That Is My Neck

I didn’t feel bad about my neck until I saw this photo (now carefully cropped to remove the full-on Tortoise Effect). Just as well this post is about scarves, then. Navy and khaki are two of the chicest grown-up colours, and so I was delighted to find this vintage men’s scarf at Leftovers in Brixton Market. It goes with everything. Well, everything I wear. A lot. Like denim, old military jackets and my lovely COS coat. Being collarless, the COS coat does require some assistance at this time of year.

Here are some more go-with-everything scarves:

Evie feather print scarf, £39,  Hobbs, available HERE.

Polka dot silk Saint Laurent scarf, £175, available HERE


Versace Baroque scarf, £155, available HERE.

Oh and I’ll be moving over to WordPress soon. Just fiddling about with fonts. Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “Scarves that go with everything

  1. Great scarves! I'm wearing a floral print scarf today and it brightens my mood every time I look at it. Good luck with the WordPress migration! Can't wait to see the new format!

  2. I love that vintage scarf Alyson. WRT necks etc… I am frequently amazed at what "crops" up in photos…stuff that I hadn't noticed before….necks factoring greatly into this experience!

  3. Love the silk scarves. I am in a shibori class in Los Angeles. Weekly we choose colors, textures and design silk scarves (or other items) to dye. Lots of possibilities here for advanced style neck decoration.

  4. I have to say my favourites at this time are the infinity scarves. They are so easy to wear. Although, I do have a big collection of others. With winter in Canada, scarves are a must. Collarless coats scream for a scarf or turtleneck, don't you think?
    I now wish I had paid more attention to my neck. I've encouraged my daughters to treat their's the same as their face.

  5. Love the scarves…always my go-to accessory. But your neck revelation is why I never ever am photographed anymore. I like the picture of me in my head better!

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