Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;
Photo: Dvora @Fashionistable

The Telegraph’s Stella magazine has a feature on ‘The grown-up Instagram style stars you need to know’ the ‘over-35 Instagram stars blazing a trail for our generation,’ and I’m dead chuffed to be included. Particularly as I still find the idea of having my photo taken excruciating; I must be the most self-conscious Selfie-taker on the planet. But I do enjoy Instagram and as the Telegraph points out ‘people do like to see what their favourite Instagrammers are wearing in their posts.’ My photographer friend Dvora has been encouraging me to show my face a bit more; we’ve known each other for years and so I’m comfortable when she’s behind the lens. Plus, she takes the best photos.

Alyson Walsh; That's Not My Age;
Photo: Dvora @Fashionistable

As we were taking these, a lovely woman on a city bike did a massive U-turn in the road, pulled up onto the pavement and said, ‘That’s Not My Age! I love your blog and I knew it was you because you’re wearing khaki!’ One of the best things about this social media scenario is when people are so enthusiastic about what you do. Thank you, all. Anyhow, about this latest Khaki Malarkey… the Military Onesie is my new favourite thing. Bought in the sale at Liberty, it’s by an American label called Bliss and Mischief and it’s very slouchy. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a bit too baggy but I’ve had loads of compliments – just goes to show that it’s good to hit the refresher button from time to time. I wear it so much, I think I might have forgotten how to get dressed. For a more streamlined shape, try Citizens of Humanity (available HERE) and Vanessa Bruno (HERE).

The Telegraph asked for my three top buys of the season, I opted for Casual Glamour with a pair of Gucci loafers, MiH indigo cropped flare jeans and a new military jacket. The military jacket in the feature is from Hush (available HERE), but I also have my eye on the J.Crew version (available HERE) and the Rag & Bone army jacket is discounted at the minute and might be better value for money (available HERE).

Oh and that’s the Twiggy for M&S suede biker jacket in the top photo. I finally have all the images of the three competition winners and will be posting them later this week. More Khaki Malarkey coming soon.

Read the Insta-Style grows up! feature HERE. And you can find me on Instagram HERE.

31 thoughts on “Insta-style grows up! And more khaki malarkey

  1. I love this whole look Alyson – and you do it absolute justice. Love the messy tied back hair and statement earrings. Thanks for providing links to where the items can be found – even where you feature things which are not for me, it introduces me to new outlets. Gucci loafers have now been added to my list of ‘things I never knew I wanted before now’ too. 🙂

  2. I had a boiler suit like this in the eighties from Lawrence Corner. It was a genuine flying suit with zips in airforce grey/khaki. Someone stole it from my uni digs and I never saw it again- I realise now how very covetable it was. It’s wonderful to see it reincarnated in this blog post and looking so good on you in the photo. Am inspired to start looking for a replica!

  3. Oh dear! Photos on the winners of the lovely Twiggy Jacket coming up soon you say! As I am one of the lucky ones, I`m having shivers by the mere thought of being exposed all over the internet. Please all, promise to scroll over me and notice only the jacket! But again Alyson, I`m so grateful for the jacket and the enclosed card from Twiggy.

  4. Love this! The jumpsuit reminded me of my husbands old flight suits… And voila’, when I visited the Bliss website (thanks for introducing me) that’s what they named it! It was sexy on him and it’s sexy on you! Love your hair up, too. Not fond of the sneakers, tho. I think something more polished with the slouchy look would be a bit better. Maybe bright red heels? I wish I could wear the olive color, but it is so not flattering on me. Love your suggestions, tho. Also, did you see that they have this jumpsuit in a shorts style?

  5. Oh My Goodness……this is just so wonderful! so totally modern and now, and yet with an echo of the 80’s. LOVE

  6. SOOOO tempted to get a military onesie, having seen your post. But the loo issue…. Does it come with an escape hatch?!

  7. The jumpsuit is funky and yes, needs some red shoes…but, but, but…my eyes went directly to your beautiful silver strands! Love it!

  8. YOU’RE gorgeous Alyson. That said, I think this look is horrible! I will definitely wear the military jacket but with some slim black pants and a black or white t-shirt. This baggy flightsuit look is fun in theory, but in the real world, unflattering and sloppy.

  9. Alyson, just wonderful post and you look fabulous. I love khaki also and we have the same colouring. I purchased some khaki items from Joseph last summer or summer before. I have just moved from Aus to Washington (though I left behind a great khaki jacket from a really good Aus brand called Vanishing Elephant – men’s sizing and my son and all the cousins were bought this jacket for their birthdays) and can now indulge in some US shopping – though my great objective is to frequent as many galleries as possible, something we miss out on very much in Australia. I am always so shocked at the mark up on J Crew for you UK residents and for us in Australia – I refused to buy it once I relinquished my US mailbox which I used before international online delivery became so available. Pricing is much cheaper in the US for these stores – it is skimming, as it is not just the exchange rate and different goods and service tax system. Anyway love the gold earrings but even better can get them in an olive green on the US site and 30% off. So here we go and happy US shopping. PS. you always have great earrings – is it possible to do a post on this.

  10. Allyson — LOVE LOVE LOVE the flight suit look! I clicked through to the Bliss and Mischief site and wondered what size you bought. 1, 2 or 3? Their “Fit Guide” was not very helpful. Any advice? Thanks!

      1. I’m a UK size 12 too, so I’ll go with a 3. It looks great on you, and I love it layered with the moto-jacket. Thanks!

  11. You look amazing; the hair, the lighting, the outfit, the layering… all of it. Khaki suits you, it has such an insouciant chic vibe, not too try-hard and not too slouchy either.

    Well done on the feature in Stella, it is well deserved! xx

  12. Being creative is all about being the most authentic possible version of yourself ( according to the artist and the actor in my family). I think this look is totally you, you look at ease and that authenticity is very attractive. You look great! You look like you! Me…….I,d look like a Greenham Common deserter moonlighting as a painter and decorator. Tea with three sugars luv! Ps well done you!

  13. I’m fond of olive green and khaki clothes and always buy when it’s available. Last spring I bought a very similar jacket to those pictured here at Adolpho Dominguez shop in Madrid. To make it look less army surplus I add colour to tops, silk scarves and silver jewellery. Looks good with black, navy and denim.
    I wouldn’t wear a jumpsuit since it’s not my style nor those trainers. My trainers tend to be black ones due to having large feet I don’t wear any white shoes.

  14. I tried to find the jacket in the photo as I quite like it but the jacket you linked to at Hush is a very different jacket than yours. I do like your jacket very much if you are willing to share. Wonderful photos of you.

  15. Hi Alyson, I have been looking for a jumpsuit for a long time now and found this picture of you today, which is gorgeous!
    May I ask what size you chose, 2 or 3? Because it looks so good this slouchy! : )

  16. Hi there!
    … just found you & enjoying your blog.
    Will you tell me the brand of your shoes?
    Thanks & best wishes

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