‘You’ll never be a scout with your shirt hanging out,’ that’s what my mum used to say when the Walsh kids arrived home from school looking a bit dishevelled.  But that was then, and 40-years later it’s chic to look a little undone. Blimey, there are even YouTube videos showing how to achieve an artfully half-tucked shirt. I watched them so you don’t have to (Tucking Hell). Apparently, it’s really important because: waist definition. Anyhow, zhushed or not, I’m  a fan of the reworked shirt. Straightforward shirts have been usurped by statement styles with asymmetric designs, tie fastenings or contrasting panels. Behold the shirt with quirk. This photo was taken by my gorgeous friend and talented photographer Annie Johnston (who shot the inaugural This Is My Style shoot), and it’s going on the author page of my new book. Consider this an exclusive…

And here are some more reworked shirts:

18 thoughts on “Statement shirts – letting it all hang out

  1. I love your stories…:) Great mantra, “not my age”. Can you share the jeans you are wearing and the style in this photo for the blog, “letting it all hang out.” Thanks! Kelly

  2. I seem to have stopped wearing shirts, but a million years ago I had a bright red parachute silk Katharine Hamnett shirt that I wore all the time. It was huge and billowy and I loved it. The stripey Max Mara one you’ve shown is very nice. I could definitely imagine wearing it. Looking forward to your second book, Alyson.

  3. That’s a gorgeous outfit and fab photo, Alison. I remember doing author photos – trying to look intelligent and warm at the same time; to pick an outfit that said modern but not fashion-obsessed. & this was for a bloomin’ novel! –Which is the shirt in your photo?

  4. Author photo is flattering and casual in a modern way Alyson. I’m sure you are pleased with it. Your hair looks good too.
    Yes to the new shirts. I’ve got a new Gap one with different stripes and a super one I’ve kept from 80s which couldn’t be more of the minute. Blue and white striped weave, loose fit, tails and a silk screened Monet like picture in a panel on back.
    May adapt some others to new trend. Have already embraced tails hanging out of Cos sweatshirts. Looks good and casual.

  5. You look sophisticated and insouciant, Alyson. Love the half tucked shirt look – great bum cover! Love the jeans – 501’s?

  6. I’m totally in love with that blazer! and you look wonderful in the whole outfit. I’ve had to teach myself to like shirts, it doesn’t come naturally. Shirts often make me feel all crunchy and stiff, with unsightly folds here and there. I prefer knits but have to admit that there is something special about a good shirt.

  7. That is a beautiful jacket! Just perfect proportions for you. I have been trying to match me and my body to one like that forever without success. You look fabulous.

  8. I left a message a few days ago about the May 7, 2017 post. I would like to know if your jeans are 501 and which color and style they are, or if they are another brand the details. I have seen you in several photos in them, and I know they are your favorite jeans. I would like to buy a pair, but on the Levis website it’s a maze of colors and styles in the 501 series. Cheers! Kelly

  9. Hello, when can we expect your book? Also, could you please provide details on your outfit for those of us interested in purchasing the look? Thanks

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