I had the same conversation with two completely different women yesterday. Not one of us could remember the last time we wore heels.  Whether at work, rest or play, women of all ages appreciate faff-free dressing  – meaning, clothes that behave themselves throughout the day and shoes we can walk in. Now that I’ve finally had my summer pedicure, I’m on the look out for a pair of run-around sandals. The latest Ancient Greek Sandals (above) have a lightweight, low wedge heel and a rubber sole, and I keep thinking how lovely they look. Definitely a step up from the Birkenstocks (though I haven’t fallen out of love with my Birkis, just yet) and the kind of sandal that works well with jeans, jumpsuits and the not-too-dressed-up dress. Available from the Ancient Greek website HERE.

More summer sandals you can walk in:

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30 thoughts on “Summer sandals you can walk in

  1. Excellent and helpful post. I love the Marni striped sandals but they are out of my price range. Do you know of any similar sandals that will do the same job: a touch of fun color, a bit of height, a back strap, and total chicness?

    1. Same here. Have you looked at the Ancient Greek Sandals website? The ‘Clio Rainbow’ is not quite the same as the Marni sandal but comes in different colours, has a striped sole and is fun. And I quite like Teva’s Hurricane sandal in red (also comes in turquoise) .

      1. Thank you. I like the Clio and will get them…. but those Marni sandals are haunting me! My wallet is burning a hole in my handbag, begging for them… but my ever-logical brain says no! Alas…. Clio, you’re mine!

        1. Get the Marni! I’ve bought in the past in the sale & they’re worth every penny & looking stunning. If you love something. Buy it!

          1. You are EVIL! I’m far too logical to spend that much money on sandals…. when I don’t actually have it. I’m fine lusting from afar.

  2. You got me at rubber sole. Have just bought the fitflop ones and they are as good as they look. Elegant minimal design and closed toe, so perfect in my eyes.

  3. These are lovely, but are they wide fit? I have small (size 4) but wide feet with a very high instep and finding shoes and sandals that aren’t for old grannies (even though I am an old granny) are a nightmare.

  4. I wish I could wear Birkenstocks or any sandals which don’t have a toe post. But my feet are so narrow, I walk right out of most sandals, or my feet slide out the front. Not a good look with ones toes grazing the pavement. I need something really narrow or with a strap between the toes to hold my foot firmly. Stuart Weitzman had sandals with a rubber sole and elasticized straps years ago… I wore those babies all day at work and out to dinner after. Then I wore them out. Ha.

    1. My sister in law also has very narrow feet. She buys Monroe sandals from US. Suit her narrow feet perfectly

  5. Also try the crossover style Italian made Everlanes with the molded footbed – quality leather, with style and comfort. Can walk all day. ($118.) Not easy to find good looking supportive shoes of any kind that aren’t too heavy, too frumpy, Thanks! By the way, I am working 4 days in Las Vegas. Observing thousands people from all over the world and all ages in the casinos, working, shopping the chic designer malls, fancy restaurants, at the convention. Etc. No heels here! Not 2 inches, not 1 inch height. None. All comfort!

  6. UGG have some nice FLAT, stylish sandals this year. I have my eye on a pair but waiting for the price to drop. I also discovered a brand from Barcelona called Viscata that Im loving. Espadrilles but very stylish. I was thrilled to buy a nice pair of their sandals with a low half inch heel, that looked feminine, and were blissfully comfortable. I wish I could wear heels but at close to 6ft tall heels just arent happening!

  7. Is it just me or are they ridiculously expensive?? I can usually find something in Clarks but always end up wearing Birks. I’ve tried Boden, pretty but not comfortable and I have narrow feet but they pinch and rub. Also leather soles can be very slippy.

    1. I have difficult feet (so many people seem to) and I have always bought Ecco sandals and shoes. I thought they were pricey at first but they are totally wearable,they last for years and I often get them at end of season sale or from an outlet. All my shoes are now either Ecco (or sometimes Clarks) and I no longer have achey feet or legs

  8. Very timely post. Thank you. I’m enjoying my Oak & Hyde sandals. Very comfortable, inexpensive and their customer service was terrific.

  9. The Ugg Cammie flatform is the one for me! Keeps your feet away from that punishing pavement. Hard to get hold of but perfect!

  10. I recently bought a pair of crossover slides from Everlane, the direct to consumer company that believes in ethical sourcing and pricing transparency. I’m complimented constantly on them, they feel great on and you can walk for miles in them. They’re made in Italy and similar in feel to Prada or Marni crossovers but cost only a little more than Birkenstocks.
    I love them so much I’m ordering in another color.

      1. Is it just me that is put off Everlane by their insistance that you sign up with your email before you can even browse the website? That and their “ restocking” charge for returns. They don’t give nearly enough accurate sizing info for me to take the risk buying from them ( I’m in the uk) and then get charged for it not fitting. Getting Italian shoes from Italy direct is less “faff” I think.

  11. I find a strap around the heel is necessary so as to be able to drive safely. I like the adjustable model with velcro everywhere.

  12. My wardrobe is completely heel free these days. They went in the bin along with tight jeans. Discomfort is never stylish I think. Being cursed with both dodgy feet and thick cankles, I go for anything with a footbed and ideally a low flat form to distract from aforementioned issues. Camper have loads of comfy shoes but this year I got gold ones from Ancient Greek and silver from Jigsaw. Still can’t get away with open toes at work though, which is where sneakers come in!

  13. Great timing! On the basis of this article I just ordered the Geox Amalitha in Caramel… I need a pair of stylish & comfy sandals that I can wear in a boiling hot & humid climate: to a wedding, then out & about walking for 4 weeks, including climbing a mountain. It’s a tall order but I think these will do the trick! Thank you.

  14. I swear by the comfort of Fly Londons – I take them with me on all my travels because they’re so comfortable.

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