I have a birthday coming up. It’s a big one and although I can’t quite believe I’m THAT old, I’m not scared. I spent my 39th year in a miserable state, but if this blog has taught me one thing, it’s to view getting older as getting better. Anyhow. Earlier this year, realising he might have to start saving, Mr That’s Not My Age very kindly asked me what I’d like. Initially, I thought it would be good to mark this special occasion with a watch. Something to keep forever and stop me checking my smart phone over 150 times a day. Mind you, that’s largely because of my Social Networking Addiction; Instagram has taken over from Twitter, and taken over my life. Everything –  including a pair of socks warming on the radiator – has become a potential filter-ready picture. My attention span is shot to pieces and there’s barely any time left to blog. Oh just to glance at my wrist, avoid the bottom of the bag rummage and not get sucked in by social media. How simple my life would be.

But then I spotted this washed leather, Isabel Marant Etoile jacket. Having toyed with, and dismissed, the idea of the leather biker a couple of years ago (I tried one on in a second-hand shop, looked ridiculous and decided there was no going back), I was quite taken by this pared-down style. It doesn’t look too try-hard, the leather is super-soft and the length is just right. I know, I tried one on in the new Isabel Marant London
store. But the best thing is, that it comes in navy too. As I can no longer wear black and would rather look chic than cadaverous, this could be the deciding factor. So, what to do? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity: midlife crisis jacket or keep forever watch?

Addicted to social networking and hankering after a biker jacket, I feel like the oldest teenager in town.

47 thoughts on “The biker jacket conundrum

  1. The jacket. It's a no brainer. Go for a watch on your next big birthday. I bought a biker jacket on camden market 16 years ago. Every few years it reappears – I am 47, dont feel old in it and even my mum eyed it critically the other day and said "like the look"! Nearly fell over as I'm sure when I very first wore it she thought I looked a mess!
    Happy birthday too, Carol

  2. Definitely the jacket. The biker jacket should be a standard in every self-respecting well-dressed woman's wardrobe. You will feel amazing, kick-ass and can wear it with everything.

  3. For you the jacket most definitely!!!
    I am totally in the same phase as you! Of course I already have leather jackets – that I don't wear often BUT is that because they are the wrong shape and style or is it really the fact they are 'leather jackets' I ask myself for the last few years.
    So I've embraked on a slow and logn process of elimination and just worked out that it can't be black for me either… Will I be the octogenarian queueing at the post office wearing a leather biker jacket FINALLY? 🙂

    You'll look fab in yours!

  4. In Navy? Buy the jacket. I totally relate to your Instagram addiction. I'm right there with you. So much easier and quicker than blogging. It's all about the pretty picture and requires so little commentary.

  5. I love how you tagged this post as "midlife crisis"! I have often thought the same thing about the biker jacket at my age. I bought a quietly-styled one last year and love it. It's all in how it makes you feel when you're wearing it, right? I think the navy is perfect too.

  6. Well, I'm not addicted to social media. Still trying to come to terms with the **** stuff. I have to get back to Twitter and (I can hardly believe I'm saying this) really get to grips with Facebook. For goodness sake! Like that has been around for two days past forever!

    Anyway, feel free to be the oldest teenager in town. I have some leather jackets. All under the £5 price tag, but they "do it" for me. And as soon as they don't, they're out the door.

    Much love from
    Rosemary (who is technically older than you)

  7. The jacket. for sure. I haven't worn a watch for 20 years and occasionally think it would make me more grown up but the itchiness round the wrist kills me. Besides, choosing a watch would take waaayy more effort than that jacket. Think about it, you're not posting pictures of watches on instagram:) Also, I want to hear more about this navy versus black thing – did I miss a post on this.

  8. For me, I'd get the watch. For you, I'd get the jacket. I just turned 50 last Saturday and I'm feeling younger than ever. I believe the higher the number, the younger we live because we've come to appreciate the finer things in life. We savor the moments instead of rushing through everything and not noticing or valuing a thing.
    I'm not sure how "young" you turn this birthday, but whatever the number, STAY FABULOUS!
    Looking forward to visiting.

  9. Hmm. At 57 I have both a watch and a biker jacket. There's time in life enough for both. The question is only, which do you want right now.

    Definitely washed leather, close to the body, for the jacket.

    And the watch, in my case, elegant tomboy style as you so astutely pointed out, a man's Rolex Cellini. But there's no need to spend so much for the equivalent design endorphins.

  10. What delicious problems to have! My opinion? First, I have a wonderfully soft biker-ish jacket that I bought about 4 years ago and it's almost all I wear. I have coats and jackets that I love, but the biker jacket is instant perfection, with ANYTHING. I'm 60 years old. Secondly, I like watches but if you're plugged in to the tech world, a watch is irrelevant for telling time. Your phone can do that, or computer, car etc.

    It's just a matter of what's going to make you feel good. You can always change your mind. I think you'd look fab in the jacket, though.

  11. I support the votes for buying both! One, or the other, is what we did in our cash strapped youth. What's the point of riotous middle age if you can't do the things you couldn't do when you were young–mainly spend money because you have more now.

  12. Sorry, but to me every birthday is a 'special' one. My mum died at the young and premature age of 56. Therefore, every day is special, not just my birthday, or 'decade' birthdays. Have the watch. And the Jacket. Because life is just too darn short to try and decide between which . Seize the moment, live the day, live your life and enjoy all you can, because it can all vanish in a breath.

    On a not so serious note, I bought a biker jacket this year (my 46th on this planet) and it was a pale gold colour. Yep. Love it. And I have a Longine Dolce Vita watch. And a Michael Kors. And a DKNY. Because I can.

    Welcome to the 40 club.

  13. I have nice watches, wear them very day, and love looking polished. That said…you can get some lovely stylish watches for not much money so maybe get a filler watch and wait for the next birthday.
    I have a leather jacket given to me by the hubs 15 years ago that has become a staple fall/ Texas winter/spring piece. I NEVER dreamed that it would get worn so much. Simple styling, slim fit, slightly cropped but not boxy. Minimal "zippering". My teen daughters have been known to sneak out in it also. I'm almost 58 and it still is perfect for so many many occasions.
    So a perfect leather jacket can be hard to find but classic watches are …classic. And always around.
    Best of both worlds: get both.
    Otherwise, jacket this year and go with a classic Timex.
    Until Christmas….

  14. Easy peasy! Buy the jacket for yourself and the Mr can get you the forever watch!
    The real question is what is the forever watch that you have your heart set on?

  15. Anonymous 52 didnt like turning 50 one little bit. But Ive got used to it,possibly due to lack of choice…….The good points:far less angst,arguably kinder and definitely thinner.
    Buy the watch,clothes date.

  16. The jacket..go for the jacket! I'm 57 and have a chocolate brown Akris biker-style jacket. Every time I haul it out of my closet I sigh and think how glad I am that I bought it four years ago! You DON'T want to check the time every 15 minutes and when you look at your new watch,sigh, wishing that you had opted for the jacket!!!!

  17. Definitely the jacket! What's wrong with social media addiction? I might sell my children before I give up Instagram (okay, they ARE teenagers, I might trade a few things for them right at this point and I think many parents could relate!).

  18. I'm 63 and bought myself a dark teal leather moto jacket last year. I LOVE it. Even in this color it goes with most of the clothes I wear. My sister teased me when I told her I was getting it but she has been trying to borrow it ever since she saw me in it. I've worn it with skirts, dresses, trousers and jeans. Fit and a flattering color are the key. Enjoy.

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