rei kawakubo
Rei Kawakubo and husband/Comme des Garcons MD Adrian Joffe

Are you revving things up for autumn? Me neither. I’m feeling very Last Days of Summer: all beach hair, rooftop bars and Book Brain. One thing I do feel certain of is, that if Rei Kawakubo is wearing a red leather biker jacket, then it’s a sign. The Comme des Garcons designer/founder once said that she works in three shades of black but has since moved on. Biker jackets and leather all-in-ones have gone a bit motocross, for autumn, but there’s no need to bend it like Barry Sheene. When it comes to bikers, I prefer coloured leather or suede to traditional black. The non-black leather biker is less harsh on the complexion, not to mention less try-hard and predictable.

Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;
Photo: Dvora

And as promised quite some time ago, here are the winners of the M&S Twiggy competition: Sue, Dulcy and Tove. Apologies for the tiny, fuzzy pictures – if anyone knows how to increase size/improve quality in a WordPress gallery, please advise. And what a coincidence, all the winners are wearing the khaki suede biker jacket over a white top:

I’ve just read that Rei Kawakubo is the subject of a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition next spring (details HERE) and there’s a good interview with the enigmatic designer HERE.

The non-black leather biker, brum brum…

24 thoughts on “Biker jacket inspiration for autumn (and none of them is black)

  1. Thanks again Alyson for providing such a generous giveaway! It’s been great fun, and I linked this post to my FB page. Tons of comments and jacket envy. Can’t wait for cooler weather to take it out and about!

  2. I’m a bit tired if seeing biker jackets everywhere, it could be sour grapes though, as whenever I’ve tried one on it looked awful, just not me. I think the black is too hard, might be tempted to try a red one, red being my favourite colour for Autumn/ Winter !
    At the moment am on a search for a red leather bag.

  3. Alison, you look adorable in that photo and I love the end of summer description of your mood. I bought a pale pink leather biker jacket at Kohl’s two years ago for an astonishing low price. It looks terrific with everything!

  4. Ah Ha – I have a butter soft Massimo Dutti navy leather biker jacket that I thought I was too old to wear – Out It Comes………………

  5. LOOOVE a biker jacket! I saw a leopard print one the other day that I fell in love with… and even Zara has a gorgeous pale blue one. Like a trench coat, this is a classic that never goes out of style. I’m off to explore your colourful selection now! Doesn’t a cream one sound luxurious… xx

  6. All lovely and all look lovely, but all the women are flat chested………..I’ve said it before, (and no doubt will say it again), they don’t suit anybody blessed with breasts, (36 HH, thank you very much………………..sigh

  7. A styleful ( is that a word ­čÖé post yet again – thank you. The colors create a lively effect and I do so agree with the ‘black’ sentiment and feel it also applies to dead black hair with the gentle skin tones of a slightly older person. Sam the Aussie

  8. I have three biker jackets, all inherited or gifted to me. A dark brown, 1980’s , a butter cream one from the Paris Air Show, that is really a duplicate of an woman’s flight jacket, and a birch colored one passed on to me. I love them all

  9. Sigh…all FABULOUS! Especially the red! Thanks for inspiring me to get out “the Blue” – pre loved from my aunt who bought it secretly without her husband knowing (with her own money LOL) and this jacket has always been hush hush!!!!

  10. So glad to see this as I have an indigo coloured moto jacket that I scored for $50 a few years ago. I wear a lot of navy as opposed to black and this was a deal I couldn’t pass up despite never wearing leather before. I’m excited to pair it with some items this fall!

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