Fashion journalists Francesca Fearon and Avril Groom

What were the grown-ups wearing at London Fashion Week? The all-important, run-around shoe ranged from statement flats and sneakers to au courant kitten-heels. Wardrobe Glue was livened up by a floral print or a flash of gingham – the everyday basics always look better when they’re whooped up. And outerwear came down to colourful jackets, coats and practical macs. All key when one’s mode of transport does not involve a personal driver…

Journalist and author Emma Baxter Wright

And yes, there were plenty of practical black macs.

Navaz Batliwalla fashion stylist, journalist and author

We were whizzing around between shows and snapping street style shots and unfortunately, I didn’t have time to collect all the names. These women are a mixture of fashion journalists and stylists, talent-spotted by photographer Lucy Fitter.

When I first started That’s Not My Age, I regularly went out on the street with a photographer, to collect images of eye-catching women – and now that the book is nearly finished this is definitely something I’m thinking of revisiting.

Street Style Forever. What do you think?

30 thoughts on “Street Style Forever at London Fashion Week

  1. Thank you for these images – for me far more interesting than looking at fashion mags

    I wish I had the confidence, or cheek to ask if I might take a photo when I see women dresssed in a chic/inspiring/funky way as my memory is so poor I can’t recollect the detail, even minutes later!

    More please!

    1. Great idea, Alison….I think I will start asking women whose style speaks to me….if I can photograph them…..

  2. Some classy casual chic here. I quite like the fact that these women aren’t trying hard to be “fashiony” for fashion week, if you get my drift? Effortless & elegant kept comfy for the practicalities of what is surely a very busy time. Probably down to them being grown up

  3. Great pictures and yes please more of them. Interesting that even the serious fashion journos haven’t themselves taken to wearing what I still think of as half mast trousers. Could that be because they make most of us look short and more than a little portly?

  4. I quite agree with MaureenC those half mast trousers do not have that Audrey Hepburn chic of the capri pant. To me they look as though they shrank in the wash or they were outgrown. But.. yes please to the Street Style photos.

  5. They all look fabulous. They totally own their looks and wear what helps them do their jobs well and feel comfortable too. Isn’t that what clothes should be about? I’m so proud to be part of this generation of women.

  6. Love, love, love. I especially love how happy they all seem in their own skin, the range of great hair cuts and great outerwear. I’m moving to NYC from Australia in a couple of months and the idea of wearing a coat is making me giddy with excitement.

  7. Love the real style pics, it surely all comes down to confidence to wear clothes you actually like and not trend following…and keep smiling, there should be an element of enjoyment (comfy shoes help!)

  8. I like the idea of grown up street style. Not preening for Instagram, but with actual work to get done! It is far more interesting to see our contemporaries going about their lives in fashion than to see a staged magazine shot, imho. xx

  9. I love these, they are great, really inspirational and such a nice change to see grown up street style. Yes please to more!

  10. Yes, definitely, to Street Style Forever. (And for those of us at work, Work Style Forever ….. yes, some of us are still stuck at our desks and would like inspiration!).

  11. I’d echo what others are saying – I can see how these outfits work – rather than how they look pretty on a page. Women going about their work….dressed for work….more please.

  12. When I asked Scott Schuman why the Sartorialist showed so few older women he said it was because they often refused to let him photograph them. Not sure about that, but a woman asking for permission to photograph is much more likely to be granted the shot. I look forward to more such images.

  13. My only complaint would be their hair. Other than the young lady in the black coat/olive scarf, the rest have not been paying attention to hair. I believe out of style, or lack thereof, shows a certain laziness about one’s appearance. I’m sure you would agree Alison, as your hair always looking amazing.

  14. I disagree with the comment about their hair. I think their hair looks great. I hate the idea of rules about how you must do your hair/ wear make up etc etc and personally I am a big fan of having a certain laziness about one’s appearance. I like effortless style and am a bit wary of someone who looks too perfect. I hate the idea of rules about how you must do your hair/ wear make up etc etc. Although maybe that’s just because I have unruly, unpredictable hair which does whatever it feels like!

  15. Alyson, please keep offering us street style posts. Bill Cunningham made street style fans of us all and made it possible for some to become style stars — on their best days.

    Even I, yes I, have recently begun to experiment with some street style variations on my basic style. Doing so interests and amuses me. But I’ve also gotten compliments and candid reactions (not necessarily the same thing) from others. It doesn’t matter to me what others think about my little experiments; I’m just glad what I’ve shown them has inspired them to have an opinion and, if they wish, to express it.

    Honestly, life would be a little more interesting if more of us got up, dressed up (however the spirit moved us that day), and showed up.

  16. Alison,
    I’m loving this laid back approach comfort has always over ruled the current trends even as a fashion student.
    If I couldn’t walk in the shoes I wouldn’t wear them.
    It drove my friends nuts but being able to run for the tube or dance the night away always meant comfy shoes and attire.
    I’ve followed this rule through even in launching my own line of “really easy wear ” REW .
    You might actually love the new duster coats I designed for this transitional period of four seasons in one day.
    I actually hate this time of year never knowing what the weather will throw at us as the day proceeds.
    If you’d like to look at the duster coat check out my older model Margo, a sixty eight year old bad ass whom was a customer but has become a dear friend.
    So glad I found your blog it my style all over.

  17. I love that word ‘un-fashiony’ it’s as perfect as these gathered clothes are and such real looking ladies. I have to say too I don’t think I’d have the confidence to take photos of people on the street but but but twice last week I was stopped in the street by people asking me about a scarf I was wearing it was clearly coveted. This made my day (especially as it was a home knit!) as a result I’m now thinking differently about approaching people when I like something they are wearing: to be asked gave me such a joyous buzz! Perhaps we need more of this sort of face to face communications in our lives…. dunno..

  18. Street Style is the best style. A personal interpretation. Your blog is always fresh. Always thoughtful. Thank you.

  19. What a joyful post! I started to comment on this when the blog glitched. Francesca Fearon and Avril Groom look so comfortable and happy in their wonderful clothes with their wonderful smiles. That frame bag is to die for – any idea whose it is? Emma Baxter Wright has fabulous hair, there are amazing green boots, tie ankle shoes, pink coats, baggy black macs and all other kinds of wonderful things going on in this post and I found it energising and invigorating and very Happy Making that we are all out there enjoying clothes, colour and our lives. There are lots of horrible things going on at the moment and we all have our problems but we are a tough old (?) bunch who still put our best foot (colourfully and comfortably shod) forward. Perhaps, Alyson you should be the British Scott Shuman and hit the streets with your camera.

  20. I have only recently found your blog and am so glad I did. THIS is what I have been looking for, and trying to do an eeny weeny bit myself. Real women, street style, women about my age (+/- 20 years …), fashionable but not fashion victims, no preening nor posing…
    Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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