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In a fit of avoidance behaviour, I decided to leave the book editing, get organised and buy a diary. That was after I’d finished unpacking and been to the dry cleaners, yesterday. I always prefer an actual pocket notebook to a smartphone and yeah, I know that three-days-in is hardly organised but I had implemented a temporary system of Post-It notes. Anyhow. Off I popped to rectify the situation, and ended up in COS. Where a khaki nylon bomber jacket with a 50% sale tag caught my attention. Fortunately, a lovely That’s Not My Age reader came over to say hello and politely put me right about the shiny sales bargain.

Green is the colour of 2017. Pantone’s choice (also known as Greenery) is bright and zesty and aims to, ‘Provide us with hope amid a complex social and political landscape, and symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature.’ And who doesn’t prefer a restorative walk in the  park to the Today Programme? According to Pantone, Greenery is nature’s neutral, while khaki or army green is mine.


When I was a fashion editor at Hearst Magazines, I used to wait for the January sale and then nip around the corner to nab myself a beautiful Liberty print desk diary at half price. Back on track, I headed to the London store. These days I’m happy with a Moleskine Weekly Planner. Even happier when it’s 50% off. Result. I picked up the very last one and then headed upstairs for a quick look at the fashion department. Where I bumped into another lovely That’s Not My Age reader, such a small world. She told me that following women like myself and Sophie Fontanel was making midlife easier and that I looked ‘much better in real life. And tall.’

Thank you all for the constant support and keeping me on the straight and narrow. Here’s some more Greenery:

36 thoughts on “Getting organised & going green for 2017 (sort of)

  1. I totally agree with you. I’ve bought the lovely emerald green Moleskin diary, which fits perfectly into my handbag.
    Keeping on the green subject, where did you get that great khaki green jacket that you’re wearing in the main photo?

      1. Would love to hear if you find one! I have been looking for something similar for about six months with no luck yet!

      2. Not nearly as substantial as your MUJI appears to be and I do wish it were lined, but my current jacket is J Crew’s Field Mechanic. I love it, and the particular shade of army green makes me very happy.
        My diary of choice is a Hobonichi Cousin Avec. Just finished filling in my travel for the next six months and feel very accomplished and orderly.

  2. I’ve been trying to avoid green since I hit late 40s …..mainly due to my Mum humourlessly calling a certain shade, “menopausal green”* lol….but I may have to get over that one, as I love it!

    * a certain emerald green……M&S did a double breasted blazer in this colour in the 80s, which was popular with women of our age (now)….hence the reference.

    1. It’s menopausal red in my world. Me to trendy hairdresser: ‘I don’t want it to be menopausal red.’ Her: ‘We call it divorce red.’ –We both knew exactly the shade we were talking about.
      Moleskin daily planner for me for To-Do and notes of phone conversations, but all my appointments are now floating around in cyberspace – gave in to the convenience and the ability to set reminders.

      1. Hahaha……I know EXACTLY which colour you mean, too! Imagine menopausal red hair with menopausal green jacket…… maybe we should start a trend? 🙂

  3. I concur on the diary front. I’ve been buying Barbara Wiggins cracked gold diaries for over ten years. They are absolutely beautiful. Complete strangers comment on them but sadly Barbara hung up her diary making boots in 2016. It says a lot about the quality of her products that buying my first Smythson this year felt like a bit of a comedown.

  4. I’ve been gravitating more to green in the last couple of years, even had my old ercol chair reupholstered in forest Green velvet! As for really going green why not buy a diary that you simply refill with new pages every year? That’s my style

    1. Oh I have Errol envy! Here in New Zealand genuine recollection is rare and expensive bu I have old 3 tiered tea trolley which Lifts my hear daily

  5. I definitely can’t do with out my paper diary – week per opening. I’ve tried iPad/ computer organisers but I just get totally lost. For some reason I just forget to look at them. My diary makes me feel secure and in control.
    On the love of green – so many tones and shades. There is something for everyone whether you are wearing it or living with it in your home. As I age, I think it is becoming my favourite colour. I think it is good for my soul.

  6. Three cheers! I love green, am going to dig out my green handbag, have been discussing the idea of painting a wall in my bedroom a deep green and…have a new diary. That ol’ zeitgeist again.

  7. I agree with this lovely follower of yours: you and Sophie do brighten my 50s. You’re both equally inspirational. I feel better and more confident than ever before.

  8. When I updated my phone a week ago I lost my calendar and notes – bought a new moleskin weekly planner the day after Christmas too. Used them for years and happy to be back using it.

  9. Me too. Love green, I mean. Especially khaki. And paper diaries. Fleur’s comment made me laugh. I remember emerald green double breasted jackets in the eighties, also ginormous shoulders and big hair. Makes me think about that old TV show Designing Women.

  10. Ah, green. It has been my favorite color all my life, and in particular army green/khaki. My poor father, during my teens, just could not wrap his head around his daughter loving such a color – it was the 70s, I suppose I ought to have preferred everyone’s favorite color blue (no thanks) or perhaps the dreaded pink (never!)? After any clothes shopping took place, he used to grumble that he could save a lot of money if only he could get me to enlist in the Army, because then I’d get my favorite color of clothing for free. Ha! I didn’t join the Army but now approaching 60, it’s still my go-to color. My wardrobe is filled with it.

  11. I’ve always liked green but it has been tricky to find . So nice that it is around again in all it’s varieties . My home is mainly dusty greens & blues too . Also plenty of real dust I’m afraid .

  12. I have a belt very similar to your’s and I would guard it with my life! Mine is battered and past it’s best but it is like an old friend to me. I always prefer a ‘paper’ diary and green is probably the only colour apart from black, navy and grey in my wardrobe!!

  13. Really like that outfit. Funny enough, a character played by Lesley Sharp wears a similar jacket and belt in the third episode of the British-German t.v. series “Paranoid”… she has a green jumper under it.

    I have a slim, bright red Moleskine diary for 2017… despite finally getting a Smartphone this past November.

  14. I have been buying diaries from Noble McMillan and this year I have a lime green one! I am also planning a pine green cashmere cardigan as a sale purchase.

  15. I like khaki and some greens. The more muted chalky shades. Paper diaries and notebooks always. I am so forgetful these days that I’m glad I’ve gone back to keeping a diary again , to go back and check events later.
    I hope we all look better in real life than in photos, otherwise I’m going to start going out with a bag over my head, after looking at some recently taken !

  16. I love the face-to-face interactions you have with your readers, and I love the fact that they feel free enough to give you advice.
    I’ve always thought that you look especially good in khaki. I bought a sort of khaki dress recently, I hope it flatters. Anita

  17. I have few green clothes in my wardrobe as it is not a colour that always suits me. As to diaries, I’ve been using a Filofax for more years than I care to recall. Just have to remember to buy a refill each year.

  18. I have heard THAT remark TOO………”YOU LOOK BETTER IN PERSON THAN THE BLOG!!”
    THAT SACRES ME A BIT!BUT WHAT FUN TO BE RECOGNIZED!!!!!!!IT is like YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!!I bet it puts a skip in your walk!ADORE THE JACKET!I will be in LONDON come MAY………………just maybe we can meet up!!?MY TREAT!

  19. These comments have persuaded me to use a diary planner this year, and strangely I found a nice red moleskin one in a pile of unwanted gifts. Fate or karma. Going to start filling it in today. I thought I had got to terms with using an electronic planner but realise like others have said it doesn’t work for me. Thanks for the advice

  20. Oh yes. I got some lovely olive green boots from the charity shop today. Clearly whoever donated them hadn’t heard!!

  21. This olive, pickle green is my favourite colour not only for clothing but in decor too. As a green eyed former brunette I have always worn the colour and buy it when it’s available. My army style jacket is from Adolfo Dominguez shop in Madrid, their less expensive range and lined with gingham check. I bought it more than eighteen months ago. A very useful mid season garment that I can see myself wearing for many more years.. The other day I wore dark green Oska dress with olive suede mid calf Arche boots, neither of which are new. One should buy what one likes and looks good in and style it in modern way.
    I have dark green chairs in my house and an apple green Staeck Kartell Victoria ghost chair bought some time ago. The front door is in a lovely foliage green gloss paint called Falling Leaves by Sandersons. Having read several articles about the Pantone colour of the year before this one I realise I follow my own taste, which now happens to be well in advance of trends.

  22. My husband—a tech head—makes fun of me for two things: 1. Balancing my checkbook on paper and 2. Using an old-fashioned spiral-bound day planner. What can I say, I like the feel and look of making marks on paper.

    It’s about time green got some love. It’s the only true color that I’m comfortable wearing, in spite of the fact that my coloring begs for brights. I’ll side-eye a lipstick red coat or neon blue sweater or raspberry pink scarf, but won’t hesitate to buy anything in green, which over the years have included a pair of J Crew Kelly green suede pumps, an army green PS1, a mint Equipment silk blouse, and an olive DKNY utility jacket. (yours is great!)

  23. Oh dear, I’d been feeling guilty about dissing the COS bomber……and yes I have to agree, you do look tall IRL! It was very nice to meet you.

  24. I am so pleased to read that so many of us still love a physical diary to carry about and fill in. I have an old large Deskfax Filofax with each week to view on my desk and used to carry a mini filofax which I refilled every year but it became old and cracked (a bit like me!) so a mini personalised Aspinal diary in Berry (not menopausal red lol) Red was top of my Christmas list – love it!

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