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Ace designer Ally Capellino asked if I’d like to be involved in her ‘What’s My Bag’ project. This basically involved Ally and the photographer Sophie Green coming round to That’s Not My Age Mansions for a cuppa and a chat – it was so relaxed, I didn’t even bother to tidy up. What’s My Bag is a short series focusing on Ally Capellino fans in their own environment, so this is a rare photo of me at home with the magnificent Globe Cabinet. I was going to say that Capellino’s bags are right up my alley, but two Alison’s and a backstreet feels like one Ally too many. Anyhow, I have a couple of bags: a leather tote bought years ago in the sale, that just gets lovelier and lovelier with age, a canvas rucksack HERE and the more recent blue Betty bag HERE. I like the simplicity of the design, these are not shouty accessories, they are discreet and timeless and the quality is beautiful.

ally capellino womens-web-printed-heidi-tote-277

Ally has a new collaboration with textile designer Hazel Stark who is studying at the RCA. Printed leather bags are a departure for the designer with the pared-down aesthetic but this feels just right, they are lovely and made in Great Britain.

Read the full When Ally Met Aly interview HERE.

13 thoughts on “What’s Your Bag with Ally Capellino

  1. VERY COOL – love this pic Aly! You just reminded me of my fave Ally Capellino shoes. They were a Church’s collab and I got them cheap because they were a mismatched pair (a 5 and a 51/2 – well, we all have slightly odd sized feet right? Er, right??!). I just realised I’ve not seen them for aaaages. I hope Mr DRG hasn’t turfed them out 🙁

  2. I love this photo of you! … the lighting, the shirt, the globe case, the white vases, the just-visible retro clock, the chair. I want to come have a good nosey around your house, it all looks gorgeous, unique, and stylish. xx

  3. Oh Alyson, I covet the globe cabinet! What a gorgeous thing it is. I can see I still have some growth in my collection to go–if only I could persuade my partner…

  4. I have a wonderful silk shirt designed by Ally C before she went into the bag business – black with purple embroidery. And I’ve been gazing at her very practical well-designed bags at Tate Modern (in the shop) for ages. Lovely pic of you and your Globe Collection.

  5. Would you be offended if I said I was completely distracted by you home decor & didn’t even catch the bag story?
    The globes got me – I have quite a collection myself, or so I thought until I saw yours. I bet I could happily move right into your place & feel at home 😉

  6. I LOVE your posts!! I am an American but I was married to a Brit and do love the wit!!! You make me feel “young” again! At 70, I am determined not to look like my Mother! I like trendy but comfortable and I refuse to be encased in foundation garments!! Thank you for giving us oldies new insight and encouragement!!

  7. Yep, sorry, but I’m like Michelle above — completely distracted by your home decor. What an enticing space!
    I do likes the bags I’ve seen you model in early posts, and I’ll click over now to check out the full interview.

  8. Loving the home decor but also very taken with the Ally Capellino bag range – I have been on the hunt for ages for a new bag and am now planing a visit to her Shoreditch shop as soon as I can …

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