Camilla Nickerson

I’m quite old-school when it comes to reading newspapers and magazines. I’d much rather read a physical copy than the online version – and it’s good to step away from the internet from time to time. The Gentlewoman magazine is always packed full of brilliant women and issue number nine is no exception. Resplendent with fashion’s finest: cover star Vivienne Westwood, 72, self-confessed tomboy and Prada’s communications expert Verde Viconti, 45, and super-stylist Camilla Nickerson, 48, (there’s an excellent feature on Nickerson written by Anna-Marie Solowij) – the kind of women I want to read about.

10 thoughts on “That Is My Age: The Gentlewoman magazine

  1. The magazine is great, I agree.I think they only do one or two issue subscriptions? At least that is what has happened when I have subscribed (i.e I need to keep re-joining).The Prada person was v. intriguing – completely agree with her about keeping things for a while before wearing.Only wish the things I had to keep were Prada…

  2. Josephine/Tiffany – sounds like they need to sort their subscriptions out. Or make the policy clearer (if what Sue says is right about the 1-2 issue deal).

    Sue – I do that too and yes, sadly not with Prada!

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