Giovanna Battaglia knows how to make a statement

The statement earring is one of my signature pieces and the easiest way to perk up a Gentlewomanly outfit. There are some wonderful, shoulder-scraping styles around for autumn, but recently I’ve noticed that wearing big heavy diamanté statement earrings (and my favourite J.Crew chandeliers) is starting to take its toll. Sagging lobes; it’s an issue. To prevent further Lobe Droop, I’ve been looking around for lighter styles and have discovered a new(ish) British brand called Toolally Jewellery. These colourful acrylic earrings are light enough to make a statement without the sagging. They’re also handcrafted in Yorkshire, and a lot cheaper than Marni.

Pear & Diamond nude & glitter back

Here are a few more statement styles (warning: they are not all Toolally prices):

What’s your signature jewellery?

34 thoughts on “Statement earrings without the sagging lobes

  1. I have a pair of gold chandeliers from Blue Nile that feel like I’m wearing feathers. I have taken your jeans and danglers look to heart, and, yes, the heavy ones are too much these days.

  2. This is the thing, you see: as you get older, you can have lovely white hair, and look after your skin, and keep fit, and altogether make the best of yourself… but the two things you can’t do anything about are your nose and your earlobes. They grow bigger as you grow older. Bu99er!

  3. These are the BEST, thank you so much for posting! I like big earrings but can’t bear the weight of real stones and ceramic. These are perfect.

  4. Please advise on earrings for those of us that have to wear glasses 24/7. I usually stick to studs, to feel less chaotic or over done. That goes for a necklace too, with glasses on my face, I feel over accessorized with something on the neck and ears…clearly any headband chic look is off too.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Toolally Alyson, even better that they’re created up here in beautiful Yorkshire. As a committed earring wearer who ventures no further than pearls (Will it be studs or danglers?) I took a leap of faith in your recommendation of clogs to positive effect and will do likewise with the statement earring…Thank you

  6. This product, Lobe Wonders, are adhesive backings that you apply to the back of your ear to help support larger, heavier earrings. I was skeptical but I find they work quite well, although I’ve never tried them with really gigantic or weighty ones (because I don’t have any). But I think they’d help minimize the damage and sagging:

    (No, I have no commercial connection to or interest in this product. Just sharing.)

    1. Yes we have a solution to uncontrollable sagging lobes – the Lobe Wonder and the likes but sad to say could be bought online and specific stores only. Surgery is another solution but in my case I can’t imagine the healing time Lol! When I’d be out of stock of lobe wonder, which I use mostly for dangling earrings, I plan to use the clear surgery tapes that could be easily bought.

  7. I have loved earrings since the age of seven . Work : pearls Home : silver hoops or anything boho.
    The public spirited post on lobe wonders is definitely going to be investigated, thanks .
    Anyone who likes modern cameos have a look at Up Pompeii meets Pop Art.

  8. As a 55 year old jewellery designer this is something I really worry about. We all want to make an impact but not at the expense of long term damage or pain (I feel the same about big heavy necklaces but that’s another story…). I think acrylic or resin is definitely the way to go if you are wanting “bold” and these earrings look to be the perfect solution. Another more subtle approach is to look at longer sterling silver or gold wire earrings – they can be very elegant or edgy and weigh very little causing no stretch or headache.

  9. The key feature I look out for is the way they attach to the ear – I will never wear the “wire hook” ones (as shown on the woman in the main photo) as that just provides the double whammy of creating more lobe droop and leaving it plain for all to see. So “stud” type element at the top was always a must for me – such as the Toolally ones.
    But earring design seems to have leapt forward recently and styles such as the Kenneth Jay starburst also look ideal. So I suppose it’s a bit of an engineering (!) problem – working out where the stresses and strains will be on the ear and how to make sure that they are not all on one point. Perhaps someone reading this could do a little bit of research into the maths of this?
    In the meantime, my advice would be the same as always – experiment, find out what works. Obviously one cannot return earrings, so I would advise a quick wander round somewhere like Claire’s Accessories (you would be amazed at what counts as an earring nowadays) and scoop up a few cheapies to try on at home first – you can always pretend they’re for someone else. Then once you’ve found the perfect earring engineering solution for your lobes, whip them off before they make your ears turn green and get searching for a decent quality version. You’ll find it helps to know what the different styles are called too – so keep the packaging from your cheap earrings even if you don’t keep the earrings!

  10. I saw a lady ‘d’un certain age’ in Costa the other day wearing jeans and a simple tee shirt with very minimal makeup. What struck me indelibly was that she was wearing the longest, most boho looking bronze effect earrings that grazed her shoulder. I was mesmerised by her style. It was such an easy glamour – it had the same effect as a glitzy diamante brooch on a denim jacket. However, I too wear glasses and am never sure how to do the long earring thing for fear of looking like a decorated Christmas tree.

  11. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 but I’ve never had a problem with accessories being too much. I wear headbands, earrings, large and small, and chunky necklaces – not necessarily all at the same time, mind you, but it is possible to rock these looks with glasses and not look over the top. Wear glasses and accessories with pride.

  12. I wear glasses and earrings. It is a very fine balancing act. The obvious earring is usually too much with frames. I wear a lot of vintage Kieselstein-Cord because of the matt finishes, they make a subtle statement and balance better with my dark frames. And his designs are classics.

  13. Same here, on the glasses, and it is a fine balancing act, one that I’ve almost let go of. So I’ve turned to necklaces for statement pieces and rings.

  14. I bought a pair of Toolally earrings after seeing them in the national press a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. I’ll be buying more – and more.

  15. Love big earrings and I am guilty of wearing biggish earrings and big glasses though would not use any other accessories except I always wear a watch. Wolf & Badger stock Toolally in US with free shipping. They also ship to Aus. The pink and olive earrings are out of stock but will get message when restocked. I am now more than tempted to buy the pink resin sunglasses I saw last night. I also like J Crew for big earrings.

  16. Yes we have a solution to uncontrollable sagging lobes – the Lobe Wonder and the likes but sad to say could be bought online and specific stores only. Surgery is another solution but in my case I can’t imagine the healing time Lol! When I’d be out of stock of lobe wonder, which I use mostly for dangling earrings, I plan to use the clear surgery tapes that could be easily bought.

    At 54, I go for multiple earrings also and sometimes use the dangling only, depending on my attire.

  17. love the khaki lace up shirt where can i get it?
    they also sell little patches to put behing your ear to keep pierced ears from sagging
    they work

  18. I have a beautiful pair of earrings that look just like the ones Amal wore when she met George. They KILL my ears, so I keep them just for looking at.
    I LOVE earrings- always have always will- the bigger the better! However, at this stage in my life, I have learned that “ll NE faut pas souffrir pour etre belle” [as they say in Yorkshire..!] so I won’t wear anything that causes me the slightest discomfort. I’ll happily wear headscarves, glasses, statement earrings and necklaces all together, but NOT if one or the other is tight/uncomfortable.

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