How about that for scarf action? I’m stupidly excited about this GIF, simple things and all that. Fenwick asked me to run through my four favourite scarf styles for summer, you can see the others HERE.

8 thoughts on “Scarf tutorial: four ways to get knotted

  1. Oh I love this too! Just the sort of amusement I need, flagging in front of the MAC this afternoon. I love a bit of scarf action too!

  2. These are very nice and I love scarves and how they add style and sophistication to a woman’s outfit. The uber FAB MaiTai is the acknowledged Queen of this realm and has those youtube tutorials….after my next bank heist, she’ll be commisioned to do a line of GSL ascots.

  3. I know this how to ways but these tutorials are so sweet,don’t you think?
    Have you seen Jerry Hall and Georgia May in St. Tropez? Jerry is all natural and I like it,but this ghastly one piece swimmsuit! In St. Tropez,hallo?! And than she changes it for a bikini and looks great! That emphasises my theory that there is no need to hide in one piece (especially so ugly,maybe that’s the point,everybody look swimsuit)) if you can be in bikini , (and she can!)Maybe it’s just my opinion,what do you think?

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