Photographer Kristin Perers contacted me last year to ask if I’d like my mugshot taken. I’d recently mentioned my reason for not appearing on the blog very often, namely: I hate having my picture taken, and anyway, after a handful of my oh-so-similar outfit posts readers would be clicking away in droves. Also, it takes time to do these things properly – and Mr That’s Not My Age has to sit in the bath (the bathroom is the only room we have with pale flooring and a white wall). Could be worse, I know, he could be sitting on the toilet. Anyhow. Kristin has a blog called This is 50 where she features role models of a very certain age, inspirational women with grace and style. So, I was extremely flattered to be asked, but we had to wait until after the big birthday before I could guest star. The photographs are incredibly beautiful, I’m delighted with the results.



Kristin asked me for a quote to accompany the photographs, so I dragged out the old favourite, ‘You don’t have to have youth to have style,’ phrase. Something I truly believe in and have been saying since I started That’s Not My Age over five years ago.

For the studio shoot, I was advised to bring some of my favourite things. My selection included three pairs of worn-out jeans, a variety of Liz Taylor earrings and a globe from the collection. Together with the outfit I wore on the big birthday – celebrated in New York with Mr That’s Not My Age, Manhattan Brother and friends – and here it is:


A blush pink Diane von Furstenberg top, M&S black sequin skirt and silver metallic Roger Vivier shoes.



But the real star of the show was my birthday present from Mr TNMA: the midlife crisis jacket. An Isabel Marant biker style, still available HERE.


It’s good to come out from behind the dashboard from time to time. Have a fantastic weekend.

More photographs and an an interview here.

60 thoughts on “This is 50

  1. You look amazing Alyson. They are fabulous photographs and you shine in them! Wonderful "birthday suit" and your jacket is the biz! Fan-bloody-tastic…

  2. You look fabulous and I'm so glad to have been introduced to Kristin's blog. As an over-50 female photographer myself, I often feel out of place, so it's always good to "meet" others.

  3. Those are glorious photos, and you look beautiful and sexy and intelligent and funny and just a tad ornery.

    This is 50, indeed.

  4. Hi my dear!! Wow wow wow- you look amazing and the photos are just fantastic, will you have any framed, you really do if you haven't already! xxx

  5. I really like your look. Comfortable but sophisticated. It used to drive me bonkers when people would call me sassy! But I love the photos of you in the jeans, the worn jeans and the jacket is amazing. I am new to your site, would like to follow, and I am only about 5 weeks in to blogging. I have a chronic pain disease, but wanted to do something fun
    If u have time, visit at

  6. So glad you do make the occasional appearance on your blog:) Such beautiful photos and you exude a very natural sense of style. You may think your outfiits look the same but I never tire of good style, so post away.

  7. These are such wonderful photos! You make a good subject, and I love the variety of wide shots and details. My favorite look is you in jeans and the jacket, and I also love the setting. I want a funky old building almost as much as I want a jacket like that!

  8. I abolutely love these photos! You look fabulous, elegant, chic, natural and approachable. If I get to 50 (3 more years) with half as much style as you have, I'd be very happy indeed – congrats on a great feature.

  9. Wonderful photos and you look amazing! It's wonderful how age brings us all more confidence (i'm almost 45 and still going strong ; D) and courage to do things we're newer thought possible, when we were younger!
    And what there was about youth and style is so true! Many times women just forgets these things and herself.
    Once again, you look beatiful and fresh!

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