Boundary-pushing to the max today with new boots and pant silhouette. Better that than be stuck in a style rut, I say. Playing around with new shapes, patterns, shoes and accessories is something I recommend in Know Your Style. This can be the perfect way to whoop up your wardrobe and add mileage to existing clothes – and it’s always brilliant when a new item unleashes an old favourite.

Photo: Acielle at Style du Monde

Even though I live in white sneakers and hi-tops, these white leather Tracey Neuls Chelsea boots shunt me right out of my comfort zone (they were a very generous thank you gift from Tracey for featuring her in Know Your Style). But that’s how I initially felt about skinny jeans and then ended up wearing them for years. This photo was taken at the end of a shoot last week (more details coming soon) – and there’s a double slouch situation going on that I would usually tame with something more structured. Imagine this outfit with a navy blazer or overcoat, a la creative academic on the go:

Photos: Claire Pepper

Like a cross between the Balenciaga sock boot and Pierre Cardin’s futuristic 1960s designs, the new white ankle boots fit perfectly with my comfy shoe stance. Success so far comes when the white ankle boots are teamed with a belted black jumpsuit or the not-so basic-basics (slim leg black jeans, a black cashmere sweater and my Burberry trench). During the recent Arctic freeze I suffered from a low grade, Old Lady Panic about slipping over on the ice and breaking a hip. Now I’ve gotta new way to walk – in non-slip comfy boots.


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My navy trousers of Kin at John Lewis (currently out of stock) and the grey sweatshirt is an old Eileen Fisher.

Have you pushed any style boundaries lately?

33 thoughts on “Things you never knew you wanted: white ankle boots

  1. But wait, what trousers are you wearing?!?! Also I could see you wearing those boots IRL but not at the same time as a sweatshirt with elbow patches as I believe the combo would set off the Faff-O-Meter.

    1. The Faff-O-Meter is on high alert, Lisa! Ding, ding, ding. The double slouch situation and new white ankle boots – I’m pushing my luck. Much better white ankle boot-wearing today with a black jumpsuit and navy overcoat. And breathe….

  2. These look so great! I would never have considered white boots. I love the lady with the tiny Chanel bag and oversized trench as well, so chic.
    Slouch is good – I saw a woman in a pair of maharishi combats and a posh pink tweed jacket that she told me was from Joules when I complemented her.
    Thanks for the continuing inspiration Alyson.

  3. I’m so glad you took the white boot step-and wrote about it.
    I love the look but had been wondering if it was too fashiony, since so many street style photos have the white boot thing going on.
    Your styling is spot on.The look is easy and unforced and not costume like.
    Thank you!!

  4. I love your look and I generally like the white ankle boot trend, but I’m having my own Old Lady Panic about how difficult it would be to keep them looking so nice and clean! Trainers are okay if they show a little bit of wear, but I think the boots are too faffy for me.

  5. LOVE the Tracey Neuls boots – white, comfy and enough ‘out there’ to still be in the running! They look fab with the Kin chinos. Personally I love white leather brogues in the summer (summer, what’s that?). Just bought a fantastic pair of bright red ankle boots from Zara (leather and a steal at £29.99) – deffo think I might try some white ones now. Too old? Never!

  6. I am so excited. I bought those trousers about three weeks ago and have been wearing them to death I think of them as my architect’s trousers as they are the sort of thing that women architects who trained in the 1960s and 70s wear. I hadn’t thought to wear the trousers rolled up.

  7. Have just started a 6 month consultancy project with an extremely high fashion organisation and have already registered that I am both the oldest and the least fashionable person here. White ankle boots are de rigueur in this office so definitely on the fashion pulse – but a) I’m on mutton alert (not you Alyson, you look great in them!) and b) I think they will make my already sizeable feet look enormous. Might start wearing the leopard print ones for work though…

  8. Double slouch situation absolutely and loose chinos rolled up yes indeed but for me white shoes of any description plimsolls included absolutely not for me. I’m of medium height only but with large feet so have avoided any white shoes in the past and now. The nearest I’ve got to this look is to wear light silver trainers or lace ups. Mostly by Ecco. Smart comfortable and a lighter shoe look.
    I appreciate how stylish it looks right now to wear any form of white shoes especially with a heel which was associated with beauty queens footwear. Everyone to their own.
    I was amused by the comment about women architects trousers. I was an architecture student in that period and can’t recall any special trousers I wore apart from jeans !
    It’s good that the silhouette is loosening up. I have several wide legged high waisted jeans I bought a year ago from Gap. Too out there then they now look fine and I’m glad I didn’t convert to culottes which I also wear. It’s all a question of proportion and what feels comfortable. I frequently try trousers on in Toast which look charming on young 5’10 models on their website but fit me poorly.
    As ever Alyson you look good in this slouchy outfit.

  9. I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.

  10. Hi Alyson – so taken with the Kin navy chinos I have asked them to email me when they are back in stock! Apparently they come up large. Do you suggest I go for the smaller of my two sizes – 10 or 12? Thanks for the heads up.

  11. What a great way to add a touch of ‘spring freshness’ to a winter wardrobe. Here in Canada, we don’t really see Spring until May! White boots……love it. Although I am in agreement with some of the other comments. I have large feet, so would probably opt for something with a modest heel.

  12. White ankle boots? Ummmm…….no. At least not for me. I’m all for breaking out of a style rut but my first thought – and this applies to white sneakers too – is keeping them clean would be a pain in the arse. Too much maintenance for this lazy gal. Otherwise I adore Not My Age. It’s the first thing I read every day. Thank you Alyson for encouraging all woman to carve out their own unique style niche, whatever their age.

  13. I have just bought red ankle boots. My husband asked if I was having an affair. No just stepping out of my comfort zone. My daughter gave me silver shoe boots recently. I so want to wear them but not had the opportunity yet . Love Reading your updates Alison. Inspired by your choices always.

  14. I’m not loving the double slouch look, but kudos to you for trying things that are outside your comfort zone and sharing them with us! I’m not sure about the white boots either, but they do look amazingly comfortable and since my bones have started to thin I too deal with the Old Lady fear of falling and I’m always on the lookout for comfortable, safe, but not Old Lady looking footwear.

  15. I love a white shoe. I’ve had white brogues and white Converse, chucking the latter into the washing machine to keep them looking box fresh and off course white Adidas Stan Smith trainers…I’m definitely going to consider a white ankle boot.

    I can recommend Jason Markk cleaner and protector for any shoes but especially white ones

    1. Thanks for the tip, I love white trainers and I’m coveting these ankle boots BUT I spend most of my time in Devon where we have red mud containing iron oxide! So I’m always in search of a good shoe protector.

  16. Dare I confess that in the sixties I wore white knee-length boots called, I’m sorry to say, go-go boots. I thought I looked great! And you look great in your white boots, Alyson, but at 75, I think I’ll give them a miss. I do have the red Zara boots like Maudie’s, and a pair of leopard print and also a fab pair of Michael Kors – black suede with taupe and silver metallic strips on the side. Ankle boots with a sturdy 2 inch heel are my new discovery: I have small, wide feet but find a size bigger in boots give me extra width but no ‘slip’, and the heel gives much-needed height with minimal risk of falling over.

  17. Dear Alyson, sorry to change the subject; I have recently read in a local newspaper (I live in Bs As) about a sustainable brand called Everlane, I am asking you about it because the brand seems to have the same concerns you usually mention in your articles (fair trade, empowering of women, sensible prices, decent working environment) have you heard about it?

    1. Yes, I have Ana and often feature Everlane in my ‘shop the post’ galleries. They’re very good for basics (Jacqui Getz told me she has a ton of Everlane sweaters) and their shoes are made in Italy and excellent quality/value for money.

  18. This post is completely off topic so please forgive me in advance. When is too old to wear a leather jacket?

  19. Love the boots on you, Alyson! Thanks for the Tracey Neuls tip! Now a must see for my forthcoming London visit!

  20. Love the boots on you, Alyson! Thanks for the Tracey Neuls tip! Another ‘must’ for my forthcoming London visit!

  21. A few comments on comments above. Though I don’t wear white shoes or boots I’m in agreement about ankle boots with small wedge heel. Every time I visit France I try to get some by Arche. So soft and comfortable with unlined suede or leather uppers so no rubbing on bunions or other bony bits. Great range of colours. Durable with solid real rubber thick soles so cushioning and non skid. I spray them with waterproofing and use a brush on the nubuck uppers. They have become more expensive with bad euro exchange rate but last forever. I’m still wearing a burgundy pair which I may have bought six plus years ago.

    As a very old person over 65 I affirm that of course one can carry on with leather jacket wearing. The only ones I no longer wear are the shorter biker type. I had a black one from a Fashion weekend London event I passed on to my son’s girlfriend for her use or to pass on to a friend. Beautiful quality leather and still very much of the moment. I also had another short bronze leather fitted zip up one I gave her I’ve kept the collarless black non biker one and a longer black jacket which will look good with the new silhouette coming into view. Wear it all with confidence in ones own way. As Alyson advocates.

    1. I agree about the lovely Arche boots and shoes. Did you know that The Natural Shoe Store has a good range of this brand on line ?

  22. Attracted to the Dani boot by Opening Ceremony in your feed. Anyone have any idea how this or at least this brand fits? I need a large toe box.

  23. I love cream/pearl/white boots as transitional shoes. My current pair is about three years old in cream/metallic mock-croc, and they are so versatile in bad summer weather or on a fine winter day, adding a lightness to an otherwise low key look, without going overboard.

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