Have we reached Peak Selfie yet? Hopefully, if the work of Russian artist Olga Chernysheva is anything to go by. The 51-year-old has taken a series of street style photos of the backs of the heads of anonymous women wearing woolly hats. In Moscow. Unlike the usual selfie/street style shot, these images are taken without the subject realizing.


Aren’t they brilliant? The freezing temperatures over the last few days have meant that I’ve been wearing my favourite pink and red striped knitted hat – might ask Mr That’s Not My Age to recreate one of these new Belfies. 

There’s a small exhibition of Olga Chernysheva’s work Keeping Sight on at Pace London until 18 January 2015.

12 thoughts on “Winter hats by Olga Chernysheva

  1. I always find it fascinating, the relationship between sameness and difference, that is revealed and exploited in a series like this. Such a simple concept, but that abstraction of the back of the hat from its wearer against the play of the lens with focus, depth of field, colour, light, etc. Brilliant! Wish I could see the whole show. Btw, if I haven't already said Happy New Year, let me send you those wishes right now. All the best for a fab 2015!

  2. I have one I had made several years ago. It looks like a gnome hat. Black wool felt with purple swirls and a tuft of white fur coming out the top. Problem is, it's much too warm to wear most of the time; I have to wait until it's really cold.

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