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The only problem with midlife multiple ear piercing is fastening the bloody sleepers (small hoop earrings). Think threading a needle at twilight without your glasses on, and then some. I can’t remember it being this fiddly 40-years ago but I guess I had more time on my hands then. Anyhow, having another piercing is something I’ve been considering for a while and I’ve recently added another hole to my left ear. Taking the tally up to three in one lobe, one in the other. No need for a trip to Maria Tash, just pop to the local salon and bam: Bob’s your uncle. The third hole (not throbbing as much as the last piercing but it’s still a little bit sore, thanks for asking) is in a slightly different position to the defunct teenage piercing of yore and I much prefer the new asymmetric spacing. The positioning is like this:

Heloise Letissier/Christine and the Queens photo: ES

Google multiple piercings and you’ll find an array of images, not all good; an ear stretching gone septic and a man with a face like a pin cushion. As a big statement earring wearer I’m missing the chandeliers but it took me so bloody long to get these sleepers in, I’m leaving this arrangement for the time being. And there’s definitely room for a fourth piercing higher up but that will involve cartilage-puncturing and I’m going to have to build up to that one…

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  1. In my twenties I had three attempts over a period of time to achieve a successful ear-piercing, my right ear went septic the two first times, third time lucky ! Funnily enough the third and last was in the local jewellers, here in Greece, who told me not to touch my ears with anything except surgical spirit.
    I still toy with the idea of getting another hole in one lobe, to take a pretty little stud earring, I do like them, but not sure if I could go through that again.!

  2. I had one set of holes in my ears when I was 15 (after years of begging my mum), promptly wore plain studs or sleepers for a year and then taking them out, never to wear them again. Am toying with the idea of a single ‘cartilage’ ear piercing at some point – to go with my newly grown out grey hair!!!

  3. I pierced my ears with a needle, ice, and rather inexpensive earrings when I was thirteen. They took months to heal so lesson learned. At sixteen I purchased eighteen carat gold earring and had a professional piercer put in a second set of holes. They healed quickly and with no problems. In the intervening years ( I am now 61) I had another four sets of holes put in my ears, a navel ring and a stud in my nose. I sincerely believe that it’s worth it to buy good jewelry and to pay someone who knows what they are doing. I had little pain and no scarring so after healing I have been able to wear any kind of earrings I like. Sidenote: I just recently got my first tattoo and love it.

    1. Go Joyce! I am toying with a first tattoo for my 50th (in a few years). Think I have narrowed it down to what I want and where I want it!

  4. I have two piercings in each ear which now appears to be very mainstream. (one set done at 14 and the other at 17). My friend has one in one ear and three in the other and looks so cool with her short grey hair. Problem is I have a sort of salt and pepper bob and am concerned that another earring wouldn’t show enough. Still, might take the plunge for sh*ts and giggles and get another one. Quite fancy a little row of mismatched earring studs. (I laid the nose stud to rest as, at 60, I thought I was a bit past that one).

  5. Me too. I love 3 on 1 ear lobe and 1 on the other. It took ages to heal and was very painful to sleep with however has settled now.I’m 62 now and quite possibly another will happen later in the year

  6. Well have 3 in 1 2 in the other and went to do an extra today … had an I am defying age and stage moment but apparently due to my lobe had to get it done with a needle so won’t be happening anytime soon … time to contemplate and move away from the needle
    Last time a needle got involved was at boarding school with a needle a lighter to cleanse the needle , and apple ?????and some ice and eventually infection
    I think 3 in one ear and 2 in the other is enough for now

  7. Hi,
    Back to Jan I also had a revival of me teenage years (am 33) and re opened my third hole on my left ear. So now I’ve 3 on left and 2 on right and jeez I felt again young and rebel you know.healing was good. And revival was contagious as I ask hubby if he wanted to share the set with me (he had one ear in the past and befall wear anything for 15 years) he said no but week after he was at the piercing shop to get both done .
    Now time to stick a needle again but not yet sure about it.

  8. No need for too many holes! Maria Black has amazing twisty earrings for only one piercing but designed to look like multiples.
    Twirl Earrings
    This signature design is ideal for those with only one ear piercing. By twirling the earring through and around the ear lobe, the illusion of a double piercing emerges. If you have multiple piercings, then seek your inner stylist and combine the Twirl with another stud for an additional effect.

  9. I’ve been toying with 2 more in my left ear and tragus in the other. Think this has helped me make my mind up!

  10. Here comes the spectre at the feast!

    Please can someone tell me the allure of having extra holes bored into one’s body? Earrings are lovely, but what’s wrong with clip-ons? Ditto tattoos. Yeah yeah, no clip-ons! But what is the appeal in being deliberately hurt by having an inky substance introduced into one’s body? I’m genuinely interested in learning why as I seem to be missing something here. And please don’t think that because I’m in my mid-seventies I’m old or even old fashioned. I’m not, truly, but I just don’t understand indelibly marking and/or piercing the skin in such a way.

    Now set me right!

  11. I’m turning 50 on the 18th of this month, getting a 3rd tattoo tomorrow some 27 years after the last one. If I ever lose weight I’ll go back to wearing my navel ring too!

  12. LOL, I just got a third piercing for my 55th birthday, June 15, so this is uncanny timing! The consequence that I did not foresee is how uncomfortable it is to sleep on my side with the fresh piercing. I’ll soon replace the pointy piercers with small threader hoops. And yes, I do anticipate a bit of fumbling with their teensy-ness. Note: Remember to close the sink drain if you put on little earrings while standing at the bathroom mirror! No lost diamond studs dropped down the drain.

  13. I had a second ear piercing after breaking up with a boyfriend, when I was 21; I felt excruciating pain for both situations, I could´t solve the boyfriend issue because he had been the one who had decided to break up with me, but immediatly removed the earrings to stop that terrible and painful throbbing in my ear. I am a clinical microbiologist, so I enfatically discourage piercing a cartilage, soft tissue infections can be easily cured with antibiotics, but cartilage infections are much more difficult to treat because antibiotics don´t reach that area so easily.

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