That Is My Book. Writing Style Forever was such a whirlwind last summer (polite phrase), I still can’t quite believe it happened. I’ve been asked several times recently if I’m excited, and the honest answer is, ‘No. Not at the minute’. The Waterstones website has just told me there are 36 days to publication, so maybe it’s a bit like going on holiday and I’ll feel thrilled nearer the time and start wondering what to wear to the launch party. Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous is out on Friday 13 March¬† – good job I’m not superstitious – and you can pre-order a copy here.

The wonderful illustrations are by Leo Greenfield and I was pleased to read in this month’s Vogue that because of Instagram and the volume of images online, ‘We’re now photo-saturated, so drawing is special again’. The book contains style tips, advice and anecdotes, as well as interviews with Inspirational Women. I’ll be revealing a few of my fabulous interviewees over the coming weeks – together with their thoughts on age and style. This is something I would love to continue online, so if you’d like to be profiled (or to recommend someone else), please leave a coment or drop me an email at Given the response to my post on Philippa Carr, this week, I think it’s a popular topic.

Thanks as always for reading. This book wouldn’t exist without you.

Onwards and sideways,



27 thoughts on “Style Forever: the grown-up guide to looking fabulous

  1. Wow, looks great Alyson, can't wait to read it! And I like the idea of using illustrations, so much more decorative, we're bombarded with photos in our digital lives so this will be something different.
    All the best, Alison

  2. How exciting! When and where is your launch party? I'll be in London on 13 March, so hopefully will be able to buy a copy to bring back to Spain. Friday 13 is lucky in Spain apparently so Buena suerte!

  3. I have just posted your new book on my very new instagram account, kitscool!

    At 47 years older, I have decided to engage with the new media age. Just read about Denim Dudes, and then noted it on your website, which I have just recently discovered after noting a reference on "Keep it Chic". Yes, yes, I have given in to blogging land, and love it, just fashion though, just fashion.

    Noted your comments on continuing your style profiles, and would love to take part. Finally found my style to fit around a hectic life, wish I had clocked it years ago, but then mistakes can be great fun!!

    Good luck with the launch,

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