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The Queen made her first appearance on the front row yesterday but guess who made Vogue’s Best Street Style at London Fashion Week list. Ahem. Must be the superb khaki malarkey and navy colour combination:


The lack of diversity in street style photography has been in the news this week, Lindsay Peoples fashion writer at The Cut said the shortage of inclusivity shown was cruel, ‘This season, I watched in disgust as impeccably dressed women of colour, curvy women, and most women over 35 were ignored by the swarms of photographers.’

I only go to a handful of shows and I’ve never really been that interested in having my photo taken while I’m doing it. But there is a lack of diversity right across the fashion industry, from insiders to influencers, editorial to ad campaigns. This is something I am keen to keep on chipping away at; but in the meantime at least the Queen and I are doing our bit for older women at London Fashion Week.



48 thoughts on “Vogue street style: two older women make surprise London Fashion Week appearance

  1. This is why I love your blog! And why I hunt for others that are similar. I’m 44 and I love fashion/style/etc etc and want to look and feel my best. But as far as the fashion and beauty industry is concerned, I hardly exist Want to say a huge THANK YOU for what you do

  2. Thank you for doing your bit on our behalf Alyson and congratulations !. I especially like the flying suit cuffs turned up over your coat sleeves, and your hair looks really good.
    I’m not particularly royalist, but I think the Queen is great and seems to be able to fit in anywhere. Even though she’s clearly……..well, the Queen.

  3. Alyson, congrats to you. So cool, woman! A great ensemble with your beloved khaki boilersuit as the foundation.

    You did good. 🙂

  4. Wow, Alyson! Congratulations!! And a big yes! to everything in that article. I’m so tired of what now passes as “street style.” I long for more diversity, more *genuine* style (like yours) to be inspired by.

  5. That is so cool! I couldn’t agree more…I love pursuing fashion week photos, but I never feel they represent “normal” fashion and creativity….not everyone has multi-thousand dollar Channel or Gucci bags, shoes, coats, etc.

  6. Love all you do Alyson – I took a look at the Grenson link via Yoox all sold out in my size then browsed and found a pair of Golden Goose sneakers in my size for less than half price…result! Sometimes having UK size 8.5 -9 feet pays off!!

  7. The lack of diversity in the Street Style photos of NYFW was the same. There were many different ethnicities in the photos but few women with curves or of an age. The fashion industry has to realize that all woman deserve inclusion!

  8. Represent!
    Well, if they wanted to pick exceptional women of a certain age, they certainly did. Congrats and thank you!
    Loved your look. It was creative, classy and authentic.
    (The Queen didn’t look bad either! Channel perhaps? Not sure. I am no expert!)
    Keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Alison, you look great and bravo to all the over 40´s. I am in my 80’s and still loving fashion, and thrilled to see the new movement for us older women. I am an ex model from London now living in France and still doing two fashion shows a year. Long may we have the choice to be who we want to be and do what we want to do.

  10. Thanks to you Alyson I was told on Saturday by a guy, back home from Canada, where he works in the film industry; that I was one of the most stylish women he had seen seen, in our quite arty and creative town. I have really worked your two books and at 71 (today no less!) have at last developed a way of dressing which gets me noticed for the right reasons! And I love your khaki and navy combination!

  11. Awesome coup Alyson, well done woman! You’re definitely making waves, thank you…
    I couldn’t help but notice the Queen front row, it’s all over everyone’s insta feed! I’m sorry but when did the Queen become a style icon, have I missed something? And why is she suddenly going to shows? Oh well, I’m sure it’ll all be analysed to death over the coming days.

  12. Pleased to see you featured here Alyson. I had spotted you on the feed and pointed this out in previous blog. There you were among the models and daughter of Bob Geldof in Simone Rocha frilled dresses looking confident and instantly recognisable in your very individual Style. Which you clearly know and embrace!!!
    The other older woman in that feature was a very distinctively dressed Lucinda Chambers who was as consistent in her own style. She features in your new book too.
    With regards diversity of models I bought a copy of Grazia Big Fashion issue yesterday. A perfect embrace of diversity both on the cover and throughout. There were a group of models all dressed in overly patterned Versace clothes all matching. But the group consisted of a generic tall pale blond blue-eyed one, a striking black woman Person of Colour, a “Curvy” plus sized brunette and a tall attractive but very much looking her age short silver haired May Musk. The latter having been the subject of a profile on this website by Alyson. Apart from this feature another one had a regular size long haired model in various fashionable casual clothes. She looked like a regular medium sized person like me might look in those outfits. Quite radical overall. And just shows that there is an attempt to break away from homogeneity in those modelling clothes. A small beginning.

  13. To Michelle and others today I read the following explanation The Queen attended her first ever Fashion week show for the inaugural Queen Elizabeth 11 fashion prize for a young British designer. She was there to present the prize to 28 year old Richard Quinn.
    Her outfit was not Chanel she wears British custom made clothes and hats. It is described in today’s The Times as ” she stuck with a duck egg blue suit by her old favourite Angela Kelly and a black Launer handbag “. Now we know.
    And next to her was Anna Wintour herself in her late 60s and more powerful than ever within Conde Nast and the Met Costume Institute wearing a wonderful short sleeved long flowered dress. A gorgeous print and a dress I would happily own and wear. Prada maybe. But her dresses are also custom made with the perfect high neckline and fit. To flatter an ageing neck and to set off her distinctive antique necklaces which she wears with everything.

  14. The Queen has always been a style icon. Her ‘look’ is actually a styling miracle: appropriate attire for any occasion in (mostly) vibrant but not overwhelming colours in order to stand out against any background. Elegance personified all these years.

  15. For me the most interesting street style photographs are always of the people who are wearing their own clothes and dressing for their own style, not to attract photographers’ attention. Women wearing trend upon trend, carrying the latest it bag look as though they’re trying too hard. Nonchalance goes a long way and you have it!

  16. Bravo! Love the outfit, love your message, love your style. My view is that one doesn’t show they have style by slapping on a single designer’s lookbook outfit. Real style is creating outfits from a variety of pieces in your closet – high and low. Wish the photogs knew and rewarded this with more pics of the truly stylish of any age, race, size and ethnicity. Thanks for all you do to move the needle in the right direction!

  17. It was so nice to see our lovely Queen enjoying the runway – and she REALLY did look to be having a fun time! But Anna Wintour in her shades just showed a complete lack of respect. Stupid woman.

    Alyson you look fabulous!! 🙂

  18. Congrats!! I want you to know how much I respect you. I consider you to be one of the original bloggers with a true message. I admire your content, your integrity and your intelligence. Today, it is so frustrating with Instagram people who all just want to be stars. There is very little interesting content anymore. Just so you know, I have been following you for many years and I hope in England you are still as respected even though you aren’t an Instagram star (I don’t think, I should check.)
    Best, Wendy

  19. You look amazing! I was at fashion week too and although snapped a couple of times I noticed the lack of older/curvy ladies who looked fabulous being ignored – such a shame – good for you to break through and the Queen too – at 91 she rocks it!!

  20. You always look achingly cool Alyson. Anna Wintour, so disrespectful, I would never speak to anyone never mind the queen with sunglasses on. Off with her head!!!

  21. What a sad world we live in. And our generation are some of the most stylish confident witted women out there who really do understand style . There is a huge opportunity here. We need to rise up and be counted. Love the way you have taken the lead here. The younger generation should be looking up to us and the path we are forging for them when they are “old” …. god forbid lol

  22. I am loving the jumpsuit/ boiler suit even more since watching Frances McDormand rock the look in ‘Three Billboards’. I like her styling with head scarf.

  23. Jan…where can we find you on the net modeling in France…and past in London?

    Just terrific….Theresa

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