Maybe it’s because I’m a northerner that I find the V&A’s vintage prints appealing. Originally produced by the Calico Printer’s Association in Manchester, the People Tree’s V&A collection uses 1930s prints from the museum’s archive. Manchester was home to the textile industry and centre of cotton trade in the 19th century. And where I studied for my degree (not in the 19th century). Growing up 50 miles away in Blackpool, I’ve always had a strong connection to the city, as teenagers we’d go there for gigs and to buy clothes – and I’m hoping to hit the north this summer to see the True Faith exhibition celebrating the legacy of Joy Division and New Order. This summer marks my 30th year in London but I’ll always be a northerner at heart. Anyhow. The People Tree V&A collection is made from Tencel an eco-friendly cellulose fibre derived from wood pulp. And there are two archive prints: I’ve got my eye on the ‘Tulip’ print wafty, maxi dress and the ‘Seed’ print (above) is available as a shirt, trousers and a lovely shirt dress.

CORRECTION: in the previous post I initially stated that my new book Know Your Style is available from November in the USA, it’s actually October (the other-way-round date always confuses me). And a few readers asked if the book is available to pre-order in the USA and Canada. Yes it is, click HERE.

7 thoughts on “The V&A collection for People Tree

  1. Coat dress in the post…. I’ve been buying from PT for years now, and love what they do. Ethical fashion is the future. Have you found Sula yet? Beautiful, ethical, ageless pieces made by Alison down in Shoreham on sea…. she had some gorgeous blog posts featuring her clothes on mums and daughters, and grandmas…. I love her clothes….

  2. This brought back many happy memories for me. I worked for both Tootal and Courtaulds in central Manchester in the early 70’s – I was lucky enough to meet designers such as Pat Albeck and Nana Ditzel (think I’ve spelt that correctly – she was an iconic designer then) and got lots of fabrics for my dressmaking! I also lived near a Calico Printers Mill where I used to buy seconds, until the late 80’s when it sadly closed for ever.
    I am a Lancashire lass also and most of my Gran’s generation worked in the cotton mills in the small town we lived in until they all closed down. I remember going with my Mum to take her Aunt’s lunch to the mill where she worked, and I can to this day hear the clatter of the machines and remember the smell of the cotton. Not the healthiest places to work!

  3. Love this collection, Alyson! Thanks for the update on your US publication date. Somehow I missed your first one so I’ll have to go for the Amazon “people who like this also buy” offer!

  4. I was in John Lewis yesterday and was looking at People Tree clothes and I think jewellery in their Loved and Found section, lovely.

  5. I love the seed print.

    The dress looks a bit “British Airways uniform” c1975. (Not a bad thing in my opinion)

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