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Brace yourselves for some first class trumpet-blowing…I’m delighted to be named as one of ’40 women over 40′ shaping the internet, in The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine. The 40 over 40 list has sections on fashion and beauty, technology, politics and activism and media/entertainment – and there I am alongside other digitally engaged women including: Linda Rodin, Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Nigella Lawson and Natalie Massanet (see the full list HERE). WARNING: this photo of me has been photoshopped (not my doing, it originally appeared in the Daily Mail when Style Forever was published). That’s me wearing a lot of makeup:

40 0ver 40_9783

On the magazine page, I’m sitting next to two of my style heroines: Linda Rodin and Sophie Fontanel – and described as the ‘Founder of a pioneering anti-ageist style blog on a mission to keep women over 50 both visible and fashionable.’ Nice one.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, in this special ‘Age? It’s just a number’ issue, I get another mention on The Social Shopper page of ‘stylish-at-any-age Instagram stars’:

Thats Not My Age, instagram_9790

Top left, in Me+Em sporty, side stripe trousers. Think I deserve a Sunday afternoon lie down, now.

37 thoughts on “40 over 40: meet the women shaping the internet

  1. Congratulations, but disappointed you, and no doubt others, were photoshopped – particularly without permission.

  2. That pic of you with your hair in a pony tail is my favourite of your looks actually Alyson! On a less superficial note – It’s brilliant to see one of these ubiquitous “? Over ?” articles actually directed at the Over 40’s instead of the usual 20’s & 30’s.
    I guess we’re not so invisible these days?
    Such a relief, I wasn’t planning to disappear after my 50th next year…. Hahahaha

  3. A well-deserved Congratulations from a Minnesota, USA, follower! Always look forward to finding you in my inbox!

  4. So well deserved – but surprised it’s taken them this long to catch up! I feel like a trend setter for following you all these years 🙂

  5. Go Girl. You deserve recognition for pushing the message which has taken large corporations far too long to figure. Barely half way through our lives we are not about to disappear into frumpy, uninteresting blobs. There’s rather a lot out there to do still. Thank you!

  6. Many congratulations. A nice mix of women but I was disappointed there was no one in the sustainability/ecology field. Isn’t that one of the more important issues of today? Anyway, well done Alyson.

  7. Congratulations Alyson, and well deserved too. I’m really enjoying getting to know other 50+ women on IG and twitter, so I’ll be adding these women to my feed x

  8. In the media/ politics section I was hoping Cathy Newman would be in there. I love what she does on C4 News, but I love also what she wears….. Would be great if you could do a piece on her sometime !

    1. So do I, Aud. Good call. I think Cathy Newman lives near me, saw her once in a local cafe – though I think my staring might’ve scared her off!

  9. Fantastic. It’s great that we’re too numerous and too feisty to be ignored any more! Think you should be made a Dame for services to women.

  10. Congratulations!! I know it’s been a long row to hoe, but some will say an overnight success! Since reading your amazing blog I believe I have become more confident and a little more wild! LOL Thanks! Little secret: I look at all your photos on fashion, then head to the nearest thrift store, GW, and Salvation Army and try my darnest to duplicate…have been very successful on many occasions! Again, glad you got recognized for your hard work! Look forward to many more blogs!

  11. Congratulations from another fan of your blog! Since I turned 60 this year, I particularly crave blogs that show us “elders” as attractive and still open to style and even trends, and you do a great job showing lovely and interesting women of all ages. We all do need to feel there is something to look forward to!

  12. Well deserved. I’m 60 and find everything you write about to be very relevant and interesting. I also love not being patronised! You strike just the right note and as someone else has said, seeing a new post or photo on Instagram brightens my day and inspires me to stay stylish.

  13. Thank you for not mentioning the end of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. Your success is well deserved.

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