Uniqlo yukata

These lovely yukata or summer kimonos from Uniqlo make brilliant dressing gowns (make that all-day lounging gowns, if like me, you’ve just come back from holiday and have forgotten how to dress properly) and can also be worn Catherine Baba-style layered over a simple black outfit.

catherine baba

yukata kimono uniqlosummer kimono, Uniqlo

Or on a bike. If you like…

Catherine Baba on her bicycle

I’m off to recalibrate my wardrobe. The cotton yukata is an online exclusive, available HERE.

8 thoughts on “The summer kimono

  1. These kimonos look and are great! Such a shame that Uniqlo doesn’t ship to Croatia ( we are in EU) I even wrote to them about it,but nothing!
    I have two silk ones,one very old an one not so old ­čÖé as dressing gowns,perfect choice,and you feel luxuriouslly,don’t you? ( but don’t try to walk through doors with tray full of wine glasses! I did!)
    And they look great in outdoor version

  2. That is a shame Dottoressa, I don’t understand why they don’t ship to Croatia (?) Seems bonkers. Surely they ship to Serbia because Novak Djokovic wears their kit and it would be crazy not to. (Obviously, that’s not much help to you – just a random Sunday morning thought!)

  3. Yes, I know,you are right! I will be in London in october and see
    But beautiful IDF linen jacket is gone forever. They help me to save money,not bad :-)!

  4. I want to take that first one, frame it and hang it on my wall it’s such a striking print. Trouble is if I wore one of these I’d a) never leave the house, as I’d be lounging on my sofa, and b) would probably trip over if I did stand up as I’m sure these are waaaay too long for me to wear!

    The lady on the bike tickles me enormously. I love how she’s cycling whilst standing AND doing it in sky-scraper heels. Maybe she’s worried she’ll catch her billowing kimono in her bicycle chain!

  5. Hello Susan, my guess is Catherine Baba’s kimono is vintage but I’ll have a look around and see if I kind find something similar today.

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