Alyson Walsh-Sequin_jacket_89_marksandspencer_com_khaki_top_69_shoes_149_jigs-a-31_1442449379406
Casual Glamourpuss: jacket, M&S. Jigsaw top, available HERE, jeans similar HERE, Jigsaw shoes, available HERE.

One of my favourite chapters in Style Forever is the one on Grown-up Style Tribes. I’m not sure whether that’s because it’s the last chapter I wrote and I was demob happy, or because I enjoyed writing it so much. I’ve always been interested in tribes and the way people dress, and while grownup style is individual, it’s human nature to identify with others. Just look at the Advanced Style movement for further proof. Anyhow. This is also one of the chapters that people have picked up on, including the staff at the Daily Mail who invited me to model each of the Style Tribes, and then set a quiz for readers to figure out which tribe they are. The feature was published last Thursday, but you can read it online (and take the quiz) HERE.

Alyson walsh-Belted_coat_350_lkbennett_com_cashmere_jumper_175_hush_uk_com_tr-a-28_1442449345936
Scandinista: outfit details below

LK Bennett stripe coat, available HERE, Hush cashmere jumper, available HERE, Hush scarf, available HERE, Jigsaw trousers, available HERE, LK Bennett suede boots, available HERE.

And, spot the difference between these photos and my ‘Going Grey for the Guardian’ pictures. Proper hair and make-up obviously, and a fair amount of Photoshopping. I’m hoping the reality lies somewhere in-between. Last time I was in the Mail, a reader commented that they were surprised I’d allowed the images to be Photoshopped, to be honest I really don’t have a say in the matter. I’m not Kate Winslet. Though it is a bit odd seeing pictures of myself and knowing I don’t really look as smooth-skinned as that. Like me, on a good day. About 15-years ago.

Alyson Walsh-Blue_tweed_dress_365_thefoldlondon_com_Shoes_160_lkbennett_com-a-29_1442449355478
Superpower dresser: dress The Fold, shoes LK Bennett available HERE
Alyson Walsh-Leather_jacket_280_hush_uk_com_drape_front_dress_399_jaeger_co_u-a-27_1442449330535
Ageless Rocker: biker jacket Hush, available HERE. Jaeger dress, shoes, LK Bennett, similar HERE.


When it comes to which Style Tribe I am; I’d say (depending on how I feel), I’m a bit of all of them. A Gentlewoman with a penchant for sparkle who loves Scandi and Parisian Chic. The sequin bomber jacket is from M&S, I have a feeling it might have sold out – it’s not online at the moment – so I’ll find out if it’s being re-ordered and report back. Seems like I’m not the only Casual Glamourpuss in town…

27 thoughts on “Which Style Tribe are you?

  1. re photoshopping the pics… sure, they’re going to do it anyway, irrespective of the ‘philosophy’ of the woman in the frame (unless you’re Kate Winslet… sometimes). So, why do these shoots in the first place – especially in such a depressing, misogynistic and frankly racist paper as the Daily Mail? OK, obvious answer: to sell more copies of your book (and your agent doesn’t give you a choice either?) But the pics in The Guardian showed a really beautiful woman – with integrity, intelligence and a great sense of humour. Goodness me, I know it’s tricky, but don’t we each have to draw the line and just say ‘no’ to some *opportunities*?

    1. Fair point, well made, Helen. Unfortunately if I only worked for publications whose views I share, I wouldn’t be able to earn enough to continue. You might (not) be surprised to hear how poorly paid journalism is.

      1. Alison, thanks for such a generous response! Yes, I do know how tough it is to earn a living through freelance journalism and writing – and I am an admirer of the many strands to your bow. The blog is always a great read – and it’s only because I am a fan that I felt moved to post my comment.

        1. Helen – Thank you for taking the time to comment. I hear you. And I always try to write with integrity, humour and intelligence. That isn’t gong to change.

  2. I really like ‘Style Forever’ and dip into it all the time. It’s a great size for a handbook, particularly as it comes as a durable hardback.
    If it could be reissued with actual photographs of some of the women you mention, e. g. Bianca in the white tux and bowler, I would gladly buy it all over again.
    The quirky sketches are ok but I would pay more for the pleasure of owning a bigger edition with pics-and it would make a great present.
    The lack of photographs has been mentioned in reviews so I’m wondering if a new edition might be a possibility.
    All good wishes. ,
    Marion Reeves

  3. Yes, it’s my favourite chapter as well! And don’t you look good in all of the styles! Love the casual glamourpuss look on you but the blue shoes in the superpower dresser are fab – that’s the way to dress IMO whatever your age. Your book is altogether a great style manual.

  4. You look fantastic! Great styling – gorgeous hair. Inspiring. Love seeing these “complete” looks, all of which are reproducible and wearable.

  5. Love the looks-I’d wear all of them! Took the test, I’m the rocker/tomboy and I knew it, however I have been the power dresser in the past and I believe will gravitate towards the scandi in the future (when I can afford it, btw, ha ha!)

  6. I took the test and scored “Grown-up Tomboy.” But much prefer your Scandi and Casual Glamourpuss outfits. Bu-ut in days gone-by I was all over that “power-dressing” thing. So I think I’m a mixtures of all of them . Except “Ageless Rocker” … I’m not done yet. I may get there.
    Your pictures are beautiful Alyson. I wish we could get LK Bennett over here. Love their coats.

  7. I immediately saw myself in the Casual Glamourpuss picture! Add a bit of Older and Bolder, and that’s definitely me. I agree with Susan, however. You look good in all the outfits. Perhaps that tells us that we ought to experiment a bit with looks other than the ones we feel most comfortable in. Might be fun!

  8. Great pictures and good job on identifying the tribes. I belong to so many tribes in life, I don’ know which is the main one. On another note… you don’t need to explain photoshopping. Your readers are smart enough to get that EVERY magazine photoshops. You have nothing to apologize for. You’re beautiful with or without photoshopping but if a mag wants to make you look perfect… so let it be!

  9. Love this chapter – and you got me so right (ageless rocker / grownup tomboy). Now you have pointed it out, I wonder how I never knew that about myself – maybe having it pointed out makes it feel OK rather than trying (and failing) to be something else. Please come to Scotland – that would be amazing

  10. Love all the looks but oh my, all worn with heels. The last time I tried to wear a stacked heel out to dinner, I turned my ankle and wound up on crutches! What, oh what, is a wanna-be stylish but 60-ish lady to do????

  11. Noticed all the high heels as well. Wore platforms and heels frequently when I was young and have the bad knees to prove it…There are lots of cute flats and low heels–if one is short, you just have to get used to looking up at everyone. Live in a town where we can walk to everything, but definitely not if wearing heels. We locals look pityingly at the tourists hobbling around on poor footwear choices. Older and wiser at least where shoes are concerned.

  12. I love your style tribes. I have wasted literally a huge amount of dosh on clothes because I had no idea what worked for me. IMHO and observing pals, stylish women have stylish mums and learn as they grow to develop their own style. It’s taken me 50 yrs to even get an idea that really I’m a scandinista with a bit of glamour puss and defo a power dresser for work. Some of us do not have innate style sense.

    I really struggle buying clothes. I hate crap fabric and jeans that expose your underwear which is all that the high St seems to offer. I hate that, at a time when I am at my career/ earning peak I am ignored completely by retailers. Hobbs are dull as ditchwater, LK Bennett have lost the plot on pricing and ditched casual completely so where do you go? I just want to look stylish, elegant, neat (sorry) and not a flipping granny!

    Apologies for the rant and my style shortcomings. I appreciate any help you can offer!

  13. Probably because I’ve been reading your blog for so long but it is easy for me to spot which outfit you feel most comfortable in, although you look great in all of them. I got ageless rocker/tomboy – but I’m more a bit of everything. I am gifting your book for Christmas.

  14. Hi! As always, love your looks – such an inspiration even to a 30-year old!
    Could you please write a post about how you cut & style your hair, and do your makeup? It always looks so effortlessly chic! (Unless you already have and I missed that post)
    Thanks 🙂

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