Things you never knew you wanted: the pink corduroy blazer

— by Alyson Walsh

Photos: Claire Pepper

Readers, the ‘not buying anything new’ pledge has ended. As I knew it would. What I hadn’t envisaged was that the item to break the bond would be a pink corduroy double-breasted blazer. Life is full of surprises. But then, corduroy is perennially cool. Worn by the likes of Jane Birkin and Jarvis Cocker, its velvety texture adds a hint of rakish, understated luxury to everyday outfits. And, I’ve never believed that the 1970s was the decade that style forgot….

So. My new adventures in colour continue. Grey hair (slightly windswept in these photos) has brought a fresh potential for chic-not-shouty combinations. Maybe I am a Pink Person after all? The key to introducing a smidgen of boldness – and of course, to being a Considerate Consumer –  is to stick to the shapes and styles you’ll wear again and again. Zandra Rhodes would waft towards an embellished fuchsia kaftan, whereas I’ve gone straight for a Gentlewomanly Jacket. Silhouettes that feel easy, make wearing new colours easy.

Weekend Max Mara ran a similar blazer last season and when I saw the same style had carried through to autumn, the year-round potential of the pink corduroy jacket became apparent. And as pink goes wonderfully with khaki and navy, I knew there’d be no problem acquainting the corduroy blazer with other wardrobe favourites. There was no buyer’s remorse, adding one new item to boost old treasures is the way I tend to shop. The pink corduroy jacket is selling out fast but there are sizes HERE and HERE.

Layered up

The checked mac/car coat is great for layering, and I’m enjoying the combination of a cotton shirt over a jersey polo neck, right now. The camel corduroy trousers I found in a local second-hand shop for 20 quid are brand new Etro menswear but they fit brilliantly. Only one minor alteration required: the hidden, sewn-in label on the fly saying ‘Riding the Tiger’ must be unpicked pronto. Feels far too Silvio Berlusconi does dress-down Friday for my liking…


Double corduroy

For more colourful corduroy blazers: Boden has an almost-sold-out Vibrant Plum cord jacket (also available in navy) and matching Chawton cord trousers.M&S has an ochre coloured jacket HERE. Check out Helene Berman’s lovely royal blue version and John Lewis has a red corduroy blazer reduced HERE, the same style is available in a versatile denim blue. 

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Readers, the ‘not buying anything new’ pledge has ended. As I knew it would.