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Photo: Telegraph

Now that’s what I call Casual Glamour. Maye Musk at the British Fashion Awards, this week, in a silver bomber jacket and evening frock. As a Casual Glamourpuss, myself, I’m a huge fan of using a combination of day and eveningwear to create an outfit with go-anywhere appeal. Just mix easy-to-wear, everyday basics with a look-at-me standout piece, like an amazing, metallic jacket (Whistles has a silver leather bomber jacket HERE and there a couple of blow-the-budget versions HERE), or a pair of fancy pants. All it takes is one multitasking item to create an outfit that works both day and evening, indoors and out. The desired effect is to look modern, chic and lively – without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

And, to prove I’m not a total Sequin Swerver, here’s what I wore to my 50th birthday party.

Photo: Kristen Perers

I love a bit of glitz. The sequin maxi skirt was £25 in the sale at M&S; the shoes a present-to-self from Roger Vivier. Ordinarily, man-made fabrics are out of the question but for Lurex and sequins, I’ll make an exception…

21 thoughts on “Casual Glamour at Christmas

  1. Thanks for another brilliant idea! I bought a silver bomber jacket in ‘Primarni’ (as we call it around here). It was reduced to £10 and I couldn’t resist it. I know have food for thought about how I can use it and may well wear it on New Year’s Eve.

  2. You look fabulous! And interesting but not preciously so, if that makes sense. The outfit speaks of confidence and creativity and a good sense of fun combined but without a big need/desire for drama or attention. Probably more words there than I should have expended, but I’m intrigued by these simple combos — three pieces together that do so much work yet seem effortless.
    On which note, I’ve just unpacked a box of clothes that survived the downsizing move, and in it found a sequined marl-grey Gap sweatshirt of several years’ vintage. Pairing it with jeans today with a hat-tip to TNMA (and wishing I could find the perfect leather skirt to go with. . .

  3. Maye looked fab, as did you in that Glorious outfit..! I always have a little daily sparkle in my outfits- any excuse to shine….!

  4. That woman is stunning, and a real inspiration! (You are too, of course).

    Although I have to admit that, as I was scrolling down, I thought at first that she was holding a hamburger!

  5. Yes, me too, thought it looked like a hamburger. Honestly, the color of the burger and bun does not sit well with the silver. Could have done better. Love the silver bomber though!

  6. Yes, you look gorgeous. –My new day to night is light wool trousers (Stella McCartney) or maxi-skirt (Theory) with Protagonist’s charmeuse silk top as I don’t do lurex or sequins. Or the old faithful tuxedo jacket with jeans and heels. In summer a silk grey maxi skirt of exquisite beauty with a cream T-shirt or jumper. Don’t have any place in my life for formal glamour anymore.

  7. Well I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I clicked on fancy pants – But boy do I love a bit of brocade! It reminds of the time I made a pencil skirt out of gold brocade fabric I found in a vintage shop back in the early 90’s. I can’t remember if it was in fashion I just remember beeing smitton with the material. Brocade trousers are infinitely more wearable I think.
    By the way, sequins maxi skirt from M&S? Wowzers what a score!
    You looked stunning Alyson, I hope you’ve worn that outfit again since your 50th?

    1. I’ve worn it a few times, Michelle. And I quite like wearing the maxi skirt with a sweatshirt – might do that tonight for my friend’s Christmas soirée.

  8. I love how we’re all going…”I’m 53, now.” Of course I mean you there, Alyson. Me… I’m 60, now. Do women anywhere still hide their age?
    Maye Musk looks fabulous. Love the casual insouciance of her hair, sleeves of that lovely jacket pushed up, hand in the pocket of her gorgeous dress. As if she’s sighing and saying…”I’m 68. So what? Get over it.”

  9. That silver jacket! Well, if I seen it hanging on a rail, I would have avoided it. But on her, and the way it is styled it looks great.

  10. I like all of these outfits. Alison looks slender and elegant in the long sequinned skirt. I’m also very partial to silver shoes and sandals. These Roger Vivier ones are super and I imagine just the thing to spruce up any outfit. Twenty years ago I treated myself to a pair of silver Prada heels with ankle straps from Joseph. I’m still wearing them on occasions. I have sequinned scarves to add sparkle and many dressy and daytime pewter and old gold metallic leather handbags. They are oldies but still look great. This dressed down but a bit shiny and a bit sparkly look is perfect for right now.

  11. Apologies for misspelling your name Alyson. Keep up the good and interesting posts. I enjoy reading them and the various comments. You have stylish dressing for older women just right.

  12. Sequin Swerver. Must find a wind to fit that into my vocabulary on a regular basis! I got married wearing a cream sequin skirt (I’m not a sequin swerver, love them, love them especially now I’m 53). That was in 2000 so it’s time I got it out of the wardrobe again. I’ll be leaving a trail of sequins behind me, or maybe I’ll wear it standing up.

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