That’s NOT a knitted neckerchief. Photo: Garance Dore

Like a cowboy (or Garance Doré) I’m partial to wearing a scarf neckerchief-style. Having the point at the front and the knot at the back is a neat way to get round the windchill factor. And knitwear designer Jo Gordon’s woolly neckerchief is my new favourite thing; here it is ‘boy scout’ style…


And featured in Italian Vogue in the 1990s

Photo: Juergen Teller

Such an ingenious idea – and made in Scotland. I won’t be wearing one on my head but the knitted neckerchief is my neckwear of choice, right now.


neckerchief.640x0c copy
Photo: whowhatwear

Here’s some more nifty neckwear:

21 thoughts on “Perfect weather for a neckerchief

  1. Oh I love my neckerchiefs I have some lovely leather and silk combinations that I designed and made quite a few years ago.
    The soft butterey laether and silk mix also means no slipping and sliding and less movement.
    Nothing worse than fancy tying and then three seconds later the scarf has moved and in the process it looks like you got ready in the dark.
    Another scarf I love is the simple button collar scarves which eliminate the fuss of tying completely.
    “The lazy scarf” “Rewclothing”

  2. I love my scarves but can’t wear them Garance style . With my short neck , it looks more like a neck brace than a scarf .

  3. For less than ten bucks you can get beautiful Italian silk scarves at many vintage stores. I collect them. It doesn’t have to say Hermes to be beautiful and have the same effect.

  4. I love a neckerchief! I bought a gorgeous navy and white silk vintage one at the op shop and I feel very grown up when I wear it. I love the sound of Rachel’s silk and leather numbers! Slippage is something I definitely come across constantly, always adjusting it to the right jaunty angle.

  5. Arghhh – I had collected loads of vintage silk scarves over the years and then when I got a mad Marie Kondo moment I got rid of the whole bloody lot!!! I KNEW de-cluttering wasn’t for me. SOB…………………………

  6. Weather is getting so cold out here in London and I need inspiration for covering up! I enjoyed your neckwear post, didn’t realize how much benefit a neckerchief does to an outfit! You really seem like an elegant and sophisticated woman, who is inspiring. Working for an events promotion company in London where fashion events are quite a popular category, I try to get inspired by engaging in new trends but it can be hard! So it is inspirational for me to see your article.

  7. I love scarves and like to wear them point-forward, too! I knit lacy ones from fine wool and silk, and have been collecting them in silk and cotton. Having a somewhat tight budget, I watch the Nordstrom website for them to go on sale, and have found some lovely ones on etsy and (surprise!) on amazon. I really like to buy from the artisans on etsy, I get some unusual and quirky as well as lovely things that way 🙂

  8. I have just excavated my small scarf collection, mostly to wear on head. Forgotten I had some lovely silk bought years ago in charity shops. I’m going to experiment as neckwear now. I saw a woman the other day wearing a chunky cardi with a beautifully arranged light weight, large floral scarf arouund her neck. Inspired.

  9. I am also hopeless at tying neckerchief scarves. I never know if you’re supposed to fold them and roll them or just fold them in half and then tie them. I love to wear long scarves though so maybe I’ll persevere. I think we need a ‘how to tie’ instruction guide a la Mary Berry!

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