‘I think we can switch the central heating off now,’ I said to Mr That’s Not My Age on Saturday; cue 10-degree drop in temperature and a three-day deluge. Fortunately for my latest M&S post I had taken a very British approach to the ‘summer style’ brief and opted for this swish Limited Edition trench coat. Or what I prefer to call a rain mac with added magic. And though the dread words cotton-rich appear on the label – the manmade fibres help when it comes waterproofing; plus, it’s machine-washable and has a lovely 100% cotton, striped lining. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing it a lot.

Double stripe action


The mac with added magic’s puffed sleeve

The rain mac’s extra charm comes in the form of a pair of lovely, puffed sleeves, giving a bohemian feel to this not-so-basic wardrobe basic. I’ve dabbled with statement sleeves before and there is the inevitable problem of finding a jacket or coat that can encompass the extra volume – that dilemma is immediately dispensed of when it’s the outerwear with the outsized sleeves.

The red shoes are M&S, too. Though I have to admit that with my problem feet I am unable to wear ballet flats and so their primary purpose was to look nice in the photograph (I had to go down a size because they come up big). I’ve subsequently been wearing the high cut ballerina pumps around the house and they do make the chicest slippers.

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18 thoughts on “What to wear right now: a rain mac with added magic

  1. Like the red shoes in these photos. And red blue striped matelot T shirt. Have similar of both. Have to start wearing them once it warms up.

  2. Good old M&S….I have a very similar mac from them without the sleeves, the only bit of the coat, which is not for me. Wear mine loads, it’s St Michael & bought on eBay a few years ago for £2.50, something of a bargain…

    Seen these shoes, love them , yet to try them on,.

  3. Yes, I’ve been eyeing up the trench from M&S – those sleeves certainly pimp the classic look. Sadly, they make my arms look like those of a weight lifter or dart player – but it’s a great coat and you look so at ease in it. I have purchased a wonderfully lightweight coat from a well-known dept store (no names, I assume) for ‘summer rain’… it’s absolutely wonderful in a camouflage pattern mixing grey and black and I can’t wait to wear it but it’s too cold this week.

    1. Hi Heather

      I’m off shopping tomorrow for a lightweight coat and loved the sound of yours. I dont suppose you’d be happy to tell me which we’ll known department store you bought it from?


  4. I do love the bright pop of color at the neck that the scarf adds to this look. Any chance you can share who the scarf is by?

  5. Trench coats are everywhere. I’ve posted a couple recently, one, from The Line, that’s a work of art. The Trench has to be one of the most iconic styles around. Universal Standard, the “plussize” people here in the States have a nice one as well. Your trenchcoat looks exceptionally good with the equally iconic jumpsuit.

  6. Have several classic type trench coats in natural colour all some branch of Max Mara. All lovely and proofed cotton so they do repel rain. All not new and bought discounted from MM shop at Bicester village some years ago. Normally I would be wearing by now. Wore a black and white spotted Jaeger raincoat I’ve had forever today and was chilled in the fog. Brightened it up with an ochre ribbed pullover and bright silk scarf. We are all waiting for true spring weather here so we can wear different outfits in different colour schemes. Maybe next week according to weather forecast. As ever Alyson you made this outfit look cool and comfortable with the bits that are you. The stripy bits the blue bits the worn denims the blue boiler suit. But I imagine you wouldn’t actually wear this coat but your Burberry instead. I had a super gaberdine tailcoat in 80s from Aquascutum with a drawstring waist long full skirt and fly front with exactly this sort of shirt sleeve with buttoned cuff. I long gave it away but wouldn’t wear that type of sleeve now because of the hassle of wearing wider sleeves underneath. A straight classic sleeve yes or a raglan bell shape sleeve like one of my macs is more flexible.

  7. Allyson – I am always inspired by your blog and loved the way you put together the look for the M&S trench. I shall have another look around our local store (Winchester) and hope all the best of their designs are not solely kept for London.

  8. I love the red pumps – zappy bright lollipop red! Shame they are a funny fit – they looks very wide. Raincoat/trench – not for me – the sleeves look horribly dated in a not so good way and remind me of the 70’s too much. Boring me thinks that a trench should be a trench.

  9. I have never understood macs. If it is raining, I want a hood so I don’t have to faff with a an umbrella. Brollies blow inside out in 2 minutes up here in the windy North.

  10. Oh what cool shoes! I know what you mean about older feet. Mine have big bumps now and yes, ballet flats and many others really hurt. Not fair as at 64 I’ve still never learned how to walk in high heels- never even tried so it’s not from that, just age I guess. Here in Massachusetts, USA the temp has dropped this Sunday from 60’s on Friday to 33 just now. Ugh. Heading out in felt clogs today or maybe sheep lined UGGs. I am loving your blog… Jules

  11. Hi Alyson, as always I enjoy your posts. Have to giggle and feel validated when you say you can’t actually wear the pretty
    red ballet flats, me either! I adore them. Shoemakers are missing the boat here! Why can’t someone come up with a shoe of the same style with really good internal foot support? Anyway, I like the unexpected puffy sleeved trench and believe that
    a wonman who knows what she likes can colour outside the lines and wear what she wants as you do so well. Cheers from Canada!

  12. Hi Alyson, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented. I love the trench look with the jeans and red shoes. I work in a clerical position within the NHS, and my other admin colleagues are all of a similar age, early or late fifties. I would love to see a post on what to wear in an environment where you can’t wear heels and you don’t just want to wear black!

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