What a glorious image. Lauren Hutton in shades of raspberry and red in the spring/summer 2017 campaign for Bottega Veneta. The 73-year-old model appeared in the Italian brand’s spring catwalk show last year, sporting a classic trench and holding the bag she carried in American Gigolo.

Colour has been a hot topic on That’s Not My Age this week and further to comments regarding the last post, I can confirm that Lauren Hutton is not wearing menopausal hues. Red? Green? One of my ex-colleagues always insisted it was a luminous shade of bubblegum pink that signified oestrogen had left the building (?) Answers below, please.

For another image of a gorgeous, grown-up model check out Christy Turlington for Valentino HERE.

56 thoughts on “Lauren Hutton for Bottega Veneta

  1. Gorgeous and so refreshing that she doesn’t seem to have had work done. I would like to know how she keeps her dark roots though, if they’re dyed dark they must need a lot of retouching. I would love to know how to achieve this effect.

    1. Although it’s possible she has naturally dark hair, I think it’s more likely that a hairdresser has done this for her. Dark roots with blonde highlights is ‘a look’ that gives a youthful appearance. I imagine if one is naturally grey, it would be very high maintenance, which is the reason a lot of women start highlighting their hair in the first place; to help disguise the grey coming through. She looks fabulous and I love those colours.

      1. Hello Julia, thank you for your comments. I agree it would be far too much maintenance so I will just have to carry on with the highlights and lowlights!

        1. I assume (ex-hairdresser here) that this is colour and highlights, possibly with highlights left a bit low (in the new style where roots are kind of a feature) or maybe she has her roots done in the darker colour in between highlight appointments. So that would be about the same amount of effort (imo) as highlights and lowlights or maybe a little less as that root area is just a straightforward touch-up every so often.
          I do agree with you and Julia that this may still be considered high maintenance though as I can hardly be bothered to do my own regrowth. 🙂

  2. Lovely – I bought the very warm-looking purple and pink print silk shirt from & Other Stories. The colour really worked with my grey hair. Love wearing it! I also love wearing olive and khaki.

  3. @Linda my hair is still dark at 67, it’s genetic – my father died at 80 and had very little grey hair. In fact, I add lightness because all-over dark is too draining for me. Maybe Lauren’s hair is the same? Love to be in her company!

  4. How odd. I think the worst thing you can do as an older lady is dive into pastels, that in itself can be ageing.

    I suppose it does depends on your hair colour and/or skin tone and choosing make-up (more hydrating, less powder) and colours that enhance your skin rather than something insipid.

    I love neon pink but as with everything, it’s horse for the proverbial courses. We need to have confidence in our own sartorial choices.

    LBB x

  5. Hi
    I`ve a fashion dilemma. I`m a woman of a certain d`age who is attending a close family wedding in Thailand in March. Apart from the challenges of the climate, I have not dressed for a wedding in a long time. I have lived in skinny jeans for years now and have simply lost the art of “dressing up”, let`s say, I am more than sartorially challenged. Any ideas greatly received!

    1. Well, I’m not setting myself up as any kind of fashion guru but if you’re comfortable in skinny jeans maybe look for a dressy version of the same proportions — e.g. skinny silk pants with some kind of silk top??

      1. Hi. It now seems perfectly acceptable to wear trousers to a wedding. Last summer I wore light brocade capri pants with a matching jacket, long silk top and cream stylised top hat – the outfit was from Devernois. I was very comfortable. Palazzo pants would be another option, worn with a shorter top – the proportions are important – short top with wide trousers and vice versa. Good luck!

  6. What a fabulous colour combination, I could gaze at that utterly beautiful skirt all day. I love her natural look and the glint in her eye that seems to be saying: this is me, take it or leave it…

  7. Guys. This lady looks great. Regardless of her age. My mum is nearly 80 and is only just turning grey (I have my dad’s hair genes and after 20 years checking and dyeing I am proud to be naturally grey – goodness knows why I didn’t take the plunge long ago!). I am troubled by the judgemental comments I see across media and am saddened when I see them here.
    The sisterhood needs to be a real thing ladies.

  8. I agree about the bubblegum pink….but I think a really zingy strong shade of fuschia can look really great with grey or white hair. I love a flash of bright red too.

  9. It´s tricky. After being a black-dressed girl for centuries and pulling it odd with black hair, pale skin and blue eyes, I find it´s not doing that much for me anymore. So trying to find my way I gravitate towards navy and use those strong accents in red, pink, purple, cobalt and emerald to spice it up. I´ve never been able to wear grey before, but it seems to work better these days, especially a soft silver grey. As for colors I think you have to go for your combination of skn/hair/eyecolouring, the hard thing being that these change as you get older and you have to let go and find alternatives. When I was young I used to think a very strong henna-red hair was very “menopausal”, and swore I would never do it. These days I take a more forgiving approach and see it as a desperate way to be seen in a world that thinks women past 50 are invisible. I might even go down that path one day…

  10. I just don’t like those colors no matter who wears them…no matter what age.
    If she loves them great.
    As far as Lauren…she’s just beautiful…. always.

  11. I’d never heard that green was a menopausal colour! Certainly in my family it isn’t; my mom prefers bright tropical colours, and I’m trying to shed my penchant for black, as it definitely drains my complexion and always has (but I suppose I haven’t cared till now). I also have always loved green, but my new-found colour loves are grey (seems quite oldie to me, but I like it) and stripes (if that could count as a colour!)

  12. Love her look so stylish I believe she is a glorious example that you can look Fab at any age. Don’t think you should restrict yourself from wearing any clolours as long as they suit you. Like that her face is normal think that youthfulness comes from within. Even if you’ve never been a Princess style, personality, & attitude takes you a long way as an ‘Older Woman’

  13. I think Lauren’s face is beautiful – none of that plastic, ironed-out look of so many ‘enhanced’ older women. Not criticising surgery – it’s just that so often it just makes you look weird, not young. A good haircut, subtle make-up and a smile are just as effective and heaps cheaper. I love the raspberry but not too sure about the orange partner. I’m moving more into colour after years in neutrals and find that corals, blues and teals are particularly kind.

    I’ve scarcely a grey hair at 73; but I have a bit of highlighting round my face as I think dark hair can be ageing. I really envy those with silver hair. My best friend looks fabulous with her great bob. Another feisty 89 year old friend wears bright pink Doc Martens with her cropped trousers. Great look!

  14. Love this photo – the colors, hair, everything. Wearing whatever colors you love seems the best option – it may take a little time to find the right tone or hue within a color, but for goodness sakes, if you love pink, green, yellow – just wear them! So tired of seeing everyone walking around in black, black and more black.

    If you compare this photo to the runway ones, where she is in a trench coat, a case is made for wearing vibrant colors as she really looks so stunning here (she’s beautiful in both, but I think is really radiant here).

  15. I think she looks beautiful too.

    Moments earlier I had been scrolling through a news feed and saw a recent photo of Cher. My reaction? Oh oh, she’s got that puffed, startled look. I think there’s a lot to admire about Cher, but she looks artificial and sad now instead of glamourous.

    Lauren Hutton looks beautiful in her 70’s because of natural good looks, healthy living, and avoiding those extreme measures others have pursued to maintain the illusion of eternal youth. Well, there’s style too… which is one of the reasons why this blog is so very important.

  16. I’m loving this look, it’s fun and shows that this lady is full of confidence. I love stronger colours of course this all depends on your skin tone, hair colour etc. As a stylist I always encourage my clients to try trends that they wouldn’t normally, outside of there comfort zone so to speak.

  17. Love it and her. I had no idea until these last two posts that there was such a thing called “menopausal” colors. F that. We don’t need more boxes to be put in as women. Wear what you want however you want. If someone tries to label you, tell them where they can stick that label. It’s just astonishing to me that as I get older I discover all of these new minefields to navigate. I intend to step on every one and blow it up.(Getting off soap box) I was inspired to go out and get a Moleskin GREEN planner. Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for all of us.

    1. Noelle, hear, hear! 🙂

      At 71 years old, I’m experimenting more now with my clothing personal style than I have since my mid-20s. I’m loving this phase of life and the freedom I feel to try out anything I want. After all, if not now, when?

      1. Love all you chicks.
        As I read each comment I smile.
        Alyson..Thanks so much for bringing us all together.

        Much love,

  18. She is beautiful. It is also a beautiful photograph, proper lighting and all. The colors are lovely. However, this is a commercial print shoot and I now compare such photography to that of a beautiful room in a shelter magazine. Perfectly perfect. Would such an outfit work for me? Yes, in a photo shoot. No, in real life, because I am just not comfortable in color. And, no one would recognize me if I was wearing anything other than black/grey/taupe/denim!! Bravo to Bottega Veneta.

  19. I love the colours especially the pink. Lauren looks gorgeous. I thought the menapousal green comment from a previous post was fun. It’s lovely to have a fun homily from a mother/family member that pops into your head. I enjoyed visualising this happening. My daughter and I do it with pink. And I always think of my brother when khaki is mentioned as he reckons it’s not green but brown. But I am a bit worried now about my bubblegum pink jodhpurs

    1. Hi Kathy, just to clarify the bag in this photo is from the spring summer 2017 collection and the one Lauren Hutton carried on the catwalk last year was the vintage style from American Gigolo.

  20. i am ashamed to say that a dear friend and I will occasionally use the less than generous phrase ‘mauve cardigan’ when we are faced with someone who has embraced the beige of middle age.
    I would love to wear more colour rather than the usual navy/grey/black/white, maybe I’ll start with Greenery and see where that leads me?

  21. I love red both in my clothing and as home accents. Even my SUV is red. Lol I find it a empowering color. I do wear raspberry or fushia occasional but never bubble gum or pale pink.
    I’ve never heard of green or pink as a menopausal color. On this side of the pond, it is purple. Old wives tales, that I’m sure will die off with our mothers. Not that I wish them to. Die, that is.
    Lauren Hutton is gorgeous, as always. I love that she has embraced getting older.
    Linda had mentioned her darker roots and how to attain that look. I was researching hair cuts for those with thinning hair (for a friend ). In that search, I discovered that if the underneath hair is darker than the top locks, it gives the impression of more volume, hence more hair. Any good hairdresser would be able to recreate this look. Beautiful!
    This and the last posts discussion reminded me of Jenny Joseph’s poem, When I am old, I shall wear purple.

  22. Kathy, I’d be very surprised if that was a Bottega Veneta bag. I think Alyson was referring to the bag that Lauren Hutton was carrying last year in the Bottega Veneta show, which was a vintage BV bag.

    But all is not lost! I’ve seen very similar, stamped/carved leather bags at the Mexican market on Olivera Street in LA. You should be able to find one similar pretty easily (and cheaply).

  23. Love this outfit to death! Leather skirts are my weakness & a turnlock bag to boot ahhh heaven..
    Lauran looks amazing, just the lightest of touch to her face by a master no doubt. Much better than the wind tunnel effect of days gone by.

  24. She’s just gorgeous! It goes to show, that self care is the height of style which transcends color and fashion trends. I think that if one stays in shape, and as healthy as they are capable of doing/being….. their age, hair color, and clothing will make no difference because they will still look fabulous! BTW…. Love that belt you’re wearing, Alyson, in the previous post!

  25. I’ve been diving into the structure of this look, if not the colour – find the way a ribbed top emphasises a high waist and the restrictive skirt covers a soft tum especially useful!

    1. Yes, Theresa. Underneath the person’s name there’s a line with the date and time and ‘reply’. Click on ‘reply’ and you can respond directly.

  26. I love purple too – always have, always will. But I also have a red bedroom. My last few apartments in New York have all had red bedrooms – it’s such a wonderful,enveloping color to sleep in. It’s a blue-red, not an orange-red. I always read articles about having a uniform and I envy those women’s restraint. I still fantasize about having such restraint. I agree with the comments about feeling a certain freedom that comes with getting older. I teach and perform in various tribal belly dance troupes (there’s a wonderful scene in London as well) and I’m so glad to be beyond really caring what anyone thinks. And I love supporting the younger dancers, some half my age, as they explore their own paths. Dancing in a leather bondage bra at a rave in Brooklyn – why not? It’s fun.

    Alyson, I bought your book. Loving it. You’re a wonderful writer.


  28. I don’t think that there are menopausal colors. Isn’t personal style about wearing what expresses one’s aesthetic and point of view? No one will like everything on everyone, why should they? Perhaps the “menopausal color” ought to be acceptance. Lauren Hutton has always been stunning because she’s always been so damn comfortable in her own skin.

  29. I have always shied away from brights (with the exception of green), but I love this outfit. The skirt especially. Lauren Hutton is the bomb. I’ve loved her since American Gigolo—she was just so cool. I coveted her wardrobe as a young teen, and it still continues to influence my sartorial sensibility.

  30. I have always loved red and bright pink together – though not always brave enough to wear it myself. Lauren Hutton has been my icon since her ‘Charlie’ days. So comfortable in her own skin – totally beautiful. I think this outfit looks incredible, as does she wearing it. Ms Hutton was featured a few years’ ago in the Mango campaign and she wore amazing jewel brights – emerald, purple and magenta silky trenchcoats (separately, not together!!!) and inspired me for months (until I crept apologetically back into neutrals again)!. Maybe this BV campaign will drag my post-menopausal self into colour again? (Good article in Sunday Times today about Kettlewell Colours). Worth a read but still don’t think that seasonal colour analysis is set in stone. What do others’ think on colour analysis?

  31. I think Lauren looks fabulous, as always! I remember admiring her in the 70’s when she was on every magazine cover, smiling with the gap in her front teeth, which she refused to “fix”. I thought she was a terrific stylish role model then and she remains now. Thanks for sharing this great photo!

  32. Almost embarrassed to say that I bought the Feburuary issue of Glamour magazine today – on a supermarket trip to stock up on loo rolls! My glamorous life….. anyway it includes an article entitled “fashion’s new age” which mentions Lauren Hutton and the Bottega Venita show within the context of 70 year old models being inspirational, so with the £1 cover price!

  33. How refreshing and article and comments; last year I submitted an article to the Daily Express in response to their featured article they talked about women of a certain age, should not be seen wearing particular items, such as cut out shoulders or colours. My first question was ‘can you introduce me to the Style Police’ who say this cannot happen. Needless to say I didn’t hear from them and they didn’t publish my article – strange. Seeing Lauren Hutton wearing colours and fabrics she is not supposed to is a clear indication that we are neither invisible nor lacking in style. In my work as a designer, my models and clients are all ages and backgrounds, I find it quite amusing that an 18 year old will come to me to design her something that will make her look sophisticated and older. A mature woman will come to me because she wants to look sophisticated and elegant, I like the character that is developed through being comfortable in one’s own skin. A confidence that says ‘I care what I think’, and I dress accordingly, ‘if you don’t like what I am wearing that’s fine’ why? Because, when I put my look together, what was important was how it made me feel, and right now I feel great, which is exactly what this image says to me.

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