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Photo: Linda V Wright

Miss Marples, lady golfer or Gentlewoman Style? To me, the brogue is always in vogue. Church’s fancy, tasseled Derby shoe is currently shouting my name (available HERE). I wore orthotics for a while but eventually gave up trying to wedge them into shoes and boots, and decided to spend more on decent shoes instead. My feet have been absolutely fine and my Church’s Chelsea boots are 10-years-old and counting. And the tassel (on the brogue shoe) is removable if the flapping becomes a distraction.


Here are some women looking fantastic in lace-up flats:

Christy Turlington-2623978-1DAF0B7000000578-412_634x938
Christy Turlington
Ana Gimeno27f20c093524eb133003f
Ana Gimeno photo: Sartorialist
alice careyb19fd9da0c6538932ac569
Alice Carey photo: Advanced Style


More brogues in vogue:



39 thoughts on “The brogue is always in vogue

  1. Oooh thank you. I just bought a bunch of flat brogues and desert boots but then had a mini-crisis of confidence about them.

  2. Gentlewoman style, certainly! Alyson, I wish you would stop reading my mind (and opening my wallet). I was just thinking yesterday that I need a pair of brown brogues to round out my winter wardrobe.

  3. Love brogues! I wore a pair recently and my two twenty something daughters loved them. The style is ageless and timeless.

  4. Brogues are just about the only shoe for me. White or cream in the warmer months and darker colours in the winter. If I didn’t wear brogues I would feel peculiar and not ‘me’. It has to be a total tropical heatwave for me to wear sandals – previous posts – orthotics, arthritis, toe fungus and other totally delightful nasties!!

  5. I always wear brogues (because of problems with my feet, they offer most support) with trousers, but feel a bit clumpy with knee-length dresses – younger women look great in them with short skirts – I’ll keep trying!

  6. Appreciate this article on brogues. They are so comfortable but I still have a hard time pulling the trigger. You’ve given me the confidence to go for it. Cole Haan puts out a darling pair of gray suedes and a gorgeous pair of leather. Both are extremely comfortable especially if you have bad feet or knees.

  7. Love em ! I m a shod size 42/43 so have bought the Clarks ones in every hue . I also have a really nice off white pair that M &S did.The only mistake I made was buying brown ones that looked too like men’s so they are now maroon overlaid with brown polish in the punched leather bits . Styling is so important . Occasionlly I ve got it wrong and looked clumpy but I think they are just great .

  8. When I see a women in brogues, I know I am going to love her style. They are classic, comfortable and timeless!

  9. My grandmother swore by her ‘sturdy walking shoes’ and espoused the virtues or brogues to me for years. Today, my favorite pair of grey suede lace-ups have logged thousands of miles and multiple continents, and still provide comfort and style. I’m currently considering a pair of pewter metallics with a kiltie fringe and an oxblood pair of wing tips for a non-black neutral option. Always a classic.

  10. Love all the pics, those ladies all look so stylish. I have about 5 pairs of brogues, and it probably won’t be long til the next pair !
    I wanted some brown ones from Brora, but the postage to where I live is outrageous, just won’t pay it. Two pairs of mine are from Seasalt, and they are an economic option, and very comfortable. On the whole I,m not a fan of very clumpy shoes with dresses, but brogues are fine. I say thankyou every day that they are everywhere now, so we can be comfortable AND look good.

  11. You have no idea how much I love the brogues with the kiltie. For years I’ve been searching for a pair to no avail. When I was in grade school, the shoe company Laz-E-Bones made a cordovan Oxford with that adorable kiltie flap and it added the finishing touch to my uniform. I want those . Thank you for making my morning happy!!!!

  12. Sorry to pipe up again! Reading ‘Mappinjunkie’s comment about her grandmother. I think my love of brogues came from my lovely long grey hair in a bun, beautifully polished, black brogue sturdily shod nan. Even as a small child in the 50’s and 60’s I was mesmerised by her ‘style’ – although I didn’t have a clue what style was. My unfortunate mum was dying her hair daffodil blonde and wearing white vinyl ‘go-go’ boots (!!) and I looked to my nan and her contemporaries with awe. She had worked in domestic service for years before her marriage and could polish a shoe within an inch of it’s life. Her all leather black brogues (with a tiny heel which you don’t seem to see nowadays), all leather lined would be polished, re-heeled and re-soled for years and years. I made the optimistic mistake of buying a vintage pair of these shoes but, sadly, women’s feel were much narrower and they did not fit. My next best option was an ebay vintage pair from Jane Shilton in brown with a small heel. In a perfect world I would go to a ‘proper’ shoemaker with a drawing and my feet and have the Ultimate Pair made for me and I would wear them forever. They would keep my shoe ‘last’ and I would skip merrily back and have a pair of these shoes re-made when the need arose. Sigh…into fantasy land. Meanwhile, thank you Clarks Hamble, Office et al for your best attempts at a recreation.

  13. With a UK size 8.5 foot, I am almost always in brogues, since I can pretty much wear only wear men’s shoes. We hear a lot about size in fashion, but I don’t hear much about the size of women’s feet. I know I’m not the only one out there who would buy good quality women’s shoes in a size above 8. (And for the record, I would rather by women’s brogues, because even the men’s sizes don’t fit properly – too wide in the heel, and the narrow cuts are too narrow in the toes!)

  14. I’ve always loved the brogue as well. They’re timeless, aren’t they? I just bought a pair of Stuart Weitzman lace-up ankle boots that look like brogues. And…my orthotic slips right into them. Like you I wear orthotics… or I’m supposed to wear them. But they can’t fit into many dress shoes. Good thing coz… I’m going to be doing a lot of walking in them. For a lot of years…considering the price point of Stuart Weitzman!

  15. Piping up again too ! My Mum wore Churches shoes too, but I can’t really afford them. I do have a pair just like their Burwood, but mine are from La Redoute a few years ago, and they really are very good quality for what I paid.
    My Mum always wore ” sensible ” shoes, after we moved to the country, but she always yearned for her high heels back again, and would curse the country roads ! I also had a aunt who was a champion bag and shoe polisher, nothing less than gleaming would do.
    I enjoy a polishing session too.

  16. Having narrow feet, I love a lace up. Try getting a pointy toe to get a more feminine look for wearing with skirts. They also look great with your boot cut or flared jeans, instead of high heels as shown in most ads, posts or Pinterest. I just can’t wear high heels anymore. Happy feet = smiling face.

  17. Re Church’s: This manufacturer has been at the forefront of what was once Northampton’s historic, mainstay industry for many years. I understand that the maker’s factory shop in Northampton, within easy each of both train station and the M1, is well worth a visit. My paternal grandfather, father, two uncles and a sister-in-law once all worked in the town’s various boot and shoe factories. Abiding childhood memories include my Dad making my mother a pair of brogues similar to the ones TNMA followers like, literally from the handmade soles up; and him sitting in his backroom workshop wearing the same leather apron my husband wears to this day in his workshop, mending my shoes. His kid had to be the best shod in the school! And back to Church’s, my late mother-in-law was so good at pressing the uppers’ pattern on Church’s brogues that she was asked to defer her retirement a couple of times. Sorry to go on, but lovely memories… Go Brogues!

  18. Love hearing those memories. Is it my imagination or are we seeing a renewed appreciation for craftsmanship? Shoes like this will last for years and never go out of style

  19. I have just bought a pair of silver metallic brogues to add to my collection. I love them and am so pleased they so ‘a la mode’
    at the moment. Comfort and style what more does one want.

  20. Thanks for the great post. Years ago I was lucky enough to find a place that stocked men’s shoes in very small sizes. My Jon Fleuvog burgundy, wingtips with angel soles were the best shoes. Admired by MEN with taste they are some the best shoes I’ve ever had. So glad that brogues are now being made for women. Now that I wear orthotics , a new sturdy pair like the ones featured is just what I need.

  21. I love brogues and how they look with ankle length pants. But winter is coming on! How do you style them without having cold ankles?

  22. Dear Dot, Looking at the photo of Alice Carey above I would say with thick tights underneath. Ditto for skirts with brogues.

  23. Yesterday I tried on the Church’s Brogues and as well the Chelsea Boots ( Theresa Munich). I would have spent the money (phew, pricey) for one of the models if they were comfortable shoes. Unfortunately both were so heavy, are made of very hard leather and I couldn’t roll across my feet from heel to toe. They looked great, but I resigned to buy. Disappointing!
    I wonder how you managed it to break in your Chelseas, Alyson.

    1. Oh that’s a shame, Barbara. They are pricey but I have had my boots for about 10 years, in fact, I’ve had them so long I can’t remember ‘wearing them in’. I don’t think it was a problem…

  24. Doc Martens 3989 brogues in cherry red are my favourites, especially now that they are a bit worn. They always look smart and I often get compliments, I have them in black also.

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