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First off, let’s get the back end of a bus jokes out of the way. Spot the difference: That’s Not My Age or the rear end of the number 68? Why did the middle-aged fashion journalist cross the road? Right. Now. Enough already, time to move on. Here’s a patterned kimono jacket, I haven’t worn it for a while (last outing 2012; maybe it’s an Olympics thing?); but all the lounge-y pyjama dressing that’s around right now encouraged a rethink. Bought at a Modern Love sample sale, this is something I usually pair with slim, black jeans and ankle boots in winter, so wearing a kimono jacket in the middle of a heatwave with wide leg chinos is something of a departure. No pun intended.

Having already embraced the pyjama-style top and not quite ready for wear a dressing gown outdoors (I’m working on that), it was time to kick start some kimono action. Easy to wear and decadent in a ‘Loulou de la Falaise hanging out with Yves Saint Laurent in 1970s Paris’ kind of way, this kind of Casual Glamour is hugely appealing. For more pyjama-rama, check out the collaboration between  English brand Drake’s and J.Crew (available HERE) and there are some items in the Kate Moss for Equipment range, that don’t look like Topshop (available HERE) – for the fan of floral prints, Equipment’s kimono-style silk robe is more than 50% off in the sale (available HERE).

Maybe I won’t wait till Tokyo 2020 to wear the kimono jacket again. What do you think: dressing up or dressing gown?

20 thoughts on “Easy summer style: the kimono jacket

  1. I love a kimono style jacket! I have a very nice one in a V&A archive print that I found in Oasis last summer. The downside is that it’s polyester – so can be a bit clammy in hot weather. I have a beautiful length of 1920s silk that will (in the fullness of time) become a three quarter length kimono. Love your posts! Have a good week.

    1. Hi Jojo, and thank you. They’re Chie Mihara from last summer and because everyone has moved onto autumn/winter, I couldn’t really find anything similar to include in the post. Though I know Chie often carries similar styles through, unfortunately, I think you might have to wait till next year to find out (sorry!)…

    2. In case you are still interested – still has some of these on sale. I have worn this year’s version all summer long, so comfortable and chic!

  2. Oh, I need a kimono jacket – or several. Like Marilyn mentioned, though, polyester is too clammy for me so I must have nothing but pure silk (okay, a cotton blend will do in a pinch). Your kimono is perfect with the white trousers. Do NOT wait until 2020 to wear this outfit again!

  3. I have ALWAYS been a fan of a kimono jacket! But my wardrobe has always been just a “tad” boho, in a refined way (I hope, lol). Nice to see so many of them around again … gives me more choice than a vintage store! Yes, silk is definitely the way to go.

  4. That looks so cool and “personal”. Your style is so perfect, IMO. Easy, no fuss or extra shiny crap, just chic in a grown-up and casual way. You, my friend, are my style star and I love this… as I do most of your ensembles. I would love seeing more photos of you and your cool (but not TOO cool) outfits, but I know how you are… and I appreciate it.

  5. You look fabulous! I have two kimono style tops I was going to send to charity shop, but not now. Great look, love the shoes.

  6. Love it! With my swimmer shoulders and large bust I would look like a granny (and not a cool one) in that style, but you look fantastic.

  7. You do look fab – really love the jacket and the total look you’ve put together.
    I love pulling something old out of the wardrobe and re-working it. Feels even better than having new clothes.

  8. About 20 years ago I got an antique kimono, short jacket style at a gift boutique in Athens Georgia. I’ve been wearing it with a colorful scarf as a belt or at home as lounge wear. It is lined the fabric is a textured silk. I like vintage pieces, they never go out of style because they’ve never been in style.

  9. The kimono jacket seems to be everywhere I look (or maybe I’m just looking for them). It’s is a perfect piece to “throw on” over a simple top and pants. It pulls an outfit together without looking like you’re trying too hard. Am definitely a fan.

  10. Fantastic outfit on you, Allison — relaxed yet still city smart. And I love Chie Mihara shoes — please share more about this brand!

  11. love……the outfit, smart, sophisticated. glad you intend on keeping it in your rotation. Could also see those pants paired with silver loafers (not sure what they call them in the UK)!

  12. So chic, and definitely on the right side of pj-dressing ( a lot of the wrong side of it is available online right now!)
    Short waisted people such as myself usually can’t pull off the belted slouchy wrap front thing and have to gun for very tailored versions. However, on you this look is just perfect.

  13. Hi Alyson! Im also thinking along the same lines and just treated myself to a new season Max Mara Weekend animal print silk pj top! A fab update for the ubiquitous silk shirt….Im in

  14. You look lovely Alyson. Very chic and understated and perfect for summer in the city. It’s wonderful to find the perfect thing already in the wardrobe. Not sure my kimono dressing gown quite cuts the mustard though!

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