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Someone asked me yesterday what my plans are for summer. I thought I didn’t have any – I’ve had very little headspace for anything other than the book, for the last few months  – but then I mumbled on about having a two-week holiday for the first time in years. Dredging the depths of my brain, I went on to discuss the prospect of becoming a fully-fledged freelancer again. The whole time I’ve been running That’s Not My Age, I’ve been freelancing for various online publications, as well as having a part-time job lecturing at university, too. Initially within the journalism department, and then a couple of years ago I moved over to a Fashion Management & Marketing degree course. I love working with the undergraduates and my colleagues are brilliant, but it’s time to go. Now that Book Number Two is signed off (I just have to make a final check of the cover today and, all done!), it just feels right. And going forward I want to concentrate on That’s Not My Age a bit more. For the immediate future though, I need to do some holiday research and relaxation…

I popped into the Jigsaw the other day and spotted the lovely MAKA collection – shoes, bags and beachwear made in collaboration with the Colombian hammock manufacturer (the striped fabric is the same as that used for hammocks and handwoven by artisans). Should be nice and sturdy, then.

Oh and a couple of people asked about my jeans – they’re the MiH Phoebe slim boyfriend style and mostly sold out. But this is one of MiH’s perennial styles so I’m sure it’ll be back in stock soon. The cotton shirt is Tomorrowland (bought in the sale at Liberty, I do love a bargain). And there’s more shirt inspiration HERE. After a breakfast meeting today, the immediate, immediate plan is to book a massage and a haircut. Let the pampering begin…

16 thoughts on “Summer plans – and some lovely holiday shoes

  1. I used to run my own travel business so if you want holiday ideas I have loads! Recently noticed BA are flying to Pula in Croatia this summer great prices in September. I love Rovinj on the coast and you can take the ferry for a day in Venice?

    1. The Isterian Peninsula in Croatia is so lovely. And what better than popping over to Venice for the day!

  2. Alyson, this is going back a few months but I want to thank you for mentioning the Josef frank exhibition. I made it last week just before it closed and absolutely loved it.

  3. Love these shoes, just been away and seen lots of lovely espadrilles and was sad as I just can’t wear them anymore as I need some cushioning, particularly when I’m on my feet all day.
    With summer acoming, and not wishing to offend, would you like to try the superb footcream I make with honey + beeswax (from my bees), urea and plant oils – transforms and pampers feet ready for summer exposure – if you’d like to try some then let me know.

  4. You deserve some pampering, Alyson!!!
    And I was just saying to my husband that I need some new summer shoes—I think that’s the best way to get into the season!!!
    My mom & Nancy (the other models on my blog) always think I have enough shoes. Enough shoes? Is that a thing—ha ha!

  5. Love, love , love this post! The shirt, and shoes are adorable for summer. Yay for you and some well-deserved time off! Enjoy the pampering! Kim

  6. Really looking forward to the new book Alyson….and thank you Catherine for sharing idea about ferry to Venice from Croatia….sounds perfect

  7. Love those espadrilles and, surprisingly, the unpainted toenails. Very fresh looking. Getting tired of the red bits at the ends of my feet.

    You SO deserve some down time. Please award it to yourself. 🙂

  8. Quick, Alyson and head for the hills and have your Walden Pond moment. Find the sunshine, take the espadrilles and forget all about blogs, books and lecturing. We will all totally understand if your blog goes to ground for a while!

  9. I guess that’s an excellent decision to focus more on TNMA. I say this(little selfish) as a keen follower and from a professional perspective as consultant for start ups.

  10. Alert all – the wonderful Elaine Kingett interviewed in today’s Times newspaper talking about being single, sexy, intelligent and desirable at 67. A brilliant read from a brilliant woman.

  11. You look amazing in that outfit. And I love your hair. What’s your view about hair and age? I should say….long hair. I’ve suddenly got to the stage at 63 where I’ve tired of my chin-length bob. There are of course only two options…to go shorter or endure the very slow and painstaking process of growing it (oh, how I would love it to be your length). I’ve opted for the latter…I can always cut it…an easier option than cutting it shorter and regretting it. I have disgustingly poker straight hair. It’s not abundant…reasonable, I suppose…and not sleek. I asked the question of Nadine Baggott who adores long hair (and she looks fabulous). What do you think…you have a very desirable abundance of hair, so in your case, I guess, it’s a no-brainer. I just don’t want to look as if I’m trying too hard to look twenty years younger. I don’t want that…I just want to look decent for my age.
    P.S. I endorse the suggestion of the Istrian coast…my husband and I cycled 200 miles along it last year and it’s absolutely delightful.

  12. What do you do to stop swollen feet and still look relatively fashionable? Any one else have this horrid ageing complaint? What I need is an over the counter cure!

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