Style Forever book launch
That’s Me and my book

Hello and welcome to the new grown-up That’s Not My Age. While I’m settling in and figuring out how to put my pictures up, let’s get the party started. Talking of partying, these photos are from the Style Forever launch at Duke Street Emporium. A very big thank you to Team Jigsaw for organising such a lovely event and also to my good friend Dvora for taking these brilliant photos. It was hard work, working the room but a FABulous gathering of guests made it so much easier.

Rebi and Mrs Robinson crew
Rebi and the Mrs Robinson model crew
My lovely editor Kate Pollard (Future FABster) and me
My lovely editor Kate Pollard (Future FABster) and me

I left the Showbiz Jacket at home and went for the Once in a Lifetime Jacket, instead. It’s a Céline tuxedo and I bought it in Paris. This is the most I’ve ever spent on an item of clothing but I figured as the author of a style book, I needed to do things properly. Not having a lot of spare cash to spend on expensive designer clothing and being a bit of a tightwad, I would ordinarily deliberate. But as soon as I saw the Once in a Lifetime Jacket, I knew. There was no faffing around or worrying about finances, I just thought ‘Sod it, I may never have another book launch party.’ Having said that, the credit card bill has just arrived and let’s just say I’m feeling a little less sure of myself…Anyhow. I’m going to come back to tuxedo jackets (again and again). In the meantime, similar available HERE

Rebecca Perkins
Fellow grown-up lady author & blogger Rebecca Perkins
From the left: Stacey Duguid, Lucy McQuiitty and Navaz Batliwalla
From the left: Stacey Duguid, Lucy McQuiitty and Navaz Batliwalla
Rebi from Mrs Robinson Management (on the right) and one of her fabulous older models
Rebi from Mrs Robinson Management (on the right) and one of her fabulous older models
Me and Thelma Speirs having a read
Me and Thelma Speirs having a read
Sharon from My Style Thrifting blog
Sharon from My Style Thrifting blog
Helen Carey stylist and photographer Wendy Carrig
Helen Carey from Vintage Vacations wearing an ace hat with photographer Wendy Carrig
Journalist Leah Hardy
Health & beauty journalist Leah Hardy
Mademoiselle Carol Poirot. Interiors and lifestyle blogger
Mademoiselle Carol Poirot. Interiors and lifestyle blogger
Corinne Drewery (do you remember Swing Out Sister?!)
Corinne Drewery (do you remember Swing Out Sister?!)

Regarding the new site. It was designed by ‘a totally awesome website and blog design studio’ Uniquely Lovely. And now for a little spot of housekeeping: if you had already signed up for email updates on Blogger, you should still receive them from the new site. Please let me know if there are any problems. Someone made a comment last week about logging in on WordPress being a bit of a palaver. But when you’ve done this once, there’s no need to keep logging on, the information you’ve added (your email or Facebook, Twitter details)  should pop up when you return to the site, which I’m hoping everyone does. Again and again.


Oh and if you’re looking for some extra Bank Holiday reading, there’s an interview with me on the Jigsaw website HERE.



28 thoughts on “Style Forever Launch

  1. These are SUCH lovely photos and your site is stunning!! Miffed I didn’t get to speak to Wendy Carrig and OMG how fab is Corrrine Drewery? What is she doing these days? Big congrats (again) Aly!

  2. Super easy to fill in the Reply field (my computer did most of it for me!)
    What a roomful of fabulousness you and your book have gathered — Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Completely empathise with the second thoughts about the jacket, but you’ll have forgotten that credit card punch long, long, long before you’ve stopped enjoying it. You look wonderful in it.

  3. I wish I was there! So many fabulous ladies, I bet you had a fantastic evening.

    Congratulations on your new layout, love it and I am not facing any problems at all. I follow via bloglovin and this post isn’t in my feed yet so I need to manually adjust my subscription. When I switched from a blogspot to my own domain, I had to inform bloglovin to change it and transfer my followers.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. I was so happy to come along with Wendy Carrig, a lovely event full of great people and smiles. The book is charming and witty – I chortled (in a good way) all the way back to the Isle of Wight. Am sure it will be a BIG hit 🙂

  5. Hi Aly!! Wow the new site is absolutely amazing and thank you so much for
    Featuring me amongst all these other beautiful talented ladies! Your outfit was
    spot on- chic, stylish and perfect! I so
    enjoyed the evening and I look forward to seeing you for lunch sometime soon! x

  6. Truly inspirational, love seeing women who have come into the fore showcased in their personal style, lovely, thanks for sharing.

  7. Great looking group of gals and I do like your editor. Now tell this Future FABster Ms Pollard to quite lollygagging and get this publication date moved up prior to Labor Day on this side of the pond or I just might get nasty.
    Now listen AW, we’re pleased as punch Style Forever is off to a great start but don’t think this gives you license to continue with your 007 James Bond blasphemes….you pull any of that nonsense at your Chicago appearance, expect GSL to make a scene!

  8. Woo-hoo! Looks fab! Love the photos, and I have to say that Rebi is my new style icon. What a stunning woman … love her outfit and the shoes … sublime! Congratulations on the big move. Mimi xxx

  9. Happy new blog! Good to see both you and Sharon looking fab.
    I’ll take Corinne’s coat (her album is still on my vinyl pile) and Kate’s tunic and clogs, ta very much! xxx

  10. Great new site – and great launch of a great book. I’m no stranger to WordPress myself…

  11. Do I remember Swing Out Sister? Of course I do!! And now I am going to scroll through those lovely photos again to ooh and ahh over the great style and figure out how I’ll copy it. It is SO nice to look through a pile of party photos and NOT feel hopeless and old.

  12. Love the new site, it looks like a fab book launch with your great photos and love your look – the jacket – don’t regret it, enjoy it, as a fellow tightwad this is my challenge too, life’s too short -and getting shorter!

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments & for joining me over here.

    GSL & Lucy – when I was chatting to the FABulous Corinne she did a little twirl that took me right back…

  14. Lovely new look for your blog, and I loved seeing these photos! There’s a lot of great style here, and I love your understated Once in a Lifetime jacket. Did you find yourself saying, My God, how did I get here? Let’s hope you have more book launches and it won’t be just once in a lifetime!

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