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Call me The Pied Piper of Jumpsuits – but over the last few weeks several women have told me that, on my recommendation, they’ve been converted to the joys of the wonderful one-piece. Do not underestimate this garment’s pull-on-and-go properties, the versatility, ease of wear (look mum, no gaps) and handy pockets. For me, the time-saved getting dressed in the morning, outweighs any Bathroom Faffage. Style tip: layer a t-shirt underneath. And I still maintain that this is a universally flattering garment – if you wear a top and trousers, you can wear a jumpsuit. For a last-minute trip up north, to visit my older brother who had suddenly been taken ill, I slipped on my favourite all-in-one and Vans sneakers and was good to go away for a few days. We are Generation Jumpsuit.


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  1. You whispered me into one – despite being a curvy (not always in the right places) size 16. I’m now hooked and on the lookout for more…

  2. I am so with you in Generation Jumpsuit!! I saw the photo for this post and fell face first into a giant vat of jumpsuit envy. Forget a belt, I would wear it exactly as you are. Swoon. Where did you get it?? (I must have it, I must!!)

  3. I adore wearing them, bought two fab jumpsuits at Whistles this Summer , and a more Autumnal one from Humanoid last year .
    I like the shorter leg length on the Whistles ones ,because they look so great with brogues , trainers and more stroppy shoes too.
    I find the longer leg on my Humanoid less versatile but am too chicken to shorten….

  4. I love my jumpsuit, it really is as comfortable as a pair of pyjamas. They are so brilliant because they can be dressed up or down. For anyone without, fake it with matching pants and top, add a belt and you will be good to go.

  5. As ever in this photo Alyson you look cool, comfortable and relaxed. Black and white trainers look really good too. But this is a look I shall not be attempting. Even in the denim dungaree wearing days of my youth I never wore them rather a loose denim dress belted. Young slim tall models all look good in the pictures. I’m sticking with dresses and or separates.

  6. I was totally won over to the jumpsuit by your khaki Bliss and Mischief number (had to buy one for myself despite the eye-watering price, but I’ve worn it so much it was worth every dollar!). I’m loving the look of the black one you’re wearing in today’s photo. May I ask where it came from?
    Congratulations on the new book. My dearest chums will be getting copies in their Xmas stockings this year.

  7. That’s a lot of good looking jumpsuits I might look good in. But what I hope more is that your brother is doing and feeling better.

  8. I agree with you when you say that wearing a jumpsuit is the sane as wearing pants and a top. I’m not really sure why it has a bad rep with some. They can certainly be flattering on all body types and I find them to be super comfy!

  9. Hi, sorry to hear about your brother and understand how simplifying sartorial decisions allows the ability to focus on the more important things in life. You look effortless in this photo, could I please ask where you bought your boilersuit from? I love a bit of ‘workwear.’

  10. The jumpsuit I’m wearing is from a French workwear brand called Vetra; I call it my Industrial Onesie. I’ve had it a couple of years and they don’t seem to have any available online at present.

  11. I’d love to try one but the memories of Dexy’s midnight runners haunt me (or was that dungarees?). I would certainly need one that was longer in the body to save uncomfortable sitting down situations! I did try on a vintage green silk jumpsuit with palazzo trousers, looked amazing but couldn’t even lift my arms without serious crotch issues!

  12. I didn’t mean your rear-view in particular, Alyson — I just recall that on attempting this look the first time, many years ago, the rear-view was very tricky.

  13. I guess I’m the lone holdout. Can’t stand the look except for the last two girls pictured. Skinny and the jumpsuits not baggy at all.

  14. Looking Fabulous as ever Alyson – my friend Donna put me onto your blog when she heard I was moving back to the UK after 24 years overseas and I’m so glad she did. I now have both of your amazing books which are definitely keepers and so graphically enticing that I revisit them often and always pick up a new tip I can apply going forward. Thank-you for being such an inspiration.

  15. Unapologetically, I didn’t like them then (whenever it was that they were popular) and I don’t like them now. The idea of getting half undressed to visit the loo (btw I like your term ‘faffage’ ….) is a total turnoff for me. I am tall and slim and can easily wear the style yet always felt like I needed to get to work fixing something once I had them on. Yay for all who like/wear them and they are cute on you, personally I never found them comfortable.

  16. OK. You look fabulous in that jumpsuit. Casual but still polished. But. BUT my big question is this. Are there snaps in the crotch? If I’m wearing a jumpsuit, I’m going commando, just like I do in jeans. I hate underwear and only wear when I have to. And being the lazy princess that I am, I don’t want to pull everything down to go pee-pee or whatever else needs to be exited from bodily cavities. Thank you Alyson..the book is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I am a huge fan of jumpsuits -only in the last couple of years, but I absolute love the versality and comfort! I love how I can wear with runners or heels, and how forgiving it is if you’ve had a bit too much wine or dessert. Generation Jumpsuit- I’m proud to be part of it .

  18. Always so cute you are Alyson! Many sites you send, love them, do not ship to the USA! (Florida) I always look at the
    styles though! Love your hair, though I don’t always comment, I was here when you were speaking of hair ideas too.
    Hey, are those VANS “platform” sneakers? Can you send here. I can check back! They have 2 choices but love the look you have on.
    I need some new sneakers now and shopping. These are great, I wear lots of black! TY XOXO

  19. A few years back, in a fit of anger at not being able to find a decent dress for a fancy event that didn’t cost the earth, I took a chance on a black silk jumpsuit by Catherine Malandrino, offered half price on a discount designer site. (I think it’s called the Brigitte?) I paired with metallic silver strappy shoes and blingy jewelry, and to my surprise it was as cool as any dress and much more comfortable. Up to that point, I would never have considered a jumpsuit. My girlfriends and I made fun of them. But now the Malandrino is my go-to for any evening event, and I’m stalking a secondhand mechanics denim one by Current Elliott.

  20. I am reading this wearing one of my own jumpsuits (I design and make clothes). I LOVE them. Ease of wear and no brainer in the matching department. Next design will have crotch poppers a la chippendales though as the weather gets colder I don’t fancy the naked in the bathroom situation!

  21. Thank you, Alyson, for the Vetra name. I wonder if they’ll be doing des combinaisons again. Agggh, and if they do will they send to the US? Love it, as I always have. Worker’s clothing, so comfortable, relaxed, and understated fashion.

  22. I loved both your books. I fell in love with the olive green jumpsuit and after trying to find an equivalent found Dutch Army Issue Overalls (via Amazon). I wear a UK size 12-14, 5ft 7in tall and ordered a medium. The legs are slightly wide but otherwise fits pretty well. It is a good quality heavy cotton and buttons up. (Needed a wash as smelled slightly musky–other buyers mentioned this–but now fine.) Best of all the price was £15.99

  23. I love jumpsuits but I do not own one because: I need one that is in natural fabric: polyester is a no-no (you smell!) as well as viscose, that gets too many creases. So I think they have to be pure silk or pure wool.

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