Photo: Vanity Fair

Cropped black pants and an oversized cotton shirt  – such an easy summer outfit. Sofia Coppola does elegant tomboy-style so well.

15 thoughts on “Sofia Coppola at Cannes 2014

  1. She is all about self confidence. Here in America we are ( sadly) used to seeing young women objectified in 5 inch heels, inflated boobs and hair extentions . Anybody home? Sophia has brains, talent AND great personal style.What was the question?

  2. Oh, how I love Sofia, one of my style icons! While I'm not enamored of this shirt (could she be pregnant again?), I love the concept of this outfit, the colors, the simplicity. I think I'd like it better with a slightly rounded hem.

  3. love it… inspired to wear something similar today when i go sit in a north London community meadow, eat wood burnt pizza and listen to folk music….who needs to go to Cannes??!!x

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