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This is ACE. Clarks Originals’ celebrates six successful, creative women in their spring/summer campaign, ‘Mother, we feel your influence.’ The FABulous line-up includes Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama, Skunk Anansie’s Skin, Soul II Soul’s Caron Wheeler, Sister Bliss of Faithless, alongside stylist Sherry Lamden and ballerina and choreographer Dame Gillian Lynne.

Stylist: Sherry Lamden

The concept aims to highlight the original influencers. Women who have shaped popular culture, as anyone who went clubbing in the 1980s will recognise. Styled by Lamden, directed by Clarks’ Chief Brand Officer Jason Beckley and shot by Paul Wetherell (shame they didn’t use a female photographer), the campaign is a series of lovely portraits and a short film which explores each woman’s relationship with creativity, inspiration and fame. Siobhan Fahey is spot-on about YouTubers…

Bananarama’s Siobhan Fahey

The Mother title is slightly irksome, but beyond that, it’s cool to see a campaign where the women, not the products, take centre stage. It’s also a nice move for Clarks Originals’ – whose marketing had become a little menswear and youth-focussed lately – to be showing older women doing their own thing. This combination of age, creativity and defying expectations ticks all my boxes.

At the end of the film Dame Gillian Lynne, says on growing older and her career, ‘I’m going to keep going until they say time’s up – and then I’ll say, “Are you sure?”’ Too right.

Caron Wheeler, Soul ll Soul

Brains, talent, creativity and comfy shoes. Bring it on.

P.S. If you haven’t been to the Clarks Originals’ Berwick Street store in London it’s definitely worth a look-in. I like the chunky heel Chelsea boots and the trainers Lamden is wearing (above) and always love a desert boot.


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19 thoughts on “Championing influential women: Clarks Originals new campaign

  1. Older women yes, but not many styles in wider fit, especially sandals that are not toe post flip flops

  2. Bravo to Clarks. Another bravo for bringing some of their manufacturing back to the UK in Street, Somerset, where they began.

  3. Bravo to Clarks. And Bravo to Clarks for bringing some of their manufacturing back to the UK in Street, Somerset, where it all began.
    Some is a beginning.

  4. Great shoes, inspirational women but can’t get past the title… Are all the women featured mothers? Are we supposed to relate even if we aren’t mothers? Are all women supposed to be earth mothers? I’m confused, all I’m after is a pair of shoes with crepey soles. I have a pair of trigenic flex, which me and my lack of family are totally happy with.

  5. I know these women are heavily styled for the feature but they are GORGEOUS! I especially like that Dame Gillian is wearing real athletic wear. If fact everything they are wearing is so functional as well as, well, pretty. In love.

  6. Mentioned already, but just in case, Ms. Wheeler’s first name is Caron, not Caroline. Thank you for writing about this campaign!

  7. Just the right sort of article. Real women in real clothing. And British old school label and shoes into the bargain. Have never worn Clarks apart from school shoes at primary school ! But they are at a more affordable price point than comfortable European brands Camper etc. So overall a good thing.

    Speaking of older real women I opened Sunday Times Style magazine which I enjoy reading along with terrible world news. There on the Beauty pages was Alyson in a feature on Hair SOS. Her “dilemma ” Should I let my hair go grey ?” A topic which is dear to TNMA readers. Inspired by Alyson’s example and after meeting her at a London book signing this Autumn I have kept going with growing my dye job out. And this is after giving in to dye high/low lights last spring. Finally getting somewhere to the extent that my sis complemented me on how good my hair looked. A rare compliment indeed.

    Bravo Alyson.

    1. Thank you, Mrs Tonia! Because of The Times paywall I’m going to share my version of the feature on That’s Not My Age this week.

  8. Thanks Alyson. That didn’t occur to me. Modern world economics and all that …
    Others would appreciate your comments as I did if you do produce another version including face as well as hair. Good examples needed to counteract pressure that entails spending a lot of money to make one’s face look plumper etc. Saw Helen Mirren on cover of some budget women’s mag today looking decidedly airbrushed photoshopped. That doesn’t help anyone.

  9. Living in Australia, the range of sandals from which to choose is poor. This is in relation to closed toe sandals – a requirement when working in the medical field. ( Practice nurses, hospital psychologists …… very little choice)

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