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For ages I’ve had a bit of a mental block with Instagram, already juggling a job, a blog and freelance responsibilities, it felt like yet another thing to do. I’m a late adopter and proud, but this INSTAGRAN attitude was getting a bit ridiculous. So finally this week, with the aid of a tech-savvy friend Isabelle, I sat down, figured things out and can now make shit photos look good. Expect to see lots of pictures of London and some half-eaten food. Actually, I have been warned by another friend NOT to post endless food snaps, which is fine by me because I’m far too greedy to fanny around making sure my table setting looks neat whilst my dinner gets cold.

And I keep accidentally calling it Pinstagram. That Is My Age. This weekend I’ll be at London Fashion Week, and should I get a wi-fi connection – the British Fashion Council really need to sort that out. If I see Natalie Massanet today, I’ll have a word. I can use 3G on the bus but not at Somerset House. London we have a problem – I’ll be posting some up-to-the-minute fashion shots:

Comfy shoes and backpacks at Christopher Raeburn

As you can see, I have a lovely new widget over there in the sidebar – so do please follow me. You can also follow That’s Not My Age on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and bloglovin’ – now can people please stop inventing new social networking sites?! What with all this online action and the daily deluge of emails, feels like the internet has taken over my life.

Have a fantastic weekend.

12 thoughts on “That Is My Age: I’m on Instagram at last!

  1. I discovered Instagram some time ago and couldn't work out what to do…then over the summer I worked it out and have since been addicted (another time suck…think..Pinterest) 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I so know what you mean. Not another Platform! I do Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and post on my blog. All that and A 40 hour job (at least). My husband likes to see more of me and not just my back bent over a laptop.

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