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I’ve never really been one for voluminous, cross-cultural dressing –  the kind of thing you find at the back of the third floor at Liberty – but this wonderful Shirin Guild shoot for Archivist magazine feels incredibly modern. Featuring clothes from the designer’s personal archive (modelled by Vivien Solari), it feels so right just now. Guild grew up in Tehran and has lived in London since the 1980s, launching her eponymous label in 1991. Within the space of six years, it was the best-selling collection at Liberty – and now, over 20-years later, I’ve finally come round to this look. ‘ I have always been a kind of minimal person. I like simple things,’ the designer says in a rare interview for Archivist,’ I used to wear pants, men’s watches, ride a man’s bike – everything was a boy’s thing. I wear everything in a masculine way. Maybe it’s cultural but I find clothes that cover the body to be much more elegant.’

Shirin Guild-800w

‘Guild’s designs are never really in fashion, so they never fall out of it,’ points out Archivist editor Dal Chodha. ‘This style of dress, I think it’s really important. I understand that it’s dramatic but it doesn’t shout. I worry about wearing clothes that speak on my behalf.’

Vivien solaris in Shirin-800w

Vivien Solaris, Shirin-800w

Archivist is available at Antenne Books HERE and also in Mouki Mou.Read the full interview HERE.
Photographs: Joachim Muller Ruchholtz, styling: Jane Howard, model: Vivien Solari.

16 thoughts on “Style inspiration: Shirin Guild in Archivist magazine

      1. I am SO pleased that shirin guild is still making clothes…. I thought they were no longer available. Where can I find her?

  1. I am not sure about wearing this in real life. The pictures here look very good, but I am a bit conflicted about the clothes. About ten or fifteen years ago, when I was very thin I wore a lot of Shirin Guild, and I loved it very much. But, now I’m older and bigger, I think I’d be a bit wary.( I sold it all on eBay and could not believe how many people were passionate about her stuff).

  2. I would love to try to wear the last outfit, even though I might get lost in those pants — it just looks really cool to me.

  3. OMG! I love Shirin Guild. Business often took me to the UK in the 80’s and 90’s. My first stop was always Liberty of London.
    No little floral prints for me, I filled my suitcase & closet in the States with Shirin Guild. I was close to 6′ tall and pencil thin. Her designs worked for me then, maybe not so much now, but I still love the look. Thanks for the memories; you just made my day.

  4. I find Shirin Guild inspiring also. I have worn a (knock off) big coat that is very similar, with narrow pants, to business events. What interested me was that I was assumed to be the owner of my own business. Somehow the outfit telegraphed either being in charge, or being prosperous, or both.

  5. I’ve heard it is good to wear baggy on top, fitted on the bottom and, or better to say, full on the bottem fitted on top. My Japanese style pattern books, such as Cute Dresses, show full garments with contrasting bare leg or arms. Diagonals are interesting. Shibori silk flowers I would add to Guild pieces. Am not so minimalist.

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