Another week, another senior Instagram star worth celebrating. Having made friends with her local fashion boutique owners, it wasn’t long before Ernestine ‘Erni’ Stollberg began modelling for them. The 95-year-old started popping into Park concept store in Vienna after the owners acquired a new dog – and has since become a regular fixture on their Instagram feed (@park_wien). Stollberg was a member of a dance troupe in the 1930s, is comfortable in front of the camera and has become part of what Grazia is calling the ‘Grey-volution’.

‘We discovered she is brilliant in pictures,’ says Markus Strasser the boutique’s co-owner. ‘We would have never grabbed an older lady off the street to do this. We got to know each other and to trust each other so we could start this very special collaboration.’



As I’m going to end up working till I’m Erni’s age, I am hoping that some future, fancy boutique owner might sign me up…

Read the full story HERE. This is a very quick post as I am now on the last leg of book editing and keeping my head down. Normal service will resume shortly.

23 thoughts on “Ernestine Stollberg the 95-year-old Instagram star

  1. Love the clothes, love the bag love the shoes! Am completely in love with Park & now following on Instagram thanks for the intro Alyson 😉
    p.s. Erni’s gorge x

  2. Good luck completing your editing. I look forward to reading the second edition later this year. And maybe to meeting you at a book launch.

  3. My goodness, Ernestine is Magnificent. She looks wonderful, her clothes are gorgeous and she is a natural in front of the camera. I am 74 myself and couldn’t hold a candle to her. How marvellous to see older women holding their own against the younger ones. More, please.
    Frances Whyte xxxx

  4. I absolutely loved this— and the backstory you referenced. In a way it’s play-acting as I assume Erni doesn’t really dress like that in her real life, but it’s fun and inspiring, and isn’t that really what fashion is about? Many thanks.

  5. I guess this shows all of us that it’s never too late to find your passion! I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a model in my 60’s. I love clothes, I’m part ham, and I’d rather see someone my age modeling clothes like mother of the bride dresses than a skinny 20 year old!

  6. She is the template for my old age style. What a confident beauty AND I like her low-key style… even though my style is high-key… by the time I’m in my 90’s I think my key will be a lower one.

  7. Erni is brilliant – she brings so much life to these clothes. What a genius move by this retailer to enlist her talent. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I love her style – classic but modern and yet she’s not trying to assert character through ‘stunt’ outfits that actually drain attention from the woman wearing them. My personal belief is that that’s a template for any woman, whatever age.

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