I like that Yasmin le Bon continues to be the face of Winser London. I like that the British brand produces core style staples season after season. Or as Kim Winsers points out during our interview, ‘Not silly clothes, not fashion. This is proper investment dressing in every sense.’ When it comes to grownup style, Kim Winser, former CEO of Aquascutum and Pringle of Scotland, knows a thoroughbred workhorse from a one-season-wonder. Talking to Kim about the Winser London pop-up shop at Fenwick of Bond Street, the new autumn 2015 collection and working with everyone’s favourite supermodel, she tells me:

‘I love having Yasmin modelling for us, at 50 – though some of our models are 20, to me, it’s about a style not an age. Yasmin is a real woman, stunning stylish and genuine. And she has always been true to herself. She looks great in the collection and gives us real feedback on the garments, which we like. Hearing Yasmin’s viewpoint is brilliant.’

-yasmin le bon2

Winser advises her customers to remain true to themselves, too; ‘Come and find what works for you – what suits your figure and your lifestyle. I like people who have their own style, their own tweak. I would like women to have confidence. Confidence comes when people find their own style, when they enjoy fashion and get it to work for them.’

Sounds like a surefire recipe for remaining stylish forever.

The Winser London has a pop-up shop at Fenwick throughout August. You can read my full interview with Kim Winser HERE.

13 thoughts on “Style Forever: Yasmin le Bon for Winser London

  1. I’m smiling. Lovely change of season clothes , worn by someone who actually looks like me! (i.e that IS my age!) Thanks for starting my day with style and grace.

  2. Great article in Newsweek: “TOXIC FASHION – The Environmental Disaster in your Closet”. Everyone interested in fashion and concerned about the envirment should read this. Just Google “Newsweek Toxic Fashion”.

  3. First Impression 🙂 gorgeous!
    Can we buy Winser London at John Lewis Oxford str. all year around?

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