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There are so many lovely photos of friends, colleagues and That’s Not My Age followers, I’m going to run this over a couple of posts. The Know Your Style London launch party was a blast. And it was brilliant to spend time with such a gorgeous group of friendly, talented, like-minded people. In the spirit of the book – I decided not to buy anything new but to experiment with what I already owned. Initially, I was planning on going for the jumpsuit and jacket combo, glitzed up with a pair of Liz Taylor-on-a-budget earrings but quickly decided that was too dressed down. Instead, the Once in a Lifetime Céline tuxedo jacket accompanied a very old Gap striped t-shirt, the M&S sale bargain sequinned maxi and a pair of black and white old-school Vans (full-length pic coming soon). After an evening standing around in a pair of bunion-squeezing slingbacks my friend Emma told me that she chucked her party shoes straight in the bin when she got home. She needs to read the Flat Shoes Forever chapter.

Marie from Cutler & Gross
Mouchette Bell

These are just a few of the guests: Marie Wilkinson is the design director at Cutler & Gross – who provides expert advice on choosing the right glasses in the accessories chapter. Stylist and model Mouchette Bell popped in and so did wardrobe expert Anna Berkeley (below)who helped me work out my wardrobe as part of the research for Know Your Style. In the third photo down, I’m talking to Sarah, one of the very first That’s Not My Age followers, who turned up with a Jo Loves fragrance paintbrush for me. How very kind. I really didn’t expect gifts but Mr That’s Not My Age was loaded down with flowers, chocolates and macarons. The perfect tonic for Friday’s all-day prosecco hangover.

Anna Berkeley
Kate Pollard my publisher from Hardie Grant
Know Your Style launch

Thank you to Jigsaw for hosting the Know Your Style launch party, to Kim and Yvonne for organising everything, Tim Bowditch for taking these fantastic photos and to all those who turned up to celebrate.

I’ll be posting details of more events soon. Stay tuned

20 thoughts on “Know Your Style: the launch party

  1. Already bought the book, already read the book (in one sitting) and already love the book!!!
    Just need to take everything on board x

  2. Thanks a lot for a wonderful and well-illustrated post. You do a very important job, Alison for women. In many cases, they are not interested in fashion and style after some age, unfortunately. I am 65 and live in Ukraine where many women (not all luckily) don’t pay any attention to their style considering this topic weird in a way and thinking that it is not necessary to focus on it. I think that we should stay ladies in all times and all ages.

  3. What fabulous pictures! What gorgeous people! Cannot wait to receive your book (pre-ordered on Amazon many, many weeks ago). Congratulations, Alyson.

  4. This looks like a lovely gathering. I love seeing all the individuals and their own styles. Congratulations on a wonderful launch. I can’t wait to get your book!

  5. It really was a fabulous evening full of fun and like minded wonderful women. Thank you . (And for the mention too – very kind of you ). So many congratulations to you Alyson…. LOVING the book. X

  6. Pre-ordered book arrived today! Woohoo! Family out of the house, looking forward to peaceful weekend read. Feels luxurious.

  7. Hi Alyson….loved your launch party and immediately read your book. My friend and I were thrilled to in town for the fun. Loved the book and will read it again and again. Fabulous tips and delightful sass, as well!

    Sharon and Cindy from San Diego, CA!

  8. I think I was the first to brag here about KYS as I got my ‘ordered in advance’ copy by return. Lovely surprise! I gobbled it, and am now re-reading, chewing slowly this time round and enjoying it even more.

    There are some books that become your go-to ‘comfort’ books and KYS will join Style Forever in permanent residence on my bedside table. I’m years older than you, Alyson, but it’s like having a worldly wise big sister – no nonsense, straight talking – and, on second thoughts, maybe a bit kinder than a big sister!

    Very well done – we await book number three!

  9. I would so love to have been there. Next book launch has got to be a lunch time event… I’m thinking by the river Thames or even on a boat down the river… that book is sure to be incubating – ?

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