Nicole Phelps photo: Acielle at Style du Monde

There are three things I want from a pair of summer sandals: pared-down design, bunion coverage and a flat-but-not-too-flat sole. Yep, I like my footwear strong and stable. Not fluffy and frivolous. Never furry. Chic, simple summer sandals – the kind of thing you find at ATP Atelier, Ancient Greek Sandals and Toast are perfect in the city and on holiday. Novelty trims such as shearling, faux fur, pearls and pom-poms, or a combination of all the above, are fine on Instagram or at fashion week but not in real life. Well, I’ve never seen a pair on the street… And who wants to look as if they’ve just kicked Animal from the Muppets up the arse?

Throw Fugly summer sandals in the Fashion Bin, it’s chic and simple all the way:

19 thoughts on “Where to find chic and simple summer sandals

  1. Okay—those furry ones are funny!
    But truly sandals can be so fun. I love all the ones with tassels and ties right now!!
    Even my stepmom (the 60+ model on my blog) has gotten a couple of new pair just recently!!

  2. How about sandals with a low heel? I am short, with a stocky build, and find flat sandals…unflattering! I also find a small heel or wedge (and padded footbed!) more comfortable. Ideas?

  3. Gret article, thanks Alyson I love the look of all of these, agree with you on your views of sandals
    I discovered Clarks a few years ago as they have a much needed (by me) cushioned sole, and they do have some simple and chic designs – I saw a pair recently which I’d like to have stolen off my friend’s feet as they were a past year’s style – vibrant blue suede simple straps across the foot similar to those from Stockholm you chose…I’m dreaming…and spend a lot of time looking at other feet!

  4. This is so timely. I have been hunting all over for such a thing and love the look and price point of Ancient Greek. Love the comment about ‘Animal’ – so true!!

  5. I’m with you, give me thick straps and a heavy sole any day. Prada and Marni always have something great for a price but I also love good old Birkenstocks. I like to ask myself, would Jesus wear these, if yes they’re for me!

  6. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m totally with you on sandals and these choices are great. Grown up, comfy and not dull. Perfect!

  7. I will reiterate thank you and thank you! The simpler the better – FUGLY is the only way to describe the pantomime sandals (in my very humble but observant opinion). I, too, have found Clarks to have some (well loads of actually) fantastic and simple styles very similar to the wonderful (but to me unaffordable) Margaret Howell. I actually have quite a ‘thing’ for schoolgirl type sandals. Feet have to be happy or the grimace on your face makes you look about 100!

  8. I love all of these – but do they fit wide feet? Not a few of us FABsters find our feet spread a bit with age. I’m wearing ghastly old granny sandals with Velcro fastenings at the moment, hidden, as far as possible, by my trousers and offset, I hope, by defiant red toenails. Can you help us, Alyson, with a collage of sandals/shoes for wide feet?

  9. Ha ha re the muppets, the though of last week’s heat,
    London dirt and furry feet make me cringe!
    Great sandle selection!

  10. My sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals Clio (in silver and in a black/nude combo) – stylish and sooo comfortable!- and Birkenstocks (Arizona, Gizeh, Madrid). Don’t need anything else.

  11. I love my Saltwater sandals – incredibly durable and hardy, comfy for my terrible flat buniony feet. They’re like the US version of Clarks I think, geeky and reliable and make you feel a bit like a five year old girl.

  12. I’ve never seen anything as horrible as the furry ones. Would you really consider to go around with those? Please, think again.

  13. Is it me, or is it IMPOSSIBLE to find Summer sandals that are both comfortable AND attractive??? The ones I’ve seen [above included, sorry!] tend to make your feet looked deformed..!

  14. LOL Let me tell you, I work on the Upper East Side of NYC and see a lot of those Gucci furry slides wandering about and they do look like something died in your shoe. Just imagine walking the summer streets (oh the smells, the garbage, the general sheit one finds on the New York sidewalks) getting caught in your tres chere slides. They look gross.

    BTW, I’m getting your emails directly again, not as part of a larger digest. Yay.

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