the train of thought that women should wear what color hair looks good on them and makes them feel comfortable. Some of this gray movement is a tad militant! I like khaki, but if it’s pants it has to be the right fit–like a skinny jean. Shoes. I’m OCD when it comes to shoes. Here’s a bit I wrote about Maxi dressing and the shoes to go with it: http://atypical60.com/2016/03/21/how-to-wear-a-maxi-for-women-over-50-maxi-mizing-your-potential/

  15. I do hope grey hair isn’t going to become the next feminist statement up there with body hair and no makeup.. Live and let live! Not everyone has it for a start. At 50 I have the odd strand only ( genetics!) . My hair is fair and I highlight it blond because it makes me smile and it suits me. Trying to look younger isnt part of the equation, I just want to look nice!

  16. Usually the people that look best with grey hair are the women who look very young anyway – thin and with very few wrinkles. Former models can rock this look. The only thing ‘old’ about them is the grey hair and the hair is usually longish. That being said, I see there’s a picture of a model with a grey bob chop and that’s a great look too, but yes, usually it’s the rail thin, long haired former model types that are able to get away with this look.

  17. I think it might be a little boring if everyone over fifty had grey hair . Let’s allow women to be blonde , brunette , red or even pink or blue .

  18. Regretting having thrown out a khaki pleated skirt some years ago, which I thought I’d never wear again, little realising that my brunette hair would become streaky grey. What goes around, comes around.

  19. Won’t be going grey yet- I enjoy looking younger than my 56 years. Do love the clothes and fashion tips. but would be good to see some of them modeled by women more the shape of most 50+ year olds that I know! Not everyone is so slim even if they were when they were younger….

  20. Yes, yes and yes. I stopped colouring at 49 because I’m just too lazy! Thankfully I have my father’s wrinkle-free skin so I can get away with it. I have to do comfortable shoes for the sake of my bad feet so I love that my feet are on trend. Now the spring is on it’s way I’m searching for the perfect khaki jacket.

  21. I grew my grey hair out about 4 years ago and now love my hair colour more than I ever did before going grey. However for me it was about choice and I believe that’s how it should be for all women. We should be able to wear our grey hair proudly and stylishly if we want no, and not feel pressured into covering it up. At the same time, I don’t think we should have to give in to increasing pressure now to grow out our hair grey if we don’t want to!

  22. Not a fan of khaki I’m afraid. I am the wrong height and the wrong shape for most of the clothes that are modelled here,although I like looking at them. I don’t even qualify for the grey hair. I am 70 this year and my hair is still brown,except for a few bits here and there. I agree with another comment made here that women can have any hair colour they want,as long as they are happy with it. I don’t apologise for saying again,that giraffe like models.lovely as they are,don’t help an average sized woman like me to find clothes that will make me look special. Jaeger is the closest I have come,but they have some weird colours in their ranges.

  23. Started getting silver strands in my 20s. I was married to a hairdresser and his forte’ was color, so no gray for me then! After he passed away five years ago, I stopped coloring and now have the loveliest silver hair and don’t know what I was afraid of! It makes my blue eyes sparkle and my cheeks look even rosier. I agree with other though, if it’s not for you, don’t do it! If you like it, embrace it!

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