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‘People are living longer and we’re not going to hide in the bushes.’

On the eve of the Advanced Style UK film launch, there’s a great feature on ‘the fashion blog that’s putting older women first’ in today’s Observer magazine. 

9 thoughts on “Quote of the week: Lynn Dell

  1. I must be the odd one here, as I dislike the idea of aging and old women needing a separate fashion blog for them.

    I have nothing against women dressing nicely at any age, but why oh why must we categorize women by their age, why show only older women in a blog?

    I like see pictures of women and men of all ages in fashion blogs. The Sartorialist being a good example.

  2. Wading in – we need blogs like TNMA, there are still not enough older women in the media, to redress the balance we need to push ourselves out there. When we are represented fairly then we can sit back and admire our work, until then there is still work to be done. On that note, does anyone else think hiding under bushes is the same thing as hiding under fillers and botox? It might just be me!

  3. Thank you Lilac in May, obviously I agree! It would be lovely if older women were treated equally by the media, but they aren't. And so yes, there is still work to be done. Hadn't thought about the bushes/Botox connection but there could be something there…

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