I can’t quite believe I’ve written one book, let alone two. And yet a package arrived last week that confirmed it. There was Know Your Style, the follow-up to Style Forever. My publisher Hardie Grant was so pleased with the first book they asked me to write another one. This time around the aim was to talk less about age and more about style. To try to figure out what goes with what (and that was the tentative title of the book at commissioning stage). How do we know what to buy when our lifestyles are constantly changing – today more people work remotely from home than ever before – and there’s so much on offer? How to colour match or mismatch? How to wear flat shoes?

My conclusion is that with a little bit of practice, any woman can be stylish. That looking good is not about buying loads of new stuff but spending time figuring out what makes you feel chic and comfortable. I enjoyed gathering thoughts and style tips from the women who inspire me, including: Lucinda Chambers, Caroline Issa, Linda Rodin, Pat Cleveland, Sarah Jane Adams, Michelle Ogundehin (editor-in-chief Elle Decoration), Lyn Slater and many more.

Know Your Style: Mix It, Match It, Love It is available to pre-order at Waterstones and Amazon. It’s published on 7 September 2017 in the UK and 3 October in the USA. Lucky Antipodean readers will be able to get their hands on a copy first, as it’s out in Australia on 1 September 2017. I’m currently organising a couple of launch events: one in London and one in New York, more details coming soon.

Thank you all for your support and loyalty. For following online and in print – I couldn’t have done this without you.

56 thoughts on “Not long till publication! Know Your Style: Mix It, Match It, Love it

  1. Looking forward to reading the book, Alyson! Congratulations ahead of time, since your hard work is done. I love the theme of changing lives…since reducing my work to two days per week, I’ve found the need for more casual clothes, less need for five pairs of smart black pants!

  2. Alyson, so disappointed that your books are not available for Kindle. Might this happen? Thank you very much —


    1. Hello Gerri, I asked my publisher about this and she said, it’s because they still work with fixed format ebooks, so anything that has integrated images doesn’t usually translate well. Sorry about that.

      1. Ok, I am buying both your books in the original format: 1. You actually answered me. 2. You made the effort to find out the answer and presumably try to accommodate the request. 3. And you came back to me again with your findings! So simple, but it never happens. I am now a fan for life. Perhaps you can help me with my wardrobe? I am borderline disaster. You’re clearly a person of integrity; thank you. Off to Amazon I go ….

  3. Ohhhhh!! You’ll have to keep us in the loop when you’ll be in NYC!! Wouldn’t that be the bestest field trip???

  4. I have just finished pre ordering your new book, really looking forward to reading all your gems.

  5. The cover looks beautiful. I’ll keep an eye out for it in early September in Oz, just as we are entering spring. I enjoyed your first book a lot, and the idea of this book is very appealing.

  6. I bought Style Forever but kept it wrapped up, promising myself I’d open and enjoy once I’d lost 7 lb – but I cracked after a 2 lb loss and devoured it with pleasure – and it’s still one of my bedside ‘comfort’ books I return to. I look forward so much to the new book! Many congratulations – well done!

  7. Thank you for all your hard work……I too now work from a home office and have found bridging the gap between the indoor and outdoor world a fashion/decency challenge!

  8. Whoopie!! If the second book is as good as the first (which I am sure it will be) I will be very happy. I regard myself as someone who is pretty confident about how to dress for ‘my look’ but I have been delighted with your down to earth approach to what really works and this has definitely helped me so much. Thank you Alyson.

  9. All your fans, of all ages and sizes are with you on this one! Congrats and all the luck in the world georgeous.

  10. I really hope this will help me. I’m 55 and still don’t know what my style is! Relying on you Alyson!

  11. I just purchased your first book and found it both refreshing and comforting. I definitely anticipate your new release with pleasure!

  12. Love Love Love this sight, can’t wait to read your book.
    Love Lucinda Chambers! Quite a remarkable piece to write – needed to be said. She is a style icon.
    I personally rarely buy from ‘proper shops’ preferring to buy from charity shops. Could say vintage but just secondhand. Its amazing what you can find and what great pieces you can find and its such a joy putting outfits together. The only thing is I need a bigger wardrobe to fit it all in!!

  13. Just pre-ordered the book on Amazon, Alyson. Looking forward to it, since you’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers. As a newly retired, 71-year-old I’m definitely exploring my very own and, now, very uncorporate style options. I haven’t had this fun with clothes in … well, in forever.

    I doubt I can make it to NYC for your book tour, but wish you all the best there.

  14. Another request for Kindle. When I am tempted by something amazing, it would be wonderful to have your book(s) at the ready. Thanks!

  15. Congratulations Alyson on the forthcoming publication of your book. I hope to meet you at a book launch in London this autumn if I’m in the country at the right time. I didn’t read the first book and looked for it as a Kindle e-book for my iPad. It would be good if the new one appears in that form or even in a soft cover version. I rarely buy handback books apart from art catalogues. Well done. Cover looks most attractive. I look forward to reading the new book.

  16. What I love about you Alyson and all the women who are attracted to you and your work is the warmth and appreciation shown towards “another woman”. So often we are led to believe that women spend their lives in bitchy competition. Everyone who has responded to your post wishes you well, as do I.
    Here’s to sisterhood if that’s not too old fashioned a term.

  17. Congratulations on your second book Alyson, I loved the first. I echo all the above comments and am off to Amazon to place my order. Can’t wait !

  18. Loved the first book. Will definitely be buying this one and probably a couple of extras as gifts.

  19. I’ve preordered from Amazon. Today my husband told me that whilst he was waiting in the pick up bay of a local hospital he counted 31 women in 15 minutes coming out wearing BretonT shirts similar to mine! I have definitely reverted to uniform (school uniform?) mode & in need of style guidance.

  20. Aren’t we lucky here in Australia…..first cab off the rank for your new book! I enjoyed “Style Forever” and will definitely be buying your new one..

  21. It might be a nice Christmas gift for my soon to be 16 year old daughter. I’m looking forward to it!

  22. Do you discuss finding a style groove for changing bodies as well as changing lifestyles and roles? I’m down four sizes and hope to vacate two more by your publication date…and have no idea how to clothe my new self. Baggy belted jeans, marinieres and Birkenstocks cannot continue for much longer.

    Will look forward to the book and the release event in New York. I’ll be the schlubby one whose clothes are too big as she lacks the courage to invest in new ones. Hope the book will help.

  23. Congratulations on your 2nd book! It’s published in the us right before my birthday. Must drop very large HINT to husband….
    Thanks so much for such an enjoyable blog site!

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